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Chapter 191-192

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Chapter 191 – Unexpected surprise (1)

“If the search doesn’t produce any results, then all the Su family members present will pour tea and apologize to me! Nobody is allowed to renege!” Su Luo’s beautiful pitch-black eyes swept everyone around her . Her eyes were filled with a faint taunting overtone .

Su Zian’s footsteps stopped . He never imagined that Su Luo would raise such a disrespectful condition . He wanted to refute it immediately .

However, Beichen Ying only faintly smiled and slanted a quick glance towards Su Zian, then smilingly said: “What the fourth Miss Su said is correct . How can a young lady’s bedchamber be a place where anybody that wanted to could enter? On top of that, how can it also be a place where anyone who wanted to can enter and perform a search whenever they wanted? If it were allowed, then doesn’t the law exist anymore? The Great General Su, how do you feel?”

Beichen Ying gave off a careless appearance, but his entire body issued out a powerful pressure that bore down on Su Zian, making his heart palpitate . The corner of Su Zian’s mouth stiffened and was pulled into a smile . “What the Venerable Beichen said is absolutely right . ”

He slanted his head towards Su Luo and with a cold smile said: “Fine! We’ll do it according to what you said . If our search does not find anything, the Su family members present will all pour you tea and apologize! Furthermore, you will be paid ten thousand gold coins in compensation! Now, do you still have something you are not at ease about?”

There could be a ten thousand gold coins gain? Then it really couldn’t be better .

Su Luo expressed her satisfaction with the result of this negotiation . “Having both the Venerable Beichen and His Highness the Crown Prince to bear witness, Su Luo feels assured . ”

The implication was that in regards to her cheap father, she didn’t feel assured .

This sentence infuriated Su Zian to the point that his complexion became ashen, but he didn’t dare to let his face flare up with rage . He ferociously threw his sleeves and took large strides to leave the room .

A delegation of people arrived at Su Luo’s courtyard on the far side .

Beichen Ying glanced at the battered low wall with lime falling off from the top of it . The bare wall exposed the shabby yellow mud inside . Furthermore, the customary door at the entrance of the courtyard unexpectedly did not exist!

With a smile at the corner of his mouth, Beichen Ying pointed at the courtyard and said: “The Great General Su, I never would have thought that your home manor would have such a shabby courtyard . Do you keep it as an antique to provide a place for people to tour?”

Su Zian’s stern eyebrows knotted, a trace of blush from shame flashed across his ashen face . He smothered a humph sound . “The Venerable Beichen truly loves to crack jokes . ”

Beichen Ying’s pair of storm tossed watery eyes feigned a serious expression . ”Oh? Don’t tell me…people can actually live here?”

Su Zian’s face revealed an embarrassed color . He masked his discomfiture by using his fist to cover the edge of his lip and coughed a few times . “We are here . ”

Beichen Ying had a flabbergasted expression when looking back at Su Zian . A pair of beautiful eyes were opened wide . With an incredulous expression, Beichen Ying pointed at the courtyard . “This…the fourth Miss Su actually lives here? This can’t be true,right?”

No one could deny that Beichen Ying had a very great gift for acting . He had a blend of shock, surprise, and disbelief on his face . In contrast, Su Zian displayed the most awkward countenance .

Su Zian distinctly coughed once and avoided Beichen Ying’s topic as it caused him some embarrassment . He lifted his robe and took the lead to walk into the courtyard .

His actions were already quite obvious . It was clear that if he wasn’t heedful of Beichen Ying’s powerful family, he would have fallen out with Beichen Ying on the spot .

However, just who was this Beichen Ying? He had a reputation in the capital of being the number one hedonistic son of rich parents . How could he be made to leave so easily?

Moreover, in order to redeem his mistake made inside the hall previously, he naturally must properly taunt Su Zian well for a turn . He had to allow a certain stingy man’s sharp heart’s beloved young lady to vent her anger .

Consequently, everyone could only look on as Beichen Ying intentionally stood by Su Zian’s side . His beautiful eyes evaluated the circumstances within the courtyard in every direction . He repeatedly shook his head and sighed . “This is really such a huge shock . It really is too hard to believe . It is extremely hard to imagine . This is just too, too, too extremely insulting . Such a famous and stately aristocratic family . Such a stately Great General’s manor . To go as far as allowing one’s own daughter to live in this kind of house that would collapse from one blow of wind . This simply, simply is… . maltreatment . Yes, this is maltreatment!”

When Su Zian heard what was said, he felt the veins on his forehead burst out throbbing .

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Chapter 192 – Unexpected surprise (2)

The hands at the side of his body clenched into fists .

What he really wanted to do now was to flatten Beichen Ying with one punch!

How could there be this kind of person! Being a guest at another person’s home and not saying anything pleasant to hear, only picking out the most offensive things to say .

The pitiful Su Zian didn’t know, now the most august person in his eyes, the Venerable Beichen’s, number one goal was to curry favor with Su Luo . Ridiculing Su Zian was the best method to curry favor with Su Luo . As a result, the pitiful Su Zian was destined for a tragic end .

One could only see Beichen Ying with both of his hands behind his back, unhurriedly strolling around within the courtyard . While walking, he was also shaking his head and had his long, slim forefinger pointed at Su Zian, gesturing . His face had a dissatisfied expression: “General Su, it’s not that this lord wants to chide you . You ahh, this heart is too prejudiced . So partial that there doesn’t seem to be a limit . ”

Su Zian’s expression became increasingly black, like that of the bottom of a pot .

His breathing became heavy and coarse, then was stretched out for longer . It was obvious that he was doing his utmost to suppress the rage .

An annoyed mood appeared in Madam Su’s heart, but she also knew that Beichen Ying was not someone she could offend . Therefore, with her sweet-tempered and gentle smile, she softly said: “Venerable Beichen shouldn’t say it this way, Luo’er living here, it was really because there was no alternative due to difficulties . ”

“Having no alternative due to difficulties? Living here?” Beichen Ying’s smile seemed to contain a deep meaning to expose the truth, “Madam Su, what kind of difficulties existed that gave you no alternative?”

“This…” Madam Su had just carelessly said some nonsense, where could such difficulties exist? Why would she have thought that Beichen Ying could win an inch and unexpectedly wanted a foot? Momentarily, she stared blankly back at him .

Beichen Ying suddenly gave a smile of having clearly understood . He shook his head and sighed: “Alas, Madam Su . In fact, everyone is able to comprehend, after all, the fourth Miss Su was not birthed by you . You dispatched her to this place where people wouldn’t live, letting her to emerge or perish on her own . This is also pardonable——”

The content of his words, immediately made the smile at the corner of Madam Su’s mouth became rigid . It no longer allowed her to smile .

Madam Su’s hands, hidden in her sleeves, clenched into fists . Biting her teeth, she squeezed out an extremely stiff smile: “Venerable Beichen… . ”

“Madam Su, you really don’t need to explain . After all, there is a difference between the first wife and the concubines, right? Everyone understands . ” Seeing Madam Su’s expression was the same shade of black as the Great General Su’s, Beichen Ying once again added another sentence: “However, don’t blame this lord for chiding you . No matter how your heart may be unwilling, on the surface, shouldn’t you make it look a little better? Now you even disdain to make efforts on the surface, fancy that the Emperor actually bestowed you the title of first-rate traditional wife . Tsk, tsk, tsk . ”

Only Beichen Ying dared to speak so unrestrainedly, if he was replaced by any other person, the Great General Su would have already commanded people to beat him to death with wooden boards!

Now, the Great General Su and Madam Su were both not lightly angered . Both of them did their utmost to endure it so they wouldn’t explode . However, they were very close exploding, only lacking the last straw .

Su Luo’s heart was secretly curious, where was this divine being Beichen Ying from? His words were without the slightest scruples, yet Su Zian and Madam Su unexpectedly didn’t flare up?

However, what made Su Luo feel even more baffled was that this person, in all respects, unexpectedly supported her . Every word and every sentence was used to fight for justice on her behalf . Why would he do this?

Moreover, when he had finished ridiculing Su Zian and Madam Su, afterwards he would often make eyes towards her . A cute appearance and one of taking credit for his own achievement, making people simply being unable to help but laugh .

Who was this person? Had she meet him before? Su Luo touched her chin and sank into contemplation .

The crown prince swept a quick glance at Su Zian and Madam Su . He also glared at Beichen Ying, with displeasure, he brushed at his sleeves and said: “Only you could be this long-winded . say a few sentences less, no one would think you were mute . ”

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