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Chapter 201

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Chapter 201 – The final truth (6)

Standing beside Su Luo, Beichen Ying really wanted to slap the table and shout out praises for her .

This girl was capable, she was simply too capable!

Originally, he thought he would have to shoulder the burdensome task of creating a cozy living environment for Su Luo .

He never expected that this girl would merely use a piece of worn out paper from who knows where that she had found on her body to settle everything .

Too great, ah! People simply couldn’t help but to admire her . It was no wonder the proud, aloof and picky Nangong was crazy about this girl, to the point of infatuation and even being head over heels in love .

Now, Beichen Ying’s gaze at Su Luo could be called as being full of starlight and radiating with lights of devoted worship .

It was unfortunate that the girl he was worshipping didn’t have time to pay attention to him . She was still standing there secured in her backing, like a lion with her mouth wide open for more . Her worried expression was all feigned: “Sometimes, this daughter wants to go out for a walk, but the guards at the gate…alas…”

“That’s nothing! You take this piece of writ plate, from now on, wherever you want to go, then just go . Absolutely no one will impede or hinder you from going!” Su Zian pulled down the writ plate from his waist and directly tossed it to Su Luo .

Good stuff! Su Luo secretly praised in her heart .

However, if the dear readers thought that Su Luo would stop at this point, then all of you were gravely mistaken .

If there were convenient advantages that she didn’t take, then she would be a damn idiot . Su Luo always believed in this saying .

If you have the power and did not use it, then once it expired, it was wasted . This were also words of wisdom that Su Luo believed in .

Now, all those that she had demanded were far from reaching Su Zian’s bottom line .

Su Luo pretended to be hesitant and said: “Honorable father promised before, if you can’t find the gold during the search, you will return me my innocent verdict . Do those words still count?”

Right now, Su Zian was eagerly waiting for Su Luo to raise her conditions, because as long as conditions exist, then there would be room to maneuver .

“Naturally it counts!” Su Zian answered hastily . He impatiently stared at that piece of paper, itching to throw himself over there to tear it up .

“In that case…Shouldn’t all the people from the Su family at the scene pour tea and apologize to this daughter?” Su Luo saw Su Zian’s complexion darkened, and secretly thought about it . The Crown Prince and Beichen Ying were both present . Lowering Su Zian’s face too much would not be good . Therefore, she corrected herself and said: “Without a doubt, Daddy used all his might on behalf of this daughter to clarify the facts . Thus, giving back this daughter her innocent verdict . Naturally, you don’t need to apologize . ”

Su Zian was just waiting for these words, after having heard what was said, just as he about to speak .

But, who would have thought, that Su Jingyu rushed in first .

One could only see Su Jingyu spitting with anger, glaring at Su Luo apoplectically, he said: “Su Luo, you shouldn’t be too greedy from winning an inch and then wanting a mile . Be careful that once you eat it, you would spit it all out!”

A threat, it really was a naked threat .

Before Su Luo could react, Beichen Ying struck a posture to go and take that piece of paper from Su Luo’s hand: “Just now . this lord did not carefully look, bring it here, and once again, let this lord have a good look . ”

Su Zian’s expression immediately underwent a huge change . He loudly berated Su Jingyu: “Unfilial son! Obey your father and shut up!”

Su Zian’s furious expression seemed extremely terrifying . The next word intimidated Su Jingyu and he came to a halt .

Su Jingyu was angry from the bottom of his heart, but could only hatefully kick the pillar . He dared not issue another objection .

Consequently, under Su Zian’s supervision, beginning from Madam Su, to Su Jingyu, and then Su Xi, even though they were extremely unwilling, nevertheless, they were unable to resist Su Zian’s side glare, which was just like a tiger watching his prey .

So to speak, people with trump cards in hand were really cool .

Madam Su was not too bad, even though her heart was full of wrath, but her face was all smiles .

However, Su Jingyu and Su Xi were not very proper, with a ‘bang’ sound, they tossed their teacup onto the table . The tea flew in all directions .

The Venerable Beichen Ying’s eyebrows knotted, and General Su Zian promptly started to berate them .

As a result, Su Jingyu and Su Xi, no matter how unwilling, still had to put on a good face and put in the effort . They had to respectfully invite Su Luo to have tea and apologize to her .

Su Zian impatiently watched Su Luo: “Now, can you return that piece of paper to Daddy?”

Whoever would return it was an idiot .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth evoked a calm smile . She unhurriedly tore apart that piece of paper until it was nothing but fine powder…

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