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Chapter 214

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Chapter 214 – Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (2)

A touch of frost flashed through Su Luo’s eyes!

Was he trying to use martial strength to coerce her into compromising? Did he take her for an easily bullied good-for-nothing without the strength to retaliate?

Su Luo stood motionless in place, her gaze was as clear and cold as water . Her slender eyebrows were folded into an austere appearance, with chilling air coming through her pupils .

She only faintly smiled in that way, with her ice-cold gaze watching the brocade-dressed young master . Although her body was attacked by his spirit strength, on the surface, she appeared as if nothing had happened . She was still unruffled and composed, as if unaffected .

A startled expression flashed across the brocade-dressed young master’s face . He never imagined that this loathsome girl also had a little real ability . However, it was because of this that his interest in Su Luo started to increase .

However, just at this time, a black-clothed middle-aged man suddenly appeared out of nowhere .

His unbending gaze faintly swept a glance at the brocade-dressed young master . He raised his hand slightly,and the large formidable pressure emitted by the brocade-dressed young master immediately dissipated into nothingness . The cold and oppressive atmosphere returned to its original state .

When the brocade-dressed young master saw the black-clothed middle-aged man, immediately, his pupils shrunk . A trace of reverence appeared on his face .

“The raw materials marketplace absolutely does not allow forced buying or selling . ” The black-clothed middle-aged man looked at Su Luo . His expression was undisturbed as he said that sentence . Afterwards, he turned his head to look at the young master dressed in brocade . His expression was rather displeased: “Even more so, we don’t allow the use of martial strength for intimidation . ”

Before his words faded, a thin layer of cold sweat appeared on the brocade-dressed young master’s forehead . As if at this moment, he was in the middle of enduring a high pressure that was difficult to describe . Both of his legs seemed as if someone had severely kicked it, they unable to bear the pressure and were about to kneel on the ground .

However, he tenaciously gritted his teeth to bear with it . He strongly endured, not allowing himself to kneel . He gnashed his teeth until the grinding sounds burst out loud, the people who heard it felt their teeth ache .

“Yes . ” The brocade-dressed young master’s entire body trembled as if he could not bear it anymore . He bit his teeth tightly and squeezed out one word .

“Quickly get lost now . ” The black-clothed middle-aged man frowned, as if he was very annoyed . However, in the time he lifted his hand, that powerful pressure concentrated on the brocade-dressed young master’s body that wouldn’t let him resist, dissipated .

The young master dressed in brocade looked like a person that had been dragged out of a pool . He was drenched in cold sweat from head to toe . Even more sweat was dripping down from his face .

“Yes . ” The brocade-dressed young master weakly answered . In a flash . he brought his group of hateful servants with him and ran away with his tail between his legs without looking back .

Just like this… . without turning back his head… . he ran away…

Everyone saw that this brocade dressed young master was made to leave with just a few words . Some people were stunned, some were confused, but even more were full of disbelief!

Correct, it absolutely was hard to believe .


The matter was very simple . Based on their many years of experience strolling through this raw materials marketplace . That brocade-dressed young master had done evil deeds many times before in this raw materials marketplace . However, there was never a black-clothed person who would personally appear to put a stop to him . Even more improbably, to directly force him to run away .

Because everybody was aware of that brocade-dressed young master’s identity . That kind of aristocratic family was not something anyone would dare to offend .

However today, the black-clothed man appeared so fast . Moreover, he showed no quarter moving against the brocade-dressed young master… In that case, was it a coincidence? Or was it deliberate?

If it was a coincidence, then forget it . If it was deliberate…Everyone’s gaze without exception concentrated on Su Luo’s body . If it was done deliberately, then this young lady’s identity was perhaps very influential .

Momentarily, everyone looked at Su Luo in a daze . The mood in their hearts were constantly changing with complicated or blank expressions .

Now taking advantage of everyone being in a daze, a person added fuel to his feet, wanting to run away .

Su Luo loudly yelled out: “Hou San, stand still for this lady! You want to run now? It’s too late!”

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