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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:07:46 AM

Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 – Speechless on the spot (1)

To say she was from a noble background, but she obviously looked like a waste . Moreover, her complexion was a waxy yellow with average features . On her body, he really couldn’t make out any of the telling mannerisms and aloofness a person from noble family background would have .

To say she was from a commoner background, but against all expectations, in the raw material marketplace, even the Captain of the guards would come over to stand up for her . Moreover, this rotten old man also gave her special treatment .

Therefore, Liu Chengfeng was perplexed .

“Then just write a document of proof . ” Su Luo smilingly said .

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“Document of proof?” Old Chen shot a glance at Liu Chengfeng, his muddy eyes narrowed dangerously . It had a kind of raw cold aura of a sword being unsheathed .

“No, no, no need, no need . There’s no need for something like a document of proof . Having you, the Elder ,vouching for this exchange, who would dare to renege . Who doesn’t want to continue mingling in this raw materials marketplace?” Liu Chengfeng repeatedly waved his hand while forcing out a pretend smile .

Old Chen then turned his gaze to face Su Luo . He nodded his head and coldly said: “Rest assured, even if you cut out a piece of green crystal stone, nobody would dare to covert what’s yours . ”

A smiling expression appeared in Su Luo’s eyes: “Since Uncle Chen said it, then someone as humble as me naturally will believe it . ”

Su Luo had barely finished speaking when she immediately took out a bag from her wide sleeves . With the next movement, she tossed it to Liu Chengfeng . “One thousand gold coins, no more no less . Now we are even . right?”

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Liu Chengfeng thought that Su Luo had given in because of his own threat . So he was elated and in a very cheerful mood .

Because in this way, he had earned back all the gold coins he lost today .

Liu Chengfeng weighed the bag full of gold coins, smiling with a belittling expression while looking at Su Luo, and waved his hands . “Okay, now that piece of urine-covered, waste of a rock material is now yours . ”

Speaking of this girl, she really was stupid . He had merely used a little intimidation on her, but unexpectedly, she really took out one thousand gold coins . Just looking at her forehead, he saw eight words; Foolish person with too much money, come quickly!

Liu Chengfeng was extremely happy, humming a ditty, he contentedly sat down under the wisteria tree’s blossoms . He had one leg crossed over the other, contemptuously looking down at Su Luo .

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And also at this time, Su Luo was simply ecstatic .

One thousand gold coins, she had merely used one thousand gold coins to exchange for that piece of source stone . This was simply too worthwhile . The little divine dragon’s ‘awoo, awoo’ speech was something nobody else understood, but she actually did . Earlier, she had already made up her mind to do whatever it took to get this piece of source stone .

Su Luo swept a quick glance at the still feeling blissful Liu Chengfeng . Seeing that right now, he had an expression of flaunting the fact that he had gotten the better end of the deal and had taken advantage of her . She couldn’t help feeling that he was laughable .

Liu Chengfeng didn’twant to leave? Extremely good, then she’d just let him see with his own eyes his missed opportunity . Let him regret until his intestines were green .

Su Luo was just about to go and cut open the source stone . However, she never expected that Old Chen would be a step faster and walk right in front of her . He snatched that half of the source stone from her with a serious expression and said: “Miss, this time, let this old man cut open the source stone for you, alright?”

Su Luo somewhat embarrassedly said: “Uncle Chen, you wanting to cut the stone for me can’t be better . However, this source stone was peed on by my puppy, how could I have the nerve to ask you to cut it open for me?”

Old Chen faintly smiled as he quickly glanced at Su Luo . He lowered his voice, and stressing every word, said: “Being able to get the little divine gold dragon’s pee should be an honor for this piece of source stone . ”

Huh? Su Luo was speechless on the spot!

This Old Chen… . He, he, how did he know that the puppy was not a real puppy, but rather, from the dragon race . Moreover, he could readily point out that he was from the most respected royal family of the dragon race, the divine gold dragon race?

This was simply too formidable!

Seeing Su Luo’s entire face become stunned from surprise, the corner of Old Chen’s mouth seemed to lift into a shallow arc . He gave a ‘humph’ and coldly said: “What are you afraid of? Old Chen doesn’t have the time to prattle this everywhere . ”

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