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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:07:45 AM

Chapter 229

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Chapter 229 – Speechless on the spot (2)

“No, that’s not it, why would you, an elderly person think… “In the end, how was he able to see through the disguise? Su Luo picked up the little guy and looked at him from top to bottom . According to her own eyes, this clearly was a pure white-colored little puppy! Where has it leaked the appearance of a little divine dragon?

Old Chen merely smiled and didn’t respond . He merely looked deeply at Su Luo and the little divine dragon . Afterwards, he turned his entire attention to concentrate on that piece of source stone that was soaked in urine .

Old Chen, from the start, didn’t choose to use the cutting knife, but instead used the stone sharpening knife . From the surface, he slowly polished towards the interior .

During this entire process, his expression was serious and very focused . He was very careful and cautious, afraid that because of a coarse action, he would cause an abrasion that would ruin a high quality crystal stone .

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And now, apart from Su Luo, there was another person watching at Old Chen’s side .

This person was none other than Liu Chengfeng, who was extremely happy just a moment ago .

In the beginning, he was indeed deliriously happy . However, when he saw Old Chen take the stone from Su Luo to personally cut it, afterwards, he became somewhat unsure and perturbed . Hastily, he stood up and voluntarily ran over to observe .

Old Chen’s pair of hands that was cutting the stone flowed gracefully, giving off an extraordinary sense of beauty .

It was just that the source stone gradually got smaller and smaller from polishing . When it finally was the size of a goose egg, a trace of a crystal stone still could not be seen . .

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The breath Liu Chengfeng was holding suddenly loosened . He saw Su Luo’s expression becoming downcast, immediately, he smiled and was overjoyed: “Hey, hey, you couldn’t have thought that there really is a piece of crystal stone in here, right? Really made me laugh to death . I already said it was just waste material . How could it have a crystal stone inside? Look here, you made Old Chen work so hard for you in vain . ”

Su Luo’s hands was looped around her arms, her eyes swept across him coldly: “What? You think there’s no crystal rock inside? Do you want to make a bet?”

Su Luo’s gaze stayed on that purse hanging on Liu Chengfeng’s waist .

One thousand gold coins was not a small sum of money . Spending it on source stones was not altogether inexcusable . However, if Liu Chengfeng got to keep the coins from Su Luo, then she would certainly not feel very pleased about this outcome .

“I’ll bet, who is afraid of whom?” Liu Chengfeng couldn’t wait to cheat more gold coins from Su Luo’s body . Because when he looked at Su Luo, he didn’t have a good feeling . Whenever he saw her out of luck, he was sincerely happy .

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“Then okay, let’s just bet with the bag of gold coins from before . ” Su Luo raised her hand and unconcernedly said: “If there is nothing inside that goose egg-sized source stone, then it’s your win, the converse result is my win . What do you think?”

“Okay!” Liu Chengfeng threw that bag of gold coins on the table .

Su Luo also didn’t fall behind, she raised her hand and conveniently, another bag of gold coins appeared on the table .

Afterwards, both of their gazes transferred to Old Chen’s direction, their eyes staring fixedly on Old Chen’s skillful hands that were wrinkled like an orange peel, but still nimble .

Following that, the source stone gradually became smaller and smaller . It finally ended up being only as big as a chicken egg .

The corner of Liu Chengfeng’s mouth curved into a magnificent, proud smile . He contemptuously swept a glance at Su Luo, “You’re definitely going to lose . ”

“The outcome hasn’t been decided yet, so be patient and wait for it . ” Su Luo looked at that piece of source stone as she responded with humble-sounding words .

A crystal stone that could make the little divine dragon this excited, it was definitely not a low grade crystal stone . Most likely, it was of a higher grade than a green-colored crystal stone, right? Su Luo held her chin and silently pondered .

“Humph, a dead duck mouthing off, just wait a bit, you will be humiliated!” Liu Chengfeng gave a cold snort . Inside of a source stone that small would have a crystal stone? Who were you trying to fool? He sure wouldn’t believe it .

However, very quickly, reality gave a resounding slap to Liu Chengfeng’s face .

Liu Chengfeng wasn’t able to smile again, there was no time for it to retreat, so momentarily, the smile at the corner of his mouth become stiff . .

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