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Chapter 231

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Chapter 231 – Speechless on the spot (4)

Su Luo’s words immediately became concise and sharp as she got to the main point straightaway .

These remarks, in a bantering tone carried a strong ridiculing undertone, since her tone was not necessarily strict . However, it enumerated Liu Chengfeng’s shortcomings from start to finish, which immediately made him flush with anger . He gasped as his breathing became coarse . He was infuriated until he was hopping mad .

Liu Chengfeng’s body was shaking and his finger pointed at Su Luo: “Loathsome girl, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Unexpectedly, Su Luo seemed to be very disdainful of him . She carried the little divine dragon and unhurriedly said: “Oh? So what I said just now was all nonsense? Before, didn’t you, second young master Liu, threaten me to sell the crystal stone to you? Maybe I heard wrong, if so, then indeed, I am very sorry . ”

Saying this, Su Luo carried the little divine dragon, turned around and proceeded to leave .

The Liu Chengfeng behind her was infuriated till he was half-dead . The one breath he stifled in his throat moved up and down, not knowing if it should snarl out or be swallowed down .

Su Xiaoyuan, who was behind Su Luo, had an extremely worshipful gaze as he stared at Su Luo . His pair of eyes was sparkling with light, as if he was watching the idol he most adored .

Cool! She was simply too cool!

That was the second young master from the Prime Minister’s residence . The Miss had actually showed no quarter when criticizing him, showering him with abuse . Not only did she scold the opponent until he was dejected and covered in dirt, she also made the opponent unable to voice his bitter suffering . This ability was truly at the pinnacle when it came to scolding someone .

Su Xiaoyuan’s admiration was so great that he was about to kneel down in worship .

“Su Xiaoyuan, what are you thinking about? Quickly come and lead the way . Today, I still haven’t selected any source stones . ” Su Luo patted this little guy’s head . Just a moment ago, she had seen Old Chen . But after the crystal stone was cut out, he had disappeared without a word or sound . Now, she could only rely on her little guide .

“Eh, oh, okay!” Su Xiaoyuan said . With this, his thoughts returned . His pair of eyes was still sparking with a worshipping light like before while gazing at Su Luo .

Su Xiaoyuan seemed be very familiar with this place . He guided Su Luo through many twists and turns as they walked towards the inner area . Very soon, they arrived at a shabby remote courtyard in the residence .

This remote courtyard was empty and bare, inside, there wasn’t even the basic furnishing . It only had piles and piles of source stones .

The source stones were properly labeled and separated based on their grades . Every pile had a clearly labeled corresponding price tag . And also, on the side were stone cutting tools provided free of charge to customers who wanted to cut open the stones .

Just after Su Luo and Su Xiaoyuan left, Liu Chengfeng suddenly convulsed and woke up from his stupor .

His gloomy gaze stared fixedly at the stone fragments on the ground, his thoughts gradually becoming clearer .

Today, in total, he had only seen that loathsome girl twice, and both times, she had been able to cut out a crystal stone… . what did this indicate?

This indicated that it was not because of her good luck, but she had a precious treasure on her body . This was a treasure that could distinguish whether a source stone had a crystal stone inside it or not . Yes, it must be like this, no doubt about it!

No! I must follow after her .

Even if she ate meat, he should at least snatch away some soup to drink . He couldn’t let her monopolize all the convenient advantages .

Thinking up to here, Liu Chengfeng’s expression was restored . He brought his servant and walked with large strides towards the remote courtyard where Su Luo had gone .

When Liu Chengfeng arrived, Su Luo was crouched on the ground, carefully examining the source stones, looking at it one by one .

Of course, she was merely faking it, the one who truly knew if a source stone had a crystal stone was the little divine dragon, and not her .

However, she could not simply reveal the little divine dragon’s skills . Otherwise, relying on her current puny strength, not only was she unable to protect him, she would instead bring him harm .

Suddenly, Su Luo sensed a fervently hot and sinister gaze focused on her back .

Su Luo didn’t need to turn her head around to guess that this pair of hate-filled eyes certainly belonged to Liu Chengfeng .

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