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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:07:36 AM

Chapter 239

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Chapter 239 – Speechless on the spot (12)

“That’s right, only this for one hundred thousand gold is really too high a price . You should know that even if it was an already cut out cyan-colored crystal stone, according to the market price, it is only worth fifty thousand gold . ”

“Right, this price is indeed ridiculously high, only an idiot would offer this kind of high price . ”

“The most laughable thing was that in the end, he cut out a Kao Pi crystal stone . ”

Everyone was acting as if they were a genius with hindsight . Everybody unceasingly commented, even though the horse had already bolted as they chased after the horse .

However, these comments were like sharp thorns that stabbed at Liu Chengfeng’s heart, making it hurt sorely time after time .

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No, no way, he must not go down like this, didn’t he still have a few pieces of source stones that he had bought? Those had all been snatched away from under that loathsome girl’s nose . They were unlikely to be lacking . I certainly will cut out a high quality crystal stone from them .

Yes, cut, I must cut!

Liu Chengfeng waved his hand and commandingly instructed: “Take out the seven pieces of source stones I bought before, this lord wants to continue cutting stones!”

He still wanted to cut some more? The surrounding people all started to whisper, but Liu Chengfeng ignored it all . Now, he must cut out a cyan-colored crystal stone, otherwise, how could he explain this to his family?

He had spent money as if it was running water . Today, in one day, he had spent about one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!

The first piece of source stone, with one cut straight down…nothing .

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The second piece of source stone, with one cut across…nothing

The third piece of source stone, with one vertical cut…nothing .

The fourth piece of source stone…

…The seventh piece of source stone, was almost chopped into dust by Liu Chengfeng, but it was still as empty as before . It didn’t contain even a tiny bit of crystal stone!

At this moment, Liu Chengfeng was about to go insane .

One hundred and fifty thousand gold coins, an entire one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins! He had spent all of it and got nothing, but instead had watched it float away like water! A tiny piece of crystal stone, he couldn’t obtain even a tiny bit of a red-colored crystal stone!

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At this moment, Liu Chengfeng’s eyes were burning with rage . He nearly lost all rational thought . This was impossible! That loathsome girl, at that time, has clearly picked these after a long time! She even had a secretly delighted expression!

And just at this time, Su Luo, accompanied by Old Chen, was slowly strolling towards there .

Su Luo, in the position of a master, walked in front, while Old Chen exhibited the status of a servant, walking half a step behind her… . This kind of order, looked very odd to everyone who saw it .

People who could come here, who didn’t know Old Chen? Who didn’t know that back then, he was the famous and brilliant king of crystal stones? Him being someone’s servant, how could this be possible?

Therefore, simply no one could guess the master and servant relationship between Su Luo and Old Chen .

Liu Chengfeng didn’t crazily rush towards them . Now, his pair of red, bloodshot eyes had already gradually settled down . However, when he looked at Su Luo’s back, that cold and shady expression was full of sinister light . The corner of his mouth was hooked into a strangely grim smile .

He lifted his hand, beckoned over a servant, and muttered something into his ear .

That servant accepted the order and quickly left .

This entire process, Liu Chengfeng accomplished it very secretively . Almost no one was aware of this petty little act of his .

Su Luo gave Su Xiaoyuan ten gold coins, and smilingly said: “Take it, buy some good stuff for your mother and sister . Also, don’t deprive yourself, either . ”

“Gold, gold coins?” Su Xiaoyuan excitedly looked at the ten pieces of gold coins in his palm . His mouth was opened wide in disbelief . “Miss, didn’t we originally agree on ten copper coins?”

“Your conduct and deeds today were worth this price . Accept it and don’t let others steal it . At that time, your little body won’t be able to take it back . ” Su Luo smilingly said .

“But, but…I didn’t do anything today . ” Su Xiaoyuan very dismayingly said . Today, besides taking the Miss to Uncle Chen’s place, he didn’t do anything else . He received so many gold coins for no reason . He was ashamed to accept it .

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