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Chapter 243

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Chapter 243 – Fleeing from the city center (2)

At last, the short guy’s entire body was charred black like a piece of charcoal . He stiffly fell straight to the ground . His entire body broke into fragments .

Finally got rid of this short guy, too!

The huge boulder pressing down on Su Luo’s heart finally dropped to the ground .

Today’s result was really thanks to the little divine dragon’s help . If it was only her, this short guy would very likely have escaped . Su Luo, with lingering fear in her heart, decided that she must cultivate her martial arts to higher levels without delay . Otherwise, in the future, there will be times when she will suffer losses . In the future, the enemies will be more and more formidable .

Su Luo searched the short guy’s body and took back her red-colored crystal stone . Soon after, she rewarded the little divine dragon the red-colored stone as a snack . The little divine dragon’s performance was very good today . She really ought to award him properly .

She tidied up the scene and after having swept away any traces she may have left behind, Su Luo carried the little divine dragon and walked quickly towards Su Manor .

She had been out for a long time and didn’t know what the inside of Su Manor looked like right now .

She still remembered at the time when she had left, Su Qing’s fierce panther had gone mad . It had charged around violently in Su Manor and destroyed a countless number of structures . It had sent the entire Su Manor into turmoil . She didn’t know if it was now under control or not .

If the great show was still playing, then it would be very amusing . She wouldn’t mind participating in it once again to kick it up a notch . While thinking this, Su Luo was humming a ditty as she took relaxed steps towards Su Manor .

Just when she was about one hundred meters away from Su Manor’s entrance, Su Luo suddenly had a bad premonition . She started to slow down her footsteps .

Stemming from her previous instincts as an assassin, Su Luo discovered that she was very unfortunately being followed by someone .

She wasn’t sure when the opponent started to follow her, but Su Luo was certain that the martial arts level of the person following behind far exceeded her own .

Fortunately, fortunately she hadn’t taken a step into Su Manor . Otherwise, her own identity as Su Manor’s fourth Miss, the good-for-nothing, would have been exposed .

The hands she used to hold the little divine dragon tightened slightly . Seeing the majestic and formidable stone lions guarding at Su Manor’s gate, Su Luo’s footstep did not stop . She didn’t even turn her head as she continued to move forward .

It was as if she didn’t have any relationship with Su Manor .

She couldn’t reveal her identity as Su Manor’s fourth Miss, she could not let it be exposed right now .

Moreover, Su Luo really wanted to know who was the person following her . Was this person part of the same group as the two guys who tried to kill her just now?

Su Luo had been walking at an unhurried pace . The person behind her also followed at a distance that was not too close nor too far . It seemed like he wasn’t going to get closer to rob her .

Along the way, Su Luo attempted many times to shake off the opponent . She used the techniques for countering being followed from her previous life . However, regretfully the level of disparity was too large . She simply was unable to shake off the figure following her .

What should she do now? She couldn’t fight the opponent nor was she able to shake him off… Su Luo’s lowered eyes flashed with a chilling cold expression .

Ahead of her was East Street, part of the city center .

People were coming and going on this street in an endless flowing stream . All kinds of calls for selling their bodies rose and fell in succession . This place was exceptionally noisy .

East Street had the city’s biggest guest house .

When Su Luo saw this, crafty rays of light passed through her eyes . She held the little divine dragon and entered the guest house . With a composed expression, she called over the concierge and paid for a room .

After entering the guest room . Su Luo locked the door . After putting the little divine dragon into her space, she quickly took out a set of men’s clothing and changed into it . Simultaneously, she also stood in front of the mirror and started to use makeup to change her appearance .

In a short time, the originally yellow waxy complexion of a young woman quickly changed into an average looking young male . .

One could see he was wearing a light blue robe, with ordinary looks . Placed into a crowd, he would be drowned out . Even if you wanted to find him, it would be very difficult .

Su Luo was very satisfied with the reflection in the mirror . She carefully examined herself one last time . After she couldn’t find any faults, she started her plan .

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