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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:07:21 AM

Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (7)

Not waiting for Su Luo to answer, Nangong Liuyun chuckled roguishly again as he leaned close to Su Luo’s ears and leisurely exhaled a breath before he added another sentence: “Or else, this king can warm your bed as an apology instead?”

Su Luo’s small face reddened as she glowered at him: “Nangong Liuyun, is it even possible for you to be more shameless?”

As expected, Nangong Liuyun laughed even more shamelessly . He bewitchingly hooked up the corners of his mouth as he reached out a hand to brush the tip of Su Luo’s nose . The corners of his phoenix eyes raised slightly: “You prefer being on top? This king can also lower his pride a little and voluntarily lie down for you, yes?”

This person was certainly shameless to an extreme! There was simply no limit!

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If she had a contest with him of who was more thick-skinned, she herself would definitely be the loser .

Once Su Luo realized the situation, she resolutely decided to change the topic .

She pulled a bathrobe from the rack and threw it fiercely at his face . She raised her brow and coldly said: “Speak only after you’re dressed . Being His Highness Prince Jin and behaving this way, what kind of scandal would this cause?”

Nangong Liuyun was startled at her words . After a blank stare, he started to laugh uproariously, while he expressed extreme delight, “Little Luo Luo, don’t you feel that talking this way——is more frank?”

Nangong Liuyun gestured at the situation between them right now .

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Nangong Liuyun was undoubtedly naked and the current Su Luo, due to falling into the hot spring pool, was drenched from head to toe . Her clothes were stuck onto her body, revealing and accentuating all her exquisite curves .

The fifteen year old Su Luo was already displaying some qualities that were worth looking at .

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of charming flirtatious eyes firmly locked onto Su Luo’s . He imprudently eyed Su Luo’s softly drenched chest and his gaze darkened, a lecherous atmosphere brewed…

This person…… Su Luo regretted that she couldn’t use a single slap to knock him unconscious!

Huffing angrily, Su Luo snatched away the bathrobe in his hands and immediately tightly wrapped herself in it .

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The large robe wrapped her entire petite yet fine and delicate body . Only a very small head and that pair of clear large eyes were exposed, which made her appear rather innocent .

Nangong Liuyun chuckled before he pulled Su Luo and had her sit down beside the pool . He scooped up water in both hands and gently began to wash her ink-black hair .

Seeing such, Su Luo’s eyes wrinkled . Being pampered like this felt very unfamiliar, very strange, but also felt rather nice .

His sudden tenderness was a little bit too much for her, but Su Luo did not interrupt his thoughts because she understood Nangong Liuyun .

Everything this man did always had a motive .

As expected, while Nangong Liuyun tenderly washed Su Luo’s soft black hair, his fingers moved in slow, indescribably gentle and meticulous strokes . The corners of his lips once again curled with devilish severity as he said: “Silly girl, you didn’t even realize that someone had imprinted you, so stupid . ”

“Ah?” Su Luo lifted her head and her puzzled eyes met Nangong Liuyun’s pair of heavenly black eyes, she inquired soundlessly .

“Wasn’t it that no matter how you disguised yourself or hid, you were still found by that Liu family’s boy?” A murderous intent flashed across Nangong Liuyun’s eyes, yet the large hand that stroked through her hair was still exceedingly gentle .

“You knew?” Su Luo was indeed extremely curious . To be honest, during this whole time, she had been constantly analyzing this problem . Why was it that regardless of how she disguised herself or hid, Liu Chengfeng could always find her? This question had indeed perplexed her greatly .

Nangong Liuyun’s large heated palm brushed over her soft white skin as his charming eyes lowered a little and the corners of his lips lifted into a bloodthirsty sneer . However, his gentle voice bore not a thread of smoke nor fire from his anger: “Silly girl, you don’t even know about tracing imprints, how are you even going to survive on this continent?”

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