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Chapter 27,28

Chapter 27 – Three days flashed by in an instant

Three days flashed by in an instant .

Tonight was the appointed day Nangong Liuyun had promised to meet her .

The night was as black as ink . A few remaining stars hung in the desolate sky as they produced a weak radiance .

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared through the night sky and approached like the wind . His robe elegantly fluttered, like a beautiful fallen immortal .

In a short time, this human shadow quietly landed in the remotest courtyard of the Su Manor .

“Come in . ” Very quickly, an unsurprised clear and cold voice came from the room .

When Nangong Liuyun entered, he saw Su Luo with a book in hand . She was earnestly reading in the candlelight .

Today she wore a white muslin gown; it was simple and plain . It seemed as if she was pure and impervious, but also outstandingly sharp .

The hazy candlelight shrouded her body, as if it was covered in a faint layer of radiant mist . She looked blurred, cold and pure as well as noble and faint .

Due to her killer instinct, even before the door was pushed open by Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo had already detected his presence .

While Nangong Liuyun, step by step, walked toward her back, it seemed as if Su Luo’s had eyes behind her back . She calmly put down the book in her hand and gestured . “ Sit . ”

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth curled into a devilish enchanting smile . If he sat after being told to sit, wouldn’t he be losing face?

Thus, Nangong Liuyun refused to sit down on the perfectly good chair . Instead, he chose to sit on the tiny space by Su Luo’s side, and closely squeeze in next to her .

“Nangong Liuyun, behave . Don’t get fresh with me . ” Su Luo’s shapely eyebrows wrinkled slightly . She did not like to be in physical contact with people, so she wanted to push him away .

But her hand was stopped in mid-air, because Nangong Liuyun was already using his large hands to wrap it around hers .

Men and women were born with a disparity in their physical strength .

Su Luo peevishly glared at him, but his face beamed with a cheeky grin .

“Don’t be so stingy, I’m really worn out . ” Nangong Liuyun’s slender and smooth finger hooked onto Su Luo’s bright and clean tapered chin . The corner of his mouth was set into a roguish and enchanting smile as he spoke in a deep and husky voice . “For you, this king could be said to have rushed past a thousand li, or even travelled ten thousand li, and this is how you compensate this king?” (TL: li = Chinese mile = . 5 kilometers)

Three days ago during the test at the Spirit Testing Temple . Su Luo’s body had been covered in a mysterious, and freakishly abnormal spirit force .

At that time, Nangong Liuyun left after escorting Su Luo home . He only left behind a few words, that after three days, he would come back and give her an explanation .

Su Luo knew this matter would be difficult, so she already remembered this favor in her heart . She would definitely return this favor in her own way .

With him lifting up her chin, Su Luo’s vision coincidentally landed on his face .

Suddenly, she stared at him blankly .

His description of rushing past a thousand li, and traveling a distance even further that could possibly reach ten thousand li, did not seem to be an exaggeration .

The Nangong Liuyun from three days ago was full of god like charm, was vibrantly handsome, pretty with extraordinary beauty, leisurely amorous, with incomparable grace .

Though the him now still was as pretty as before, and was still extraordinarily handsome, he looked completely travel worn and grimness coated his face . Looking carefully, his lower eyelids had a hint of a blue-green color, and traces of exhaustion could be seen all over his face .

Even when exhausted, the depths of his eyes still rippled with devilish charm and an enchantingly light smile . His obsidian-like eyes glistening with light, and every leisure gesture exuded the highest quality of a king’s domineering air . What was also difficult to hide, was his extremely refined elegance and charisma .

Su Luo’s heart was slightly moved .

To say that her heart was completely unmoved at this time, would obviously be impossible . After all, she was not made out of wood and completely lacked emotion . But to say that it was love would truly be out of the question .

In fact, Su Luo had yet to realize how difficult and dangerous this thousand li trip Nangong Liuyun made to Sinking Sunset Peak truly was . It was simply beyond what the current her could imagine .

But Nangong Liuyun still continued to roguishly and enchantingly smile . Not a hint of these hardships could be seen on his face, to the point where Su Luo could not even guess at the real difficulty of this trip .

Chapter 28 – At this moment, time seemed to have stopped

Su Luo looked at him and raised her eyebrow: “Then thank you for your hard work, but I hope you did not labor in vain . ”

While smiling, Nangong Liuyun tapped her lovable and charming upright nose . “Girl, you’re really heartless . This king personally lifted his foot to fish around for information but your expression is still neither cold nor hot . How can this be allowed? Come, give this king a kiss first . ”

While Nangong Liuyu was speaking he already took the opportunity to lean into her .

Not waiting for the touch of his soft lips, Su Luo immediately pushed him away: “Nangong Liuyun . You are the dignified, stately Prince Jin, the rumored legendary outstandingly talented genius . How can you be so shamefully? Aren’t you afraid of being made fun of if this were to be leaked out?”

“Silly girl, this king only treats you like this, so how could other people know?” Nangong Liuyun happily laughed while pinching Su Luo’s pink cheeks .

This girl’s fuming expression was so adorable and so lovable, that he had to pinch her again .

Su Luo glared at him unhappily . “Sit properly, stop trying to touch me . ”

But Nangong Liuyun had been running around for three days, so he didn’t have a chance to get intimately close to her then, how could he so easily let go of such an opportunity? The corner of his mouth hooked into a nefarious smile as his enticingly enchanting deep and beautiful eyes captivatingly stared at Su Luo .

This demon!

Su Luo’s face had a speechless expression . Suddenly, the corner of her eyes bent slightly as it flashed with cynicism . “Nangong Liuyun, is it because you didn’t find an explanation that you are purposefully trying to distract me?”

Goading him was really useful .

“Really, clever girls are no fun . ” Nangong Liuyun sighed . Although he did not win an inch while wanting a mile, he also did not plan on releasing Su Luo . He suddenly became serious, looked at Su Luo cautiously, and slowly stressed each word . “Girl, tell me, recently, do you often get dizzy spells?”

Su Luo saw a never before seen serious expression on his face and her heart faintly trembled with fear . What’s going on? The formerly harmonious smiling expression had now become this deadpan . She was still not used to such an abrupt shift .

Su Luo thought about it, nodded her head, and answered: “Indeed, sometimes I get headaches . ”

Not only that, she would also get very dizzy and sleepy to the point that she really wanted to go sleep… and after falling asleep, it was hard to wake her up .

Su Luo suddenly had a feeling that it was as if she might have a serious illness .

“Does your dantian feel bloated? Does it feel hard when you touch it?” Nangong Liuyun hastily followed up with another question . (TL: Dantian – a point below the navel where one’s qi/energy pools at . )

But he had a strange and complicated expression on his face . Su Luo had never seen this earnest and serious concentration on his face . This serious expression also seem to hold a touch of hope in it .

His large hands that were holding Su Luo suddenly tightened . It was sufficient to prove that he was anxious in his heart .

Something that could make the legendary Prince Jin anxious to this extent should not be a trivial matter . Then, what exactly is happening to her body?

Su Luo’s heart felt as if it was being pressed down upon by heavy boulders . Suddenly, it felt somewhat suffocating .

But then, she thought about it again .

How much worse could it get? She was already a good-for-nothing . At worst, she just won’t be able to practice martial arts in the future .

Su Luo slowly exhaled her muddy feelings . She calmly looked at him, casually said . “Yes, sometimes I feel bloated, what does that mean?”

Previously, she just assumed that her menstrual cycle was about to begin so she did not pay it too much thought . After all, this body was about 15 years old, getting her period was normal .

But now, it seemed to be clear that they were not related .

Momentarily, their surroundings became really quiet, quiet to the degree that a falling leaf could be heard .

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped .

Even the surrounding air seemed to contain an apprehensive stiffness .