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Chapter 287

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Chapter 287 – To come knocking for a fight (4)

Liu Potian had come with an aggressive and overbearing attitude . However, with a few sentences said by His Highness Prince Jin, he was beaten into the dust . This made him very out of sorts, in an extremely bad mood .

He must get this situation back under him, a seventh ranked expert’s dignity must not be trampled upon!

“Don’t waste so many words, Your Highness should order that person who stole Liu Manor’s cyan-colored crystal stone to come out!” A sinister expression flashed through Liu Potian’s eyes . A pair of eyes that sparkled radiantly glared at Nangong Liuyun .

However, the latter was still calmly reclining on top of the red sandalwood chair and leisurely casting sideway glances at him: “Stole the cyan-colored crystal stone from Liu Manor? When did Liu Manor even have a cyan-colored crystal stone? Why is it that this king didn’t know?”

Liu Potian was immediately choked by this, his expression became exceptionally unsightly .

A cyan-colored crystal stone, how rare and precious, even if they really did have it, many families would be unlikely to tell outsiders about it . Because if the news were to spread out, it was the same as looking to beckon thieves to their own family . Moreover, on this continent, where robbers ran amok, no one could say with one hundred percent certainty that their own residence was impenetrable .

However, Liu Manor in recent years indeed didn’t have a cyan-colored crystal stone . A few years ago they had some, but all of it was used by Liu Potian to promote to the next level . Now, although he had advanced, however it was still not very stable . Therefore, he urgently needed a cyan-colored crystal stone to stabilize his cultivation .

Liu Potian used the corner of his eyes to cast sidelong glances at Liu Chengfeng .

Liu Chengfeng jumped out, loudly shouting exaggerated half-truths: “Your Highness may not know, that piece of cyan-colored crystal stone is one that I got through gambling on stones at the raw materials marketplace . But who would have thought that that thief would be so devious and sly . He actually took advantage of me when I was unprepared and stole it . And also, that thief really did follow Your Highness in entering Prince Jin’s Royal Manor . Your Highness Prince Jin, what more do you have to say now?”

Liu Chengfeng’s every words were intended to punish . Every sentence was aimed at His Highness Prince Jin .

The person was taken away by him . Then, that cyan-colored crystal stone naturally would also be in His Highness Prince Jin’s hands . Otherwise, according to His Highness Prince Jin’s perverse and cruel temperament, would he save a person out of kindness?

Not only did Liu Chengfeng think this way, but Liu Potian naturally also had the same thought .

Nangong Liuyun gave a smile that was not quite a smile while raising an eyebrow . He unhurriedly said: “ Leaving aside whether your Liu family really has a cyan-colored crystal stone or not . Not mentioning if he really did or didn’t steal away you people’s cyan-colored crystal stone . Only speaking of saving a person, whether this king wants to save or not save a person . What do you people consider yourselves as, that you would dare to come offer your opinion to this king?”

His Highness Prince Jin was His Highness Prince Jin . When he spoke, he really was insensitive and didn’t leave them any face . When he hit someone, he concentrated on slapping their faces .

No only was Liu Chengfeng choked, even Liu Potian was also choked by his words . The grandfather and grandson pair only now understood, that His Highness Prince Jin really didn’t take the seven rank Liu Potian seriously nor saw him as worthy .

Liu Potian’s ashen face glowered at Nangong Liuyun: “Your Highness! Taking into consideration His Majesty’s face, this Elder won’t bother about your part in this . However, you must hand over the person . That piece of cyan-colored crystal stone, you must also hand it over!”

Nangong Liuyun stood up and raised his eyebrows slightly . “If this king won’t hand it over, then what are you going to do?”

Liu Potian’s face was hard and cold . He was panting with rage as he stared at Nangong Liuyun . His pair of malicious eyes had a vengeful expression: “Then Your Highness Prince Jin shouldn’t blame this Elder for being impolite! This Elder shall also stroll around for a visit in this Prince Jin’s Royal Manor!”

Having heard what he said, Nangong Liuyun very casually gestured with his hand: “Okay then, go . ”

Nobody would have foreseen that Nangong Liuyun would let them go so casually . Liu Potian was even more bewildered and uncertain as he fixedly watched Nangong Liuyun . Originally, the pair of feet that stomped out was once again retrieved back .

Who wasn’t aware that His Highness Prince Jin was treacherous, crafty, had high IQ and was widely known as two-faced? God knows what kind of plot he had arranged that was waiting for him? Liu Potian thought up to here and instead stopped moving .

“What? Afraid to go?” With one sentence, Nangong Liuyun was able to expose Liu Potian’s weak spot .

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