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Chapter 288

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Chapter 288 – To come knocking for a fight (5)

The muscles in Liu Potian’s cheeks jerked, would speaking nicely kill His Highness Prince Jin? Every phrase was as sharp as the edge of a sword, jabbing straight at a person’s heart .

“Your Highness! May I offer you a word of advice, it’s better that you hand over the person and crystal stone without delay . Otherwise, if this disturbance were to get to his Majesty, I’m afraid it won’t look good . ” Liu Potian sat down, coldly glaring at Nangong Liuyun . He was saying this by relying on flaunting his influence .

This time, Nangong Liuyun didn’t even bother to take notice of this seventh rank expert . His phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and in an indifferent tone, launched a question at Liu Chengfeng: “You are certain that that piece of cyan-colored crystal stone is yours?”

His Highness Prince Jin’s words were as sharp and icy as the edge of a blade . He only looked at Liu Chengfeng understatedly, but Liu Chengfeng still felt as if he was placed into an icehouse . A whiff of icy air shot up rapidly from the soles of his feet . It spread to all four limbs and numerous bones of his body, until his entire body became so stiff that he was practically unable to move .

His Highness Prince Jin’s eyes were too bright and too clear, and with only one glance, the deepest and darkest places in his heart were nearly all illuminated . It was as if all the secrets he had were spread out in front of him .

Under the watchful and indifferent eyes of His Highness Prince Jin, Liu Chengfeng’s heart felt weak . He quietly turned his head away .

“Ahem!” Liu Potian let out a heavy snort sound . His pair of eyes were full of fire, shooting towards Liu Chengfeng .

Liu Chengfeng suddenly returned to his senses!

Right, now that Grandfather was already a seventh rank expert, he was stronger than His Highness Prince Jin’s sixth rank . At this point of time, he completely didn’t need to be afraid of His Highness Prince Jin, totally didn’t need to .

After providing courage to strengthen his heart, Liu Chengfeng suddenly lifted his head up . He firmly looked at Nangong Liuyun with a deadly earnest expression . Stressing each word, he said: “Yes, that cyan-colored crystal stone is mine . That day, it was cut out from a source stone I had bought at Old Chen’s place in the raw materials marketplace . ”

“Who can bear witness to this?” A clear and resonate voice came from behind a screen . Taking a look after blinking, it actually turned out to be from a young man wearing a large, blue, Chinese-styled robe .

This young man’s facial features were pretty common, completely lacking any distinguishing quality . He was the kind that couldn’t be found when submerged in a crowd of people . However, his pair of eyes flashed with a distinct, spirited manner . They were liquid-like, glossy and quick-witted, once seen, they were hard to forget .

When Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo made up like this, he silently turned his face away . He had already guessed before that when Su Luo made him leave first, it was precisely because she wanted to disguise herself like this . Didn’t expect that he had really guessed correctly .

However, with regards to this kind of outcome, Nangong Liuyun was not at all very happy .

Why? In fact, the explanation was very simple . Su Luo appearing and choosing to use this disguise clearly expressed her desire not to expose her real identity in front of other people . And she had even concealed her true gender, preventing Nangong Liuyun from holding her hand openly and aboveboard, and thus declaring that Luo girl was his people .

He knew this girl was fond of disguising herself as a pig that could devour a tiger . He also knew that her heart had some misgivings, therefore he had indulged her all along . He had spoiled and pampered her, regardless of what choices she made, he would support her .

Completely opposite of Nangong Liuyun’s reaction, when Liu Chengfeng saw Su Luo, he was extremely happy . He jumped up and loudly shouted: “Humph! You shameless thief, you actually have the courage to show yourself . Quickly hand over the cyan-colored crystal stone!”

Su Luo smiled faintly and shot Liu Chengfeng a glance, with an innocent and perplexed expression, she said: “Why should I hand over the cyan-colored crystal stone to you? Do I owe you something?”

Although Liu Chengfeng kept on telling others that that cyan-colored crystal stone was what he got when gambling on stones . However, in his and Su Luo’s heart, they both understood that piece of crystal stone had been won from gambling by Su Luo and had nothing to do with Liu Chengfeng .

Therefore, under the gaze of Su Luo’s pair of clear black eyes, both of Liu Chengfeng’s cheeks burned hotly, and his heart had some self-doubt .

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