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Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 – To come knocking for a fight (6)

When Liu Potian saw Liu Chengfeng’s cringing appearance, his heart became somewhat angry . Even though he could also see that something was amiss with Liu Chengfeng .  Since the matter had already blown up to this degree, they must continue until the end, even if it could be considered highway robbery in public . Therefore, he let out a heavy cough .

Liu Chengfeng’s expression recovered, his eyes opened wide as he glared at Su Luo, letting out a few heavy ‘hum, hum’ sounds . “That cyan-colored crystal stone was obviously won by me through betting . It was undoubtedly you who stole it from my hand . Now, you are trying to pretend to be innocent . This really is ridiculously funny . ”

Su Luo pushed back without the slightest hesitation: “Ridiculously funny? The most ridiculous one is you, Liu Chengfeng, right? That cyan-colored crystal stone, I clearly won from betting . How does it even have half a hair relating to you?”

“You——” Liu Chengfeng choked back a breath in his chest and glared at Su Luo while spitting in rage .

“You, what you? Don’t tell me you really believe that if it was good stuff and you, as the young master of the Liu family took a fancy to it after a glance, then that stuff would automatically belong under your name? You really think that Gods are number one and you are number two? This really makes me laugh to death . ” Su Luo unceremoniously whirled around and circled Nangong Liuyun’s side before taking a seat . She fetched the teapot, and without regard for others, poured a cup of tea for herself, and unhurriedly drank it .

She actually completely ignored him! Liu Chengfeng was infuriated until he almost stomped his foot, and with his finger pointed at her: “You, you are simply talking nonsense, that piece of source stone originally belonged to me . If you don’t believe it, we can go and ask Old Chen . However, he personally handed over that piece of source stone to me during our transaction!”

“Yeah, this point is actually correct . ” Nobody expected that after drinking a mouthful of tea, Su Luo actually followed along with Liu Chengfeng and admitted it .

“Then, how dare you say that piece of cyan-colored crystal stone is not mine?” Liu Chengfeng triumphantly raised his eyebrow .

“That piece of cyan-colored crystal stone, of course, isn’t yours . ” Su Luo used an expression of looking at an idiot when casting Liu Chengfeng a glance .

“Ha ha ha——”Liu Potian suddenly burst into loud laugher . He sneered repeatedly as he glared at Su Luo . His whole body emitted a powerful pressure that was particular to a seven rank expert . That powerful deterrence was completely directed at Su Luo, “Mentally deranged loathsome boy, just now, you frankly admitted that that piece of source stone is Liu Chengfeng’s . Why would you refuse to admit to it afterwards? You are simply contradicting yourself . ”

When Liu Potian released his power to pressure Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were motionless, as was his body, but he easily hindered and returned that powerful pressure .

At the same time, Su Luo also started to laugh heartily: “Liu family’s old grandpa, the mentally deranged person is you, right? Could it be that your family’s treasured grandson didn’t tell you? When he cut that source stone in half, his brain convulsed and he sold it to me, okay?”

Liu Potian’s complexion immediately became ashen!

His Highness Prince Jin scorning him could be ignored, naturally because that person had the strength to . Now, a very small youngster actually dared to use that kind of attitude to speak to him? Could it be that he didn’t know that he was a seventh rank expert? Seventh rank!

In fact, Liu Potian was also a little dejected, before, his impression of a seventh rank expert was that of a very formidable existence . It was a powerful existence that was above almost all the people and cultivators . However, in Prince Jin’s Royal Manor, he, as a seventh rank, kept eating losses and being quelled!

Elder Ancestor Liu’s anger quickly attacked his heart, to the extent that he didn’t take notice of the meaning in Su Luo’s words .

Still, it was Nangong Liuyun who couldn’t put up with it any longer, and he let out a clear cough . He advised Elder Ancestor Liu: “Liu Potian, did you clearly hear what Su Yun just said? Your family’s wastrel personally sold that half of source stone to Su Yun . This, you cannot blame it on others . ”

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