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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:06:41 AM

Chapter 296

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Chapter 296 – To come knocking for a fight (13)

Following his speech, Liu Chengfeng even benevolently displayed his Spirit Restoration Pill in front of Su Luo, insinuating that his pill was the real product and that the one Su Luo had was just inferior imitation goods .

Su Luo was already too lazy to waste her breath with his nonsense . Ignorant people were always too laughable . Just wait until she brings her enhanced version of Spirit Restoration Pills to the auction house to sell . At that time, when word about it spread far and wide, then Liu Chengfeng would know how ridiculous he seemed today .

Su Luo nonchalantly laughed before she casually swallowed that piece of Spirit Restoration Pill that could help her recover by twenty percent .

In just a short period, Su Luo felt the spiritual energy burgeoning within her body, accompanied by a wave of heat that rapidly circulated throughout her entire body . It seemed as if she was filled with strength all over in her body, her mind also became clear and her agility increased .

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Great! Liu Chengfeng’s porcelain bottle was so small that even if it was filled to the brim, it would have no more than five or six pieces . Supposing that this battle entirely depended on pills, then she, Su Luo, would still securely win without any chance of a loss!

Sure enough, Liu Chengfeng thought that his own victory was certain and thus, once again, he faithfully used the Snow Blizzard Globe technique .

However, when he was just about to collapse from exhausting his spiritual power, he unexpectedly saw that huge snowball being smacked away by that huge black handprint yet again .

And what was even more frustrating, to the point of making him vomit blood, was that whenever he took a Spirit Restoration Pill, his opponent would also swallow one too . Not only that, he somehow felt that the spiritual energy supplied by his pills was endless, as if it would never run out… … could it be that his were actually Intermediate Spirit Restoration Pills?

Impossible! Liu Chengfeng immediately denied his own guess . This was because Intermediate Spirit Restoration Pills were rarely available, once it surfaced at an auction house, it would be sold out immediately . How could it be possible for that loathsome boy over there to possess Intermediate Spirit Restoration Pills? Moreover, coming in the amount of a bottle?

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Until the very end, Liu Chengfeng swallowed the last Spirit Restoration Pill and resolutely threw away the porcelain bottle without hesitation .

And yet, what depressed him to the point of vomiting blood, was the fact that his opponent also followed up and swallowed a pill . In addition, as if to spite him, she quickly continued to swallow another pill…

This, this was simply intolerable bullying!!!

Su Luo purposefully swallowed two Spirit Restoration Pills in a row in front of Liu Chengfeng, it was exactly for the sake of being spiteful to him . She wanted to disturb his state of mind and cause him inextricable pressure .

Besides, although Spirit Restoration Pills were hard to come by for others, to her, it was just a matter of spending a little time, and she would produce ten highly effective pills . What was so difficult about that? Thus, she ate them without feeling a thread of loss or regret .

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As expected, Liu Chengfeng was still affected by Su Luo’s little strategy .

The great Dimensional Imprint was summoned once again and suspended high above Liu Chengfeng’s head . It appeared as if it was a spread of darkness, similar to a black cloud overhead .

“Bang!” Liu Chengfeng’s fist struck upwards, unstoppable . The vast black handprint was immediately shaken apart by him, suddenly transforming into nothingness .

However, Su Luo immediately fired multiple large fireballs, harassing Liu Chengfeng until he could not dodge them . At the same time, she launched a huge handprint with a thundering force weighing tens of thousands kilograms towards Liu Chengfeng’s back .

This great Dimensional Imprint was summoned with all of Su Luo’s spiritual energy . It pierced through the air, its vigorous momentum alone could make people’s hearts and bodies jump in alarm .

“Again, it’s a handprint, and yet another handprint! Don’t you know anything else other than big handprints?” Liu Chengfeng was simply about to be angered to death by Su Luo .

The opponent was like a rookie who had just learnt how to cultivate . It was just either summoning the huge handprint or large fireball over and over; if it was scattered, she would gather it again . Once it was gathered, it then got scattered again, and this repeated over and over!

But, damn it!

This huge handprint had nearly forced him into desperate straits, with no way to retreat in sight .

In fact, Su Luo’s battle techniques were really so few to the point of being pitiful . Besides knowing the great Dimensional Imprint, she truly had only this one other move .

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