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Chapter 317-318

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Chapter 317 – Returning to Su Manor (17)

“Older brother! If you don’t tell me then I’ll choke you to death!!!” Su Xi’s face was sullen, glaring very fiercely at Su Jingyu . She was so anxious that black smoke was nearly coming out of her forehead .

Su Jingyu helplessly let out a sigh: “Okay, okay, older brother won’t tease you anymore . His Highness Prince Jin really didn’t fall for Qing’er . Everything from before was a misunderstanding . But the only thing that is certain, is that His Highness Prince Jin really took a fancy to a young lady from our residence . ”

Every sentence Su Jingyu said, the light in Su Xi’s eyes would shine a little more . She was so excited that her little face was the crimson color of blood, her lips were trembling non-stop .

Su Jingyu spoilingly and indulgently rubbed her head, he continued to speak: “You tell me, in our home apart, from Qing’er and you, who else is there? That is to say, since Qing’er has already been eliminated, therefore the only possibility is you, now do you understand?”

Su Xi was dumbfounded . She was stupefied for a long time before regaining her senses . The corner of her mouth cracked open into a smile . Her smile got larger and larger, more and more brilliant…It appeared as if she was so happy she became an idiot .

“Older brother, are you telling the truth? Prince Jin really fell for me? He really wants me to become Princess Jin? Oh heavens!!!” Right now, Su Xi’s heart was bursting in joy, she felt that the entire sky was sunny and cloudless . The whole world all of a sudden became beautiful .

“Of course, apart from you, who else is there?” Su Jingyu said, full of zest .

As far as he was concerned, these two younger sisters, no matter who became Princess Jin, he would receive the same benefit .

“Oh heavens, oh heavens~~The Gods are too good to me right? Oh heavens!!!” Su Xi happily laughed in elation . She continuously twirled around in circles inside her room, so excited that she nearly went insane .

“Ouch——”All of a sudden, a burst of miserable yell came from Su Xi’s mouth . Right after, her whole body twisted and fell to the ground . The ground was covered in broken pieces and fragments of chinaware she had thrown . Immediately, her entire butt was pricked full of numerous cuts, fresh blood seeping out .

“Little Xi——”Su Jingyu, with an aching heart, pulled her up with a solemn expression as he scolded her: “You, this girl, how can you be so careless? Does it hurt?”

Su Xi was still smiling, she was smiling and grinning from ear to ear . She hurriedly waved her hand and said: “Doesn’t hurt, doesn’t hurt, it didn’t hurt a bit . Hee, hee, hee——”

“You, this girl . kept smiling until you are stupid . ” Su Jingyu exasperatedly poked at her forehead .

“Hee, hee, hee——” Su Xi, with one hand, pushed Su Jingyu away and turned around to immediately run towards the outside door, “Older brother I’m going to go see His Highness Prince Jin, take your time . ”

“Hey—— Little Xi, wait for me!” Su Jingyu called out loudly . However, before waiting for him to turn around, even the shadow of Su Xi’s figure was already gone .

Su Jingyu could only helplessly shake his head .

Seeing Su Xi looking like this, Su Jingyu secretly sighed in his heart . His Highness Prince Jin had rejected Qing’er, not sure if this was a good thing or not .

Speaking of Su Xi, she ran so fast, she was like a wisp of smoke and fast as lightning as she rushed towards the reception hall .

Standing outside of the door, Su Xi very firmly inhaled a breath of air . She calmed down her excited frame of mind . Only then did she purse her lips and cover up the happy expression at the corner of her eye, and strolled right in .

When Su Zian and Madam Su saw Su Xi enter, their hearts were especially complicated . Both of them gazed towards Su Xi with a troubled, heart-aching expression .

Su Qing’s pair of beautiful eyes rigidly glared at the approaching Su Xi, who was swaying gently with a womanly grace . That pair of eyes was as cold as a millennium old block of ice, and also like a thousand layers of the edges of icy blades . If her gaze could kill people, the Su Xi right now would have already died a million times .

Taking note of Su Qing’s hateful and jealous gaze, Su Xi raised an eyebrow and slanted her a glance .

Humph, since childhood, second older sister’s gift, compared to hers, was always better . Even more, at such a young age, she had also paid her respects to a great teacher . If she hadn’t returned, then it was tolerable, but once she returned, she immediately snatched away all the attention and the gazes that belonged to her . She still believed that she was a real peacock spreading its tail and that everyone would like her!

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Chapter 318 – Returning to Su Manor (18)

Humph, since His Highness Prince Jin liked her, let her be jealous! Su Xi, who had always secretly hated Su Qing, now seemed to have made a comeback . She completely ignored Su Qing’s feelings, on the contrary, the more painful it was for her, the more comfortable Su Xi’s heart would be .

Originally, a pair of blood sisters from the same father and mother normally was also on the same page in a very close relationship . However, because of one guy, animosity was born in the hearts of this pair of sisters .

Su Xi swayed gently with glowing beauty as she moved in front of Prince Jin and made her salutations cutely .

Nangong Liuyun indifferently continued to drink his tea, basically giving no indication that he even noticed her .

Su Xi’s heart became anxious, didn’t older brother say His Highness Prince Jin was interested in her? How could he have this kind of attitude? Could it be that older brother had guessed wrong?

No, it’s not like this! It absolutely could not be like this! His Highness Prince Jin belonged to her!

Su Xi hastened to squeeze out a trace of a smile on her stiff face . She cutely and kitten-like sashayed to in front of His Highness Prince Jin . She reached out her slender pale hand, wanting to hold His Highness Prince Jin’s hand——


Before you know it, one could only see the flash of a shadow and Su Xi’s figure was already hit all the way out the door . After a long while, a distant miserable shriek of pain could be heard from outside .

Su Zian, Madam Su, Su Jingyu and also Su Qing, now, all of their eyes were opened very wide . They all stared in shock at that figure that was sent flying, and they were speechless for a very long time .

Madam Su was very worried about the condition of Su Xi’s injury . However, with His Highness Prince Jin present, everyone in the reception hall was enveloped in his qi field . She basically wouldn’t even dare to breathe loudly,, not to mention even leaving here halfway through .

But, His Highness Prince Jin actually…He unexpectedly hit Su Xi, directly sending her flying out…This simply was…

Yet, Nangong Liuyun was still unperturbed without a ripple and took another sip of tea . His tone was like the ice in a deep pool, ice-cold to the bone: “Su Zian, you birthed a good daughter ah . ”

Su Zian’s heart suddenly sank to the ground . He knew that this enigmatic and impossible to predict His Highness Prince Jin, in front of his eyes, was already getting a little angry .

Only, no matter what, he couldn’t guess right . His Highness Prince Jin descended on Su Manor and kept on saying he wanted to see he, Su Zian’s daughter . But Qing’er was refused, Xi’er was sent flying, in the end, who was it he wanted to see! Was giving a hint too much to ask?

Su Zian was simply about to be overwrought from being pressed too hard .

“Your Highness…Are you perhaps mistaken?” Su Zian forced himself to step forward to reply, “Since Qing’er and Xi’er both are not the person you wanted to find, then that young lady you are looking for definitely is not in my home . Still hope that Your Highness Prince Jin investigates it thoroughly . ”

Nangong Liuyun leisurely took a sip of tea, in a calm and composed manner, he spoke, “Su Zian, are you blaming this king for coming to your residence to make trouble without reason?”

His tone was like a soothing cloud and a gentle wind, downplaying every word, but for Su Zian’s ears which heard these words, it seemed like a scorching thunderous lightning that was violently exploding in his mind . Su Zian knew that His Highness Prince Jin was displeased .

However, these words of his were obviously spoken with good intentions . Why was it that His Highness still wasn’t happy? This left him at a total loss .

The pitiful him simply did not know, because he had inadvertently eliminated Su Luo, he was therefore confronted with a man who was now offended on Su Luo’s behalf because he always became narrow-minded when it came to Su Luo .

Su Zian hurriedly tried to explain himself: “ Your Highness, this person really isn’t trying to find fault with you . Rather, to tell you the truth, this person really only has these two daughters, and won’t ever be able to find the person you are looking for . ”

Nangong Liuyun still gracefully sat there drinking tea, a chilliness flashed through his black eyes . He said a sentence with a tone that was light as a feather: “ Su Zian ah, Su Zian, you, such a person, does not know when you are well off . This lifetime, I’m afraid you will carry a lifelong regret . ”

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