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Chapter 322

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Chapter 322 – Returning to Su Manor (22)

Nangong Liuyun carelessly waved his hand, stopping Su Zian’s false words of courtesy . A weird and sly smiling expression appeared on his mouth: “General Su really will remember this as long as he lives . It’s just that words of thanks for this king are not necessary . ”

“Huh?” Su Zian was even more confused, in the end, what was His Highness Prince Jin playing at?

But speaking of Su Wan, once she ate the medicinal pill, afterwards, the effect of the drug very quickly appeared .

The body that was originally as fat as a pig became like a punctured balloon, in front of their eyes, it very quickly slimmed down .

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In less than a quarter of an hour, the fat across her whole face and all over her body, without exception, actually disappeared without a trace . Once again, she regained the beautiful, slender body from before . Unexpectedly, the skin on her face was even better than before, exquisite and glossy . Her skin was like amber .

Within the reception hall, everyone was watching this scene with a mystified expression . They were speechless from amazement .

His Highness Prince Jin had carried this medicinal pill on his body, and also just gave such a treasure of a medicinal pill to Su Wan…Then, Su Wan was the person His Highness was looking for? A complicated emotion flitted across Su Zian’s heart .

If he knew that the person His Highness fancied was Su Wan, before, no matter what, he would not treat her like this . Only, now there should still be time to remedy it .

Having thought up to here, Su Zian squeezed out a trace of a smiling expression on his rigid face . Smiling towards Su Wan, he said: “Why haven’t you quickly gone to thank His Highness? If His Highness hadn’t bestowed the medicine, the rest of your life would have been ruined . ”

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“Yes, Wan’er, from now on, you should properly follow His Highness . You are not allowed to be mischievous again . ” The corner of Madam Su’s mouth squeezed out a stiff smile . Her smile was very unnatural .

Su Jingyu also gave a forced smile and stepped forward to curry favor: “Third younger sister, in the future when you are living a good life, don’t forget your older brother, oh . ”

Su Wan arrogantly swept them a glance . These people, when she was down and out, they kept hitting her when she was down . They were even wishing that she could have died earlier . Now that they knew His Highness adored her, each and every one of them actually came over to fawn on her . Humph! They thought that she could still forgive them?

Su Wan haughtily raised her chin and with a few steps, she walked to Nangong Liuyun’s side . Then, she said in a cute and clever voice: “Father, daughter is already His Highness’s people . From now on, matters in Su Manor doesn’t have the least bit of relation to me . ”

No matter what, Su Zian also did not expect for her to say this kind of stuff in front of everyone . Originally, he thought that although Su Wan would have some resentment in her heart, still, she had been brought up in Su Manor for more than ten years, after all . Overall, she should have some feelings, but he never thought she would repay with such ingratitude .

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Su Zian’s expression, in a split second, had threads of anger: “Wan’er, what are you saying? Also, quickly come over here!”

“I won’t!” Su Wan said with the confidence of being right, and stood by Nangong Liuyun’s side . She arrogantly and bossily glared at these people that had once turned their backs on her . A malicious light appeared in her eyes .

What made people baffled was that regardless of what disturbance occurred in his surroundings, Nangong Liuyun only indifferently sipped his tea, completely lacking any interest in interfering .

Was he indulging Su Wan, or simply that he couldn’t be bothered enough to care?

Because they couldn’t grasp His Highness Prince Jin’s attitude, therefore, Su Zian’s heart had some misgivings, so he wouldn’t dare to go up and forcefully pull Su Wan . His face blackened but he could only furiously yell: “Su Wan, don’t forget that no matter what, your last name is still Su . ”

Su Wan saw that just now, when she said she was His Highness Prince Jin’s person, this sentence, His Highness Prince Jin did not refute it . This gave her inexhaustible confidence and faith . One could see her sneer grimly repeatedly: “Last name is Su? You think I would really want such a nauseating family name that makes people sick?”

“Su Wan, you are extremely daring, don’t tell me you are not afraid of being disciplined by the family ancestors?” Su Jingyu didn’t expect that once Su Wan got power, she would immediately not recognize people, thus with a cold face and a furious tone, he yelled .

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