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Chapter 323-324

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Chapter 323 – Returning to Su Manor (23)

“Disciplined by the family ancestors? Ha ha ha, what laughable discipline by family ancestors! When I was suffering all kinds of torment, where was that ancestor? And where were all of you? Each and every one of you observed coldly like bystanders, throwing rocks at me who was down, wishing that I would drop dead! Since it is like this——”

Su Wan’s gaze swept over all of their faces, and finally, her eyes flashed with a touch of resolute radiance .

“Since it is like this, then, not having the last name of Su is fine! From now on, I, Su Wan, does not have any relationship with your Su family! Don’t ever come looking for me again!”

As soon as those words were out, Su Zian’s complexion immediately darkened .

Su Wan’s aggressiveness caused Su Zian to feel that he had lost face .

He, as a stately Great General that protected the nation, was a person high above, with ten thousand people underneath . He was actually forced to these circumstances by a concubine’s daughter? How could he have the prestige to stand facing his colleagues? How could he have the face to lead several tens of thousands of military forces? How could he have the prestige to be the master of the household?

Su Zian pointed at Su Wan and angrily roared: “Good, these words were what you said . People come, bring me the family genealogy record!”

Su Zian flung his sleeves while panting in rage, his complexion was ashen .

Very quickly, a servant came holding the family genealogy records .

Su Zian saw Su Wan with her chin lifted arrogantly, standing by His Highness Prince Jin’s side .

That unrepentant appearance of hers suddenly added more anger to his fury: “Su Wan, again, I will give you one last chance . You really want to separate yourself from the Su family?”

Now, Madam Su’s thoughts were very complicated . She also naturally wished to have Su Wan expelled very far away, so as to avoid seeing this annoyance .

But, her identity as the main mistress of Su Manor, when Su Zian was in a rage, in the capacity of the main mistress in charge of the family, she ought to come out and console everyone .

Madam Su gently pulled at Su Zian’s arm, with a soft voice, persuaded him by saying: “General, take a break, how great of a matter is expelling from the family? How could you make such a decision when in a rage? In the future, when you recall this, you certainly will regret it . ”

Su Zian slowly released a breath, gloomily and coldly glared towards Su Wan .

How could he want to expel Su Wan from the family? Let alone under the circumstances when His Highness Prince Jin’s attitude was unclear? But Su Wan was really too offensive .

Su Wan coldly smiled: “Madam Su, you also should stop faking your kindness . Who doesn’t know that right now, you wish you could choke me to death . Ha ha ha, General Su, you should still strike off my name from the family genealogical records without delay . You still believe I really care for it!”

Su Wan kept on saying Madam Su and General Su, clearly acting as if they were not her father and mother .

“You——”Suddenly, a mouthful of anger bubbled up in Su Zian, his pair of eyes was opened very wide, itching to choke Su Wan to death: “Good, very good! This was your own choice . In the future, if you were to die outside, Su Manor will absolutely not stick up for you!”

Su Zian, under a raging temper, with one grab, took the family genealogical records . On Su Wan’s page, he crossed it off with dense brush strokes again and again, eliminating her name thoroughly from the family genealogical records .

In the course of this process, Su Wan continued to lift her chin up in an icily arrogant manner . She cast sidelong glances at these people that had stepped on her with the soles of their feet .

No, no, still missing one… Su Wan was very dissatisfied with this .

Now, once again, the sounds of footsteps could be heard from outside . The servants lifted up the curtain, and people could only see a young woman with delicate and pretty features walk in from outside of the door .

One only saw her body covered in a light green muslin dress that swept the floor like a circling butterfly . Her beautiful, jet-black hair was tied up with a light-colored ribbon . Her face was not covered with cosmetics, but was fresh, clean and quite moving . Her pair of eyes was like water, with a clear and natural, light gaze .

Her stride was steady with a natural and relaxed bearing as she slowly walked over . It gave people a kind of fresh, clean and quick-witted impression that illuminated her brilliantly .

This person was not an outsider, she was Su Luo . She saw everyone and her mouth burst open into a shallow, indifferent smile .

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Chapter 324 – Returning to Su Manor (24)

Now, her bearing was natural and relaxed, where was she still that cowering, good-for-nothing Su Luo? She had practically changed beyond recognition, as if she was reborn .

When Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo, that pair of malicious eyes momentarily transformed . It was now intoxicating, full of tender sentiments and gleaming like rays reflecting off water . That smile could stir up and entice all living things .

Originally, Su Luo didn’t want to come since she never liked to participate in this kind of spectacle . However, hearing what the servant who was sent to invite her said about the events that occurred in the reception hall, she had no choice but to come .

If she didn’t come, who knew if Nangong Liuyun would directly draw up an engagement contract with her cheap father and send her away with the agreement, okay? This kind of thing, she could only control it well if she was personally at the scene .

Seeing Su Luo come over, the corner of Su Qing’s mouth hooked up coldly .

When Su Wan saw Su Luo, the hatred in her eyes was very obvious . Without waiting for others to speak, she suddenly took a big stride and rushed towards Su Luo . She raised her slapping palm high: “Slut, you still dare to come! I’ll kill you!”

However, confronted with a first rank Su Wan, Su Luo effortlessly and easily turned sideways and was able to avoid her .

Still remember that the last time when she fought Su Wan, she didn’t even have one iota of spirit power . But the her now was already a third rank, really, after a lapse of three days, she made people sit up and take notice .

Su Wan didn’t expect that she couldn’t even hit Su Luo, making her so angry that she stomped her foot: “If you have the ability, then don’t run! Today, I simply must kill you!”

Su Luo, with both hands holding her arms, sneered while casting her a sidelong glance: “Want to kill me? Just based on your skills?”

Su Wan wanted to kill her now, that was basically a task that was impossible for her to accomplish .

Unexpectedly, when Su Wan heard these words, she merely smiled coldly and said: “Su Luo, I already know you practiced martial arts . Now, I have revealed it through my test! You concealed it from everyone and secretly cultivated, in the end, what are you plotting?!”

Su Luo actually knew martial arts? Su Zian was immediately stupefied . Wasn’t this girl a good-for-nothing? When she was at the Spirit Testing Temple, didn’t she test with not even a bit of spirit strength? How could she possibly cultivate then?

But watching her avoid Su Wan’s attack just a moment ago, she really did know martial arts . Moreover, her cultivation wasn’t that low . In the end, what was going on? Su Zian was bewildered .

Not only Su Zian, Su Jingyu and others were also bewildered, except for Su Qing .

Because not long ago, she had just fought with Su Luo, so she could clearly see through her strength . Although Su Luo’s cultivation among people of her age was pretty good, yet she still couldn’t be compared to herself . Therefore, she was somewhat disdainful of Su Luo .

Su Luo causally swept a glance at Su Zian, seeing that he had a surprised expression, she nonchalantly said: “I was merely waiting for the right moment to give father a nice surprise, what possible plot could there be?”

Su Zian, hearing this, his overly sensitive heart that was harmed just a moment ago by Su Wan, was healed . He was over the moon with joy .

Yes, Su Wan, that selfish and loathsome girl was driven out of the family, then forget it . Now, Luo girl was no longer a good-for-nothing, so he once again gained another daughter .

As it turned out, before, he had never viewed Su Luo as his daughter .

Su Wan saw that driving a wedge between them didn’t work, so she changed to another method, sneeringly said: “Even if I am not able to beat you, so what? Su Luo, look clearly, now I am His Highness Prince Jin’s people . If I ask people to kill you, who would dare to object?”

She, Su Wan, now had a backer . Also, this backer was powerful and unsurpassed . If she didn’t kill Su Luo today, she vowed not to let go! Su Wan secretly swore an oath in her heart .

“His Highness Prince Jin’s people?” Su Luo had one hand holding her arm and the other hand holding her chin in a pondering posture . Her eyes were flowing with light and brilliant colors, faintly smiling at Nangong Liuyun while lifting an eyebrow, “Nangong Liuyun, is she really your people?”

Once these words came out, immediately everyone sucked in a breath of cold air!

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