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Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – As expected, she was clever enough

“What a stupid prince . ” Su Luo rudely riposted with blazing spirit and eyes as bright as stars .

Prince Jin in other people’s eyes is insufferable arrogant , was merely a paper tiger in front of her . When facing him, she never knew what one would call mercy . Who told him to be such a scoundrel?

“Since you understand, then this king’s heart is at ease . ” Nangong Liuyun patted her head, with his eyes containing a simile not yet a smile sort of meaning .

He really was worried that this girl momentarily could not contain her excitement and speak about this matter to Su Zian .

After all, he was very clear about what kind of person Su Zian was .

Fortunately, even though this Su girl had been bullied for so many years, she was not timid, nor did she have an inferior complex . Instead of being spoiled or disgraced, shocked or perturbed, she was calm . It even seemed like if Mt . Tai were to collapse, her expression would remain the same .

This kind of temperament should not have appear in a fifteen year old girl, but she was able to do it .

She was indeed worthy of being the girl that he, Nangong Liuyun fancied . As expected, she was clever enough .

Nangong Liuyun nodded his head, with a comforting expression .

“There is no need to delay . Since I have already decided to steal the Celestial Spirit Water, then another day may not be as good as today, is today good enough?” Su Luo said with a calm and elegant expression . Her white muslin robes danced gracefully, making her look like a quietly elegant beautiful celestial being, as her fair skin shined with the luster of ice and gems .

She tilted her small palm sized face and fixed her gaze on Nangong Liuyun . With her beautiful eyes that had the expression of tempest tossed water, lips that seemed to contain red powder, she was indescribably alluring .

Facing such a charming and captivating small face, Nangong Liuyun discovered that he could not utter a word of refusal to participate in her scheme . He closed his fan and tapped it on the table . “Okay, whatever you say goes . ”

In his eyes, Su Manor was not an impenetrable fortress . The most powerful existence in Su Manor was the guardian of the Hidden Treasure Pavilion who was merely a sixth step expert .

And he, was currently also at the sixth step . They should be equally matched, and neither should overpower the other .

Consequently, the two discussed the appropriate strategies and started their preparations .

They put on pitch-black clothing appropriate for the night and stuffed their hair into a black scarf . Even their faces were covered with a layer of black cloth .

Their bodies were entirely shrouded in black, for only a pair of fresh, quick-witted and tempest tossed eyes were exposed .

Just when they were about to leave, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a shallow smile, as a crafty and sinister expression glowed from her eyes .

She retrieved the purple fish jade pendant from under her pillow, and raised her slender eyebrows with a particular excitement . After that, she stuffed the jade pendant close to her bosom, and then turned to blink at Nangong Liuyun . “Let’s go . ”

This jade pendant actually belonged to Su Jingyu . If it was accidently left in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion… Ouch! Just thinking about it would make one’s blood boil wildly; with 10,000% excitement!

Even if she didn’t get anything from this trip, with just this jade pendant, she would earn back her initial investment .

She just happened to want to anger her selfish and greedy father to death . Who told him to be so cold, detached and heartless?

She just happened to use this to frame Su Jingyu . Who told him to bully and frame her?

Since he started it first, then don’t blame her for finishing it .

Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo’s eyes jump with excitement and a smile flashed from the depth of his eyes .

Even though at this time, he could not guess at what this girl was thinking of doing, he still knew that this girl liked to toy with people she had a grudge on . It was unknown who would be out of luck this time .

It looks like, if he wanted to chase this girl into his hands, then he would have to expend a lot of effort .

Sure enough, really smart and clever girls were hard to fool . Nangong Liuyun was itching to beat his chest and stomp his feet .

No matter what, this girl would eventually be sleeping in his bed in the future . If chasing fails, then he would use deception . If deception fails, then he would continue to chase… After all he had plenty of time . In the future, he would just latch onto her .

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