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Chapter 338

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Chapter 338 – Playboy (9)

The blue-robed youth didn’t expect that Nangong Liuyun would be this serious . His face froze for a moment in a dumbfounded expression, then, he smiled . In a well-behaved manner, he called Su Luo ‘Sister-in-law’ and became more affectionate towards her .

“I’m not your sister-in-law, and also, don’t have any relation to him . Don’t just randomly shout out a title at someone . ” Su Luo thought about it and pushed Nangong Liuyun away by a step, then followed closely by trying to explain it once thoroughly .

The blue-robed youth, seeing this, suddenly laughed . He lifted an eyebrow towards Nangong Liuyun and laughingly said: “Oh, second older brother, has this not been settled?”

The white-robed youth also followed immediately with a kindly smile: “It seems so . No wonder Nangong Liuyun was so busy recently, to the point even his shadow couldn’t be seen, let alone the person . ”

“Wow!” Clearly, nobody expected that the always outwardly cold Nangong Liuyun would actually declare such a naked confession, and so publicly . Immediately, the people at the scene started to get riled up, pair after pair of probing and measuring eyes gathered on Su Luo’s body .

They always thought that Nangong Liuyun, in this lifetime, would just be like this; avoiding debauchery, remaining chaste with his advanced stage of mysophobia, not fond of having women be near him . However, they never anticipated that Nangong Liuyun who didn’t sing, would become an instant sensation when he sang (1) .

Su Luo heard the joking manner between them, in her heart, she had some doubts .

Nangong Liuyun was what kind of identity? When he was at Su Manor, Su Zian worshipped him like a god, with merely a coughing sound, her cheap old man was like someone being scared by a tiger’s roar .

However, the few people in front of her eyes, each and every one of them was very handsome, talented, glowing with health and vigor . If you placed them outside, each and every one of them would be giants among men . Moreover, just looking at their manner, they appeared to be very familiar with Nangong Liuyun, they also called each other brothers . Don’t know what the identity of these people was . But, she was certain their background and influence were definitely not small .

At this moment, don’t know from where, Beichen Ying popped out, dressed in an all red, embroidered robe . He saw Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, and barged his way into the crowd around them . His entire face and eyes were full of pure smiles: “Sister-in-law, I just knew that you would come . You coming is simply too right!”

“Uh?” Faced with such an enthusiastic and warm Beichen Ying, as if they very familiar, Su Luo was puzzled . What did he mean by saying that having her come was simply too right?

“What ‘who, who’? Bring it here . ” Beichen Ying lifted an eyebrow, with a self-satisfied smile, he held out his hand .

“Just like you to bother about this little thing, take it!” The blue robed youth on the side humphed twice and tossed a green-crystal stone to Beichen Ying .

So as it turned out, Beichen Ying and the blue robbed youth had made a bet about whether Nangong Liuyun would bring Su Luo out, in the end, naturally, it was Beichen Ying who won .

Beichen Ying tried to win favor using someone else’s property, and catching that green-colored crystal stone, he gave it to Su Luo: “Sister-in-law, a very small gift on our first meeting, please kindly accept it . ”

The people here, except for Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo had only ever seen the red-robed Beichen Ying before .

Still recalling the last time when he arrived at Su Manor, he was strutting around with such a blustering appearance, he scared those people in Su Manor until they wouldn’t dare to even breathe out . She remembered that Beichen Ying came from the unfathomable, enigmatic Beichen family .

“Not going to accept a reward that’s undeserved, since it was won by you, then you should take it . ” Su Luo smiled while waving her hand .

Perhaps as far as others were concerned, a green-colored crystal stone was very precious . Yet, because she had the little divine dragon, and had also accepted Old Chen, who back in the old days had the title of ‘king of crystal stones’,as a subordinate, therefore, regarding crystal stones, Su Luo had never lacked for them .

However, the others watching did not know this, seeing Su Luo refuse the green-colored crystal stone without even batting an eye, the expression in their eyes showed that their evaluation of her had become higher .

Beichen Ying smiling happily while stuffing the green-colored crystal stone into Su Luo’s hand: “Sister-in-law, just take it . This crystal was won by me through a bet, just accept it as an apology for the matter from last time . ” Saying this, Beichen Ying snuck a glance at Nangong Liuyun, that appearance was like a mouse having seen a cat .

Su Luo naturally knew what matter he was referring to .

1) who didn’t sing, would become an instant sensation when he sang: is an idiom saying this person never did anything like this before and when he suddenly did it he did in such a way that it shocked people .

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