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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:06:03 AM

Chapter 343

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Chapter 343 – Fright on board (2)

Didn’t know from where Beichen Ying popped out again, and he winked at Su Luo: “You shouldn’t be afraid, Nangong Liuyun is very amazing . Even if the Dragon King (1) from the myths invited you to the Crystal Palace as a guest, Nangong Liuyun will also fish you right back up . ”

Su Luo inquisitively looked at Nangong Liuyun .

A person’s energy would eventually reach a limit, why was it that he knew everything? How was he proficient at everything?

Nangong Liuyun smugly lifted an eyebrow and gave two light coughing sounds . He repressed the self-satisfaction at the corner of his lips: “Don’t waste your words with him, let’s go, I’ll bring you over to play a little . ”

Seeing his smug expression, suddenly, what Beichen Ying said appeared in Su Luo’s mind .

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Beichen Ying said, since meeting you, his entire person has changed, become someone more alive .

Was this kind of Nangong Liuyun what you would call being more alive? Then, when he was a child…the sight of a little boy carved from jade-like gems, with a taut little face, sealing himself off in a world of darkness, appeared in Su Luo’s mind . Su Luo’s heart suddenly started to ache, and her expression froze .

“What’s wrong?” Nangong Liuyun detected that her expression had become strange, and he asked a little nervously .

Just this could make the noble and indifferent him so nervous? Su Luo did not answer, and instead changed the topic . Her brows and eyes bent in a clear and light smiling expression as she gazed at him: “What games are you bringing me to play?”

Just at this moment, Anye Ming, who sat in front of a small table playing chess at the side, put down a chess piece: “Checkmate . ”

Sitting opposite of him was Lan Xuan, who vexedly grabbed his hair . Ultimately, he still had no strategy to try and carelessly messed up the chess pieces on the board: “Ah, don’t want to continue, not going to play this, it’s making me bored to death!”

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Anye Ming glowered at Lan Xuan: “You lost and just destroyed the chess game, don’t have good chess manners . Humph, humph . ”

Lan Xuan leaned back into his chair, and lazily shot a glance at Anye Ming: “Beating me and you get so proud? When it comes to playing chess, Nangong Liuyun could throw you to a few streets away . If you have the ability, go beat him at chess . ”

Nangong Liuyun knew how to play chess and also had superb chess skills? Su Luo’s inquisitive gaze landed on Nangong Liuyun’s body .

Nangong Liuyun languidly reclined on a deck chair, his sword-like eyebrow lifted slightly, but he did not speak .

Beichen Ying saw that Su Luo was curious and attending to her, explained: “Nangong’s chess skill is the most exquisite, when he was eight years old, at that time, he played chess against the scholars at the Imperial Hanlin Academy University until every one of them lost and fled . Since then, his skills have no rival, but also because of this, he washed his hands off from playing chess . From that time on, he never played chess again . ”

Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes were closed, faint sunlight shone on his body . His slender eyebrows and pure white skin had a slight luster that seemed to be flowing . The sumptuousness of his whole body, even though his eyes were closed, still made a person unable to move their gaze away .

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Right now, he seemed to have sunk into a deep sleep and hadn’t heard what Beichen Ying said . His face didn’t have any change in expression .

However, having heard what was said, Su Luo was inevitably speechless .

Wasn’t the eight-year-old Nangong Liuyun still a closed off child? Unexpectedly, he could still play chess to the point of making the scholars at Imperial Hanlin Academy University lose and flee? How large and intelligent was this guy’s brain?

No wonder his favorite pastime was to ridicule people through sarcasm . He calculated his schemes and machinations completely with numerous layers and endless amounts . As it turned out, those stratagems, as far as he was concerned, were like eating a meal or drinking water . it was that simple .

“Oh, that’s right, where is this yacht heading to?” Now, Su Luo finally had a good opportunity to ask .

Before, Nangong Liuyun did not tell her any of the details, she also didn’t carefully ask before being pulled here by him . Now, only after the yacht had sailed for a long time, did she finally have time to question them properly .

Beichen Ying was simply somewhat speechless: “Sister-in-law, do you not even know about the once a year fishing event for Amethyst Thorned Fish?”

Having only arrived in this world for a few months, Su Luo slowly shook her head: “You tell it to me in detail, before, I was always locked in at Su Manor, so not very familiar with the matters on this continent . ”

1) The Dragon King: This refers to the Dragon King from the Chinese mythological story written called Journey to the West . They are dragons that with a sneeze could cause rain, and they live in the Crystal Palace within the ocean as rulers . There are four dragon kings that ruled the four seas, which were named based on the four directions .

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