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Chapter 365

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Chapter 365 – Amethyst Thorned Island (16)

Beichen Ying had always fought with the crown prince and won equal share of his limelight . He had never stood on the overwhelming side of victory like today . Everything here was all credited to Su Luo . Therefore, his feeling of adoration for Su Luo sprang up unbidden .

Thanks to this, Lan Xuan and Beichen Ying fought over who unhooked the fishes, therefore, in order to raise efficiency, Su Luo arranged it as followed, making her fishing flow like the course of a stream of running water .

Lan Xuan baited the hook . Su Luo cast the fishing rod and reeled in the fishing line . Beichen Ying, meanwhile, unhooked the fish, coming like a running stream of water and immediately promoting the efficiency to its peak . Often, within less than ten seconds, they could smoothly catch a wave of fish .

The crown prince expressed his objections, but his objections were very quickly overruled .

The mass of people standing around watching were already dumbfounded by this scene, while more and more people came to watch .

Some people basically had no inclination to fish themselves, some smart people also came over with a fishing rod to squeeze for a position to fish, thinking that a little of Su Luo’s good luck would rub off on them too .

However, these people did not know, exactly because of having Su Luo’s fish food as contrast, their fish food were even more disdained by the fishes, and so they were even more unable to hook a fish . This was called being too smart for their own good .

One hour had passed…

Two hours had passed…

Two and one half hours had passed…

Beichen Ying looked at the time, and in the last second, yelled: “Time’s up——”

As a result, both sides laid down their fishing rods and allowed the referee to examine the result .

This examination of the results was really entirely focused on inspecting Su Luo’s catch, because the crown prince didn’t hook even a single fish .

The root cause being; one, his mood was unstable, two, he had given up from despair, and the most important third reason, was that with Su Luo’s fish food as contrast, it was therefore even more impossible for the crown prince to hook a fish . All the Amethyst Thorned fishes went over and were circling around Su Luo’s fish hook .

Therefore, this time, his success was the most rotten since the beginning of history, harvesting zero fish .

That’s right, the majestic and stately crown prince unexpectedly didn’t even catch one Amethyst Thorned fish . This was simply the greatest blow to him under the heavens .

Maybe the crown prince also felt that it was quite disgraceful, from beginning to end, his face was black, his face was paralyzed in an expression of wishing he could execute everyone using death by a thousand cuts .

“Come, come, come, now we will count how many Amethyst Thorned fish Miss Su hooked . Ha ha, everyone is looking forward to it, full of curiosity . Everyone really wants to know how many fishes our great, benevolent, bursting-with-good-luck Miss Su hooked in the end, right?”

Beichen Ying, in the role of referee, didn’t have even a little of a referee’s awareness . Once his thoroughly disparaging and provocative words fell, everyone’s zeal and enthusiasm was all mobilized, making everyone completely overlook the crown prince .

Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming, these three originally aloof, distinguished young masters and descendants of aristocratic families, had now been transformed into little brother-like servants . They were all over there, helping Su Luo count the fishes .

After checking the numbers, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming exchanged a glance . Both of them had their hands over their chest, with bitterly grieving expressions of being repeatedly regretful . Afterwards, they both looked towards Su Luo wretchedly…Looking at those little sad expressions, it really made a person want to take pity on them .

However, after experiencing Nangong Liuyun’s honey traps, this trick was already entirely useless on Su Luo .

Beichen Ying very smugly cast a glance at the crown prince, happily and smilingly saying: “Nangong Liujue, do you want to know how many green-colored crystal stones you lost?”

The crown prince’s complexion right now could be described as deathly pale .

His hands hidden in his sleeves trembled non-stop, making even the sleeves shake slightly .

As a nation’s crown prince, this kind of essential quality of the heart was really unacceptable .

Beichen Ying appreciatively stretched out the crown prince’s panicked expression, only then did he slowly give a sigh and very kind-heartedly told him——

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