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Chapter 366-367

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Chapter 366 – Amethyst Thorned Island (17)

Beichen Ying laughed loudly: “According to the recently checked numbers, Nangong Liujue… that’s one thousand five hundred heavenly Amethyst Thorned fishes ah! That is to say, you owe one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones, ha ha ha——!”

Beichen Ying tucked his hands at his waist and laughed wildly on the spot, simply too pleased with the result that he couldn’t handle it . Yet, the crown prince’s face turned green in a split second, his figure swayed, nearly unable to stand steadily on his feet .

It was not only the crown prince, at this moment, the people that were there watching all sucked in a huge breath of air, practically on the verge of fainting .

One thousand five hundred Amethyst Thorned fish?

One thousand five hundred pieces of green-colored crystal stones?

The crown prince had truly lost miserably ah .

Not to mention the crown prince, even the whole Eastern Ling capital might not be able to pool together that much within such a short time, right?

Everyone was anxiously gazing at the crown prince, inquisitively sizing him up, not knowing what he would do .

When Beichen Ying saw the crown prince’s black face that was like the bottom of a pot, he walked over and patted him on the shoulder, very kindly consoling him: “Isn’t it just one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones? For you, that’s a very simple matter, isn’t it?”

Simple your ass! The crown prince gave Beichen Ying an indignant and harsh glare .

If it was one hundred fifty green-colored crystal stones, he would still be able sell things and pool it together, and more or less be able to scrape together enough . But one thousand five hundred pieces……they might as well just kill him directly .

The crown prince flung back his head, and directly spouted out one phrase: “Don’t have it!”

Beichen Ying laughed more craftily than even a fox: “So many people are staring intently at you, Nangong Liujue, you really have the nerve to renege on the debts? A crown prince that doesn’t have any credibility worth talking about is not a good crown prince oh . In the future, this will become your biggest obstacle to ascending the imperial throne oh; our Beichen family will be unlikely to consent to you occupying the top seat oh . ”

“You——” The crown prince glared furiously at Beichen Ying . Would this person die if he didn’t oppose him? Would he die?

“Our Lan family also will not consent oh . ” Lan Xuan used one hand to lean on Beichen Ying’s shoulder, guffawing while gazing at the crown prince .

“The Anye family will also not approve . ” Anye Ming, with a smile that was yet not a smile, raised his eyebrow, and gazed at the crown prince with interest .

“You all——you all——” The crown prince had not thought that these people would actually stick their head out for a no-name loathsome girl, and the rage in his heart became even more rigorous .

Actually, what he was most furious about was——

If at that time he had not withdrawn from the engagement, that loathsome girl would be an object in his possession . Then today, this great number of Amethyst Thorned fish would be his, all his! Now, he wouldn’t be in this situation of being pressed for the repayment of debts and practically put on the spot, rather, he would be in reaping it in during this harvest season .

So long as he thought of this, a stabbing pain would throb unceasingly in the crown prince’s heart, hurting so much that he nearly could not breathe .

Finally, the crown prince gave a hateful glare at Su Luo, and yelled at Beichen Ying: “Even if you want your payment, it shouldn’t be right now, this prince doesn’t carry that many green-colored crystal stones on me . ”

Beichen Ying nonchalantly waved his hand: “Not a problem, wait until after returning, we will naturally come to find you to pay it back . . If you still won’t recompense in full at that time, naturally, we will then go call upon your father to demand repayment ”

“Seconded . ” Lan Xuan happily said while raising his eyebrow .

“Seconded +1 . ” Anye Ming also while smiling splendidly, watched the crown prince .

These people, abominable! Simply too abominable!

The crown prince angrily flung his sleeves, and grandiosely led a group of people away .

Beichen Ying consoled Su Luo, saying: “Sister-in-law, don’t be afraid . This debt, naturally we will get it back for you on your behalf . He he, this time, if we don’t make Nangong Liujue bankrupt, then my last name is not Beichen!”

Su Luo smilingly nodded her head: “Then that’s really great, if it was me, I wouldn’t be able to get this debt back . ”

Beichen Ying adoringly looked at Su Luo: “In the end, Sister-in-law is still the most capable one . I’ve been contending with him for so many years, yet this is the first time I’ve seen him lose this badly, this depressingly . Hahaha, I’m truly happy to death . ”

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Chapter 367 – Amethyst Thorned Island (18)

Su Luo smiled and instructed people to carry all the Amethyst Thorned fish onto the luxurious yacht .

The sky darkened but was not completely black, the line of sight was unclear and hazy from the rising moon .

Suddenly, a person among the group of people cried out in alarm: “Look, what is that?!”

Everyone’s gaze turned to look in that direction .

One could only see a white shadow appearing on the sea surface, it seemed really close, but at the same time really far away . It was rocking and flickering, and couldn’t be seen very clearly .

However, Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, a trace of surprise appearing in his eyes . When his gaze turned and landed on Su Luo, a smiling expression was at the corner of his mouth .

This girl’s luck…Maybe she really was the illegitimate daughter of the goddess of fortune? Even this kind of rarely seen, once every hundred years’s fortuitous meeting, was encountered by her? Really didn’t know what he ought to say .

“That is… . ” Beichen Ying’s eyes flashed as if simply in disbelief . He turned his gaze towards Nangong Liuyun, as if wishing he could confirm something .

“So arcane!” Lan Xuan had an extremely astonished expression on his face . He was so excited that he was immediately about to burst out with obscene language . Both of his hands were even tightly clenched into fists, so excited that he almost couldn’t control himself .

“Inconceivable… . too inconceivable…” Anye Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly, he gazed deeply at the white shadow that suddenly appeared in the distance . He repeatedly shook his head and sighed .

Su Luo somewhat doubtfully swept these three a glance .

What was going on?

Why were each and every one of them looking at that white shadow on the sea surface with expressions of longing, aspiration and hope? Their eyes also had a tint of seeing something mystical? Could it be related to some inside information that she didn’t know?

“Go board the yacht . ” Nangong Liuyun raised his sleeves and very naturally led Su Luo along . He brought a group of people and grandiosely walked towards the yacht .

Not limited to Nangong Liuyun’s group of people, almost all the people present had discovered the peculiar thing on the sea surface . Those smart people had already boarded their yacht earlier and sailed towards that white shadow with flying speed .

Along the way, there were constant yells from people, with heart-tearing, lung-splitting, screaming voices shouting out something called ‘Amethyst Fish Palace’ .

Amethyst Fish Palace? What kind of thing was it?

After returning to the yacht, Su Luo asked this question like a very curious baby . However, just after she asked, she was collectively looked down on by everyone .

Beichen Ying was simply helplessly at a loss with her: “Sister-in-law, did you live in a vacuum for the ten or so years before? You actually don’t even know about the Amethyst Fish Palace?”

Lan Xuan meticulously and carefully looked Su Luo up and down, holding his chin and pondering with a harboring-evil-designs expression as he leaned close to her: “Sister-in-law, one hundred Amethyst Thorned fish in exchange for the answer, deal?”

“I order you to go away . ” Beichen Ying directly lifted away Lan Xuan who was trying to take advantage to loot her, “You, Lan fourth old man’s, mouth is really expensive . A matter that takes merely a sentence and your asking price is actually one hundred Amethyst Thorned fish . ”

Sure enough, Beichen Ying was a good child, Su Luo waited for him to clear up her confusion .

Unexpectedly, once Beichen Ying cast Lan Xuan aside, he himself leaned in close to Su Luo and while smiling happily, said: “Sister-in-law, I’ll give you a twenty percent discount . I’ll only take eighty Amethyst Thorned fish . ”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched, she held her forehead and looked towards the sky .

This group of foolishly cute people!

Su Luo immediately gazed towards Nangong Liuyun .

Beichen Ying was just about to console Su Luo with that Nangong Liuyun would never say these superfluous words .

But Nangong Liuyun only pulled Su Luo by the hand and helped her sit down properly, full of interest in fiddling with her slim fingers, then softly told her: “Amethyst Fish Palace is related to the Amethyst Thorned fish . Almost every hundred years, it would appear once, therefore drawing out all the experts from all directions who would fall over each other in their eagerness to come . Also, every time, it’s practically a bloodbath . ”

Nangong Liuyun really suspected that this time, the appearance of the Amethyst Fish Palace might have something to do with Su Luo catching large quantities of Amethyst Thorned fish .

“A bloodbath?” Su Luo blinked her eyes with some misgivings .

Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head, a heavy and imposing manner flashed across his expression .

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