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Chapter 398

Chapter 398 – Amethyst Fish Palace (20)

An Amethyst Crystal Fish that could spit out crystal stones was naturally a treasure . However, after processing the Amethyst Crystal Fish, it would be convenient to go straight to the Secret Collection Library without stopping . As far as cultivators were concerned, this was the most attractive lure .

The Secret Collection Library, as the name implied, was a library with a collection of rare books . It was said that the library collection was abound with rare and secret martial arts technique books, and every kind of elemental system’s cultivation methods also existed .

This was the real reason why everyone entering the Amethyst Fish Palace would fight over the Amethyst Crystal Fish . This was their true objective .

And as to the place everyone was standing on now, it was a vast platform . Up ahead, with clouds and mist curling up and making it hard to see, appeared nine roads in front of everyone . Nearly every road looked exactly the same, basically, there was no way to distinguish them apart .

However, among these nine roads, there was only one safe road that led to the Secret Collection Library . The remaining eight other roads were very dangerous, after a narrow escape, it still might not lead directly to the Secret Collection Library .

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The crown prince possessed the Amethyst Crystal Fish, and the Amethyst Crystal Fish had a connection to the distant Secret Collection Library . If the Amethyst Crystal Fish in the crown prince’s hand was real, then the crown prince would be able to find the correct road that led directly to the Secret Collection Library .

The crown prince coldly smiled: “Good, just this once, I will let you guys experience the secret to this Amethyst Crystal Fish . ”

The center of the crown prince’s palm supported that small, sparkling, translucent and pure Amethyst Crystal Fish . In a split second, he pushed all the spirit force in his body into the body of that Amethyst Crystal Fish, trying to conduct a joining of the mind with the Amethyst Crystal Fish .

Just at this time, the Amethyst Crystal Fish’s original body with a dull luster, was as if it was set ablaze with light, in a flash, it started to shine .

In addition, the originally transparent purple color, had now become more and more red, brighter and brighter, with brilliant rays radiating all around that burned a person’s eyes .

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The crown prince contemptuously cast a glance at Nangong Liuyun, and sneeringly said: “Don’t you see? This is the real Amethyst Crystal Fish!”

Nangong Liuyun merely smiled but did not speak . His smile was not quite one, and he raised an eyebrow to look at him . In addition, he took the initiative to pull Su Luo along while retreating a step backwards . He thought about it and pulled Su Luo with him as he retreated backwards another step . As if thinking in this manner, they had already retreated to a safe range away .

This action by Nangong Liuyun suddenly not lightly infuriated the crown prince .

His heart was extremely vexed, wishing that he could rip Nangong Liuyun apart .

But he didn’t have the means because Nangong Liuyun’s martial arts cultivation was much greater than his . If they were really to fight, he would only be tyrannized .

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The crown prince could only pour all the furious thoughts in his heart into the body of the Amethyst Crystal Fish . An unending stream of spirit force rushed into the body of the Amethyst Crystal Fish, with the fish becoming even more scarlet, a scarlet red . Moreover, if you paid close attention to it, you could see silken strands of smoke .

The crown prince tried to link up with the Amethyst Crystal Fish, but what made him despair was that the Amethyst Crystal Fish seemed like an idiot without a soul . No matter how he called out to it, it never gave him any response .

The crown prince thought it was because the spirit force he poured in was too little, so he could only add more vigor when conveying more spirit force into its body .

However, it was still no good .

Li Aotian frowned .

“I’ll do it . ” He advanced forward, extending his hand to lustfully grab that Amethyst Crystal Fish .

If before, the crown prince perhaps might still relinquish it, but with Su Luo’s instigation, how could he still trust Li Aotian?

One could see the crown prince weakly say: “You help me convey spirit force into this Amethyst Crystal Fish together, I just don’t believe I cannot make it open!”