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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:05:08 AM

Chapter 418

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Chapter 418 – Two-faced bamboo (4)

Jade Lake’s Fairy’s eyes were opened wide, unwaveringly staring at Su Luo . In that pair of beautiful eyes flashed an endless sinister radiance . Both of her hands were clenched so tightly that her sharp nails dug deeply into her flesh .

Su Luo took«Space Cultivation Technique»not bothering to look through, it she just conveniently put it inside her sleeves . In fact, she had placed it inside her space .

«Demonical Wind Technique», «Ten Thousand Glaciers», «Weaving Inferno»……

If these secret books were taken outside, each book could stir up all the experts to fight and plunder it . But in here, they were like the most ordinary books, freely tossed in the corner of the bookshelf .

Because each person was limited to take at most seven books, therefore, Su Luo had some difficulty in choosing .

When she couldn’t decide, she would ask Nangong Liuyun . The latter would always give her the best answer .

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Those persons that were suspended in the air watched Su Luo choose the secret books beneath them in a lively manner with a leisurely attitude, as if strolling around a vegetable market . All of their eyes were filled with admiration, jealousy and hate! They wished and fantasized that the person taking the secret books were themselves!

Normally, if these secret books appeared in the world, it would create a sensation . Yet, at the moment, they seemed to be the cheapest goods from a street stall, casually being cleaned out .

This girl picking secret books should just pick at them, she was also luxuriously taking one then discarding it!

Discarding a book, then just discard one book . However, those secret books that were tossed to the ground very quickly would change into light smoke, fading away in the room!

It all unexpectedly disappeared immediately!

The people hanging overhead were so jealous that blood almost dripped from their eyes . They were itching to pounce on Su Luo and directly strangle her to death .

Those were secret books, ah, secret books!

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Taking it outside, even the worst secret book could be auctioned for a price of five hundred thousand gold coins or more . This loathsome girl was extravagantly tossed it to the ground in passing .

Their hearts were practically weeping blood .

In fact, Su Luo was also helpless .

She did have space, no matter how many secret books there were, she could take it all with her . Although this was so, she also didn’t know where this immortal entity was from, to actually stipulate that a person could only take away seven secret books at most .

How would she know? This matter was very simple, when she was taking the eighth secret book, a ‘ding dong’ sound rang in her head, as if reminding her of this stipulation .

Therefore, Su Luo had no alternative but to pick and choose some . She took out the secret books she swept in her space from before and discarded them . She could only choose more carefully for those with the highest value and the most useful .

Now, the crown prince was so jealous that his eyes seemed to practically be releasing two flames . Afterwards, it ignited into a raging flame!

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He unceasingly pounded on the transparent sphere, but no matter how hard he tried, the transparent sphere just wouldn’t move a single jot .

Beichen Ying’s heart at the moment was going ‘ba-thump, ba-thump’, palpitating non-stop .

He stared at Su Luo very tensely and wanted to tell her in a very loud voice that he wanted the water and wind system books . He also was not seeking a lot, he merely beseeched sister-in-law not to forget him and incidentally pick one up for him .

Suddenly, the space between his eyebrows creased slightly, and he cried out in alarm: “Not good!”

At this moment, Su Luo also discovered that something was wrong, and she looked up . Unexpectedly, she found that the first bookshelf and the secret books on it by the wall were enveloped by a thick fog . When the thick fog dispersed, that bookshelf had actually disappeared without reason before everyone’s eyes .

Soon after, it was the second bookshelf…… And the third bookshelf……

“The secret collections are starting to disappear!”

Everyone, without exception, became aware of this point .

Therefore, the people hanging in mid-air become even more anxious, so anxious that their brows were beaded with sweat .

If the secret collection was to disappear, wouldn’t it mean that they didn’t obtain anything?

Each and every one of them was very anxious, and started to hit and kick the transparent sphere . The transparent sphere however, was just like a ball of cotton, super soft and kept on trapping you, not allowing you to go out .

Su Luo accelerated the movement of her hands .

She had already taken six books, she still had the qualifications for a final book .

All of a suddenly, she discovered that her foot had kicked something . She couldn’t help but to lower her eyes to look… . .

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