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Chapter 431-432

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Chapter 431 – A new lease on life (3)

Also, didn’t know whether or not it was because the Heavens sensed Su Luo’s furious intent .

Not long after, the wind and waves on the ocean changed directions .

The waves started to push at Su Luo’s back, pushing her continuously forward .

Could it be that the Heavens finally grew some eyes, turning her extreme sorrow to joy?

Finally, Su Luo’s heart was somewhat satisfied .

With the help of the tides, Su Luo’s operation became much easier, the distance to that targeted black dot also become increasingly closer .

Now, Su Luo could clearly see, that this was indeed not some vessel, but rather, a not-very-large, barren island .

The barren island was surrounded with submerged rocks, these submerged rocks were regarded as the natural enemies of vessels . However, as far as she was concerned, they were of the greatest help to her .

She looked on just as the wind direction was about to change .

In order not to allow the previous tragedy to occur again, Su Luo used her two fingers to row, striving with everything she had to aim towards the shore .

Whenever the tide would send her off with a push at her back to move forward, she would borrow its strength to rush forward . And when the tide had fallen back, she had a death grip on the surrounding rocks and wouldn’t let go .

Waiting for another set of waves to send her off, she would then once again strive to rush forward with all her strength .

In this way, the cycle was repeated and efficiency was improved by a lot .

She tried hard for about an hour, and just when Su Luo’s two fingers were inflamed and about to rupture, she finally touched the beach .

After being adrift on the ocean, she now truly perceived how beautiful it felt to have one’s feet firmly planted on land .

However, even if it was just floated onto the sandy beach, Su Luo was still in that ice-sculpture condition . This was a fact she couldn’t change .

She also didn’t know how hard this icy and snowy trap of Li Aotian’s was .

For this entire night, she had been blown by the wind, battered by the rain, and with lightning flashing and thunder rolling . Moreover, there were huge waves that overflowed to the sky, and she had been ravaged simultaneously under all these conditions . Yet . this ice sculpture was still as before, without a trace of thawing .

Even though Su Luo never abandoned the idea of blowing it up with spirit power, but having tried hard for this long, she could only extend out a few fingers and nothing more . Her body was still as before, trapped inside, as if her entire body was cast in plaster .

On the sandy shore, the seawater retreated . Su Luo was lying down, unmoving, with her head raised to look at the setting sun, her eyes silently shedding tears .

How could she continue on like this?

If she stayed too long inside the ice sculpture, her body also wouldn’t be able to withstand it .

Besides, what’s more, since coming out of her closed door cultivation to now, no water and rice had entered her . Now, her belly was positively starving, that it was directly making rumbling noises .

The problem was that even if there were stuff to eat, now, her entire person was trapped within an ice sculpture, with no way for her to eat…

Alas, when a person start to have bad luck, how could they be this feeble?

Just when Su Luo was full of remorse, suddenly, she felt a shadow appear from above . Could it be that the sky would get dark this fast?

Su Luo had no other choice but to open her eyes——

How could it be possible?!

When she saw the person before her eyes, Su Luo felt it was simply too incredulous .

She only saw his expensive and full-of-noble-air, black-colored brocade robe, cut apart into pieces by the submerged rock . That peerlessly handsome face, that pair of demonically charming, peach blossom eyes that loved to smile, and also that perfect pair of moist lips…Now, it was just tilting up slightly, looking at her and smiling .

“Nangong Liuyun?!” Su Luo simply could not believe it!

This matter changed too fast, she simply had no time to react .

Wasn’t Nangong Liuyun locked in the Joyous Conjugal Room due to the Jade Lake’s Fairy’s plan? How could he possibly appear here? Definitely, it was because she had been sunbathing for too long that she was faint with blurred vision, and thus the hallucination appeared, right?

The next second, Su Luo wanted to reach out and rub her eyes, and annoyedly discovered that the her right now like a mummy, she basically was unable to move .

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth was raised in a constipated smile, and acting as if taking things seriously, he even used a finger to tap the layer of ice . Pleased as punch, he gave one sentence in assessment: “The quality is still not bad . ”

Under the twilight of the setting sun, his overbearing tone also carried a touch of lazy flavor .

And also, that annoying smile on his face, even if she was transformed into ash, Su Luo was also unlikely to remember it wrongly .

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Chapter 432 – A new lease on life (4)

This person was definitely Nangong Liuyun, the authentic one .

Now in the ice sculpture, how could Nangong Liuyun neglect to take into account the most important point was to hurriedly get her out of there!

Here Su Luo was nearly unable to hold back anymore okay?

Consequently, Su Luo scowled fiercely inside the ice sculpture as righteous indignation filled her chest and she shouted: “Why haven’t you still let this young lady out!”

Nangong Liuyun gave a nefariously charming smile, slowly shaking his head: “Can’t hear you . ”

“Courting death, aren’t you!” Su Luo said in a rage .

“Only if you promise this king one condition . ” Nangong Liuyun very seriously sat down by Su Luo’s side, turning his head to look at Su Luo with an appearance of sitting side by side, wanting to have a long talk .

Su Luo was nearly close to being infuriated to death . What kind of time was this moment? And he was still playing this game with her .

“Your words, this king can’t hear, however, if you agree to the promise, then you can blink your eyes three times . ” Nangong Liuyun’s somewhat pale face had a full, constipated smile .

Su Luo’s heart was indignant, this guy was simply profiting from her misfortune!

And he still said he liked her . If he liked her, he should dash to her side and undo the layer of ice without saying anything further .

“Oh dear, why do you like to stay inside, then this king will sit here to accompany you . ” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of hand intersected behind his head and at Su Luo’s side, he laid on his back on the sandy beach . His smile was full of a demonic aura .

Su Luo was simply defeated by him .

A tiger that had fallen down to earth being insulted by dogs, this debt, she definitely will get it back .

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth hooked into a concentrated smile, holding his chin in a considering pose: “Oh dear…thinking of what condition will be good? How about just letting you marry this king?”

Seeing Su Luo’s gaze betray an ominous glint, Nangong Liuyun’s smile became even more devilishly charming and alluring: “No good, no good, it has a tone of bullying the weak . This king is definitely not Nangong Liujue, that useless person, who would force a marriage . Okay…How about like this? You agree to try to be together with this king for three months, how about it?”

Try to be together for three months? Su Luo frowned .

Nangong Liuyun saw that Su Luo was considering it, this meant that there was a chance .

Consequently, he struck while the iron was hot and continued to hit the snake with a stick, “Just this try to be together for three months, if when the time comes, you still don’t like this king, then this king will absolutely not stick to you anymore, how about it?” But the way he pursued her would be changed to force .

Su Luo, however, did not know Nangong Liuyun’s shameless thought in his heart . She thought it over with rapt attention: If it was only three months, then that could be considered…

Nangong Liuyun pretended to be very bored as he tapped the layer of ice . The ice sculpture echoed ‘thud, thud’, his smile was still devilishly charming while he raised an eyebrow and laughingly said: “This posture, tsk tsk tsk, is indeed rarely seen . Since you like to show it, then just…”

This made Su Luo, who was lying in the ice sculpture, extremely vexed!

She also knew that she had assumed the appearance and pose of the Golden Rooster standing on one leg, very comical and very funny . But how was she to know that back then, she would be frozen over .

If she had known earlier, she would definitely have chosen a more perfect, beautiful posture…pooh, pooh, if she had known earlier, when Nangong Liuyun was there for support, she would have gotten rid of Li Aotian .

Nangong Liuyun took the opportunity to profit from her misfortune, and added on additional promises and threats . His tone even carried a concerned flavor: “Oh dear, looks like the tide is about to rise and fall again, with you like this, I’m afraid you will be swept away again, right?”

Su Luo’s heart was extremely furious, in any case, everyone had known each other for this long, must he force her to agree before being willing to give her a helping hand? He was simply a bandit .

Abominable and hateful .

Su Luo was forced with no way out, she could only pant with rage and severely blinked her eyes three times towards him…

Upon seeing this, the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth revealed a demonic smile of having gotten his way . He had an extremely joyful expression .

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