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Chapter 44-45

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Chapter 44 – Hidden treasure map fragment appears (2) “It’s not something I was specifically searching for, it was hidden in the box with the Celestial Spirit Water . I originally wanted to use the box to frame Su Jingyu, but after seeing this piece of paper, I pulled it out right away, as to avoid letting Su Jingyu off lightly . ” Su Luo very innocently, blinked her eyes; she even shrugged her shoulders .

Nangong Liuyun was so excited to the point of being speechless as he stared at Su Luo . A short time later, he used a little more force to rub her head: “Girl what did you eat when growing up? How could you be so lucky? Went to steal Celestial Spirit Water and can also come out with a hidden treasure map . ”

Although he was the legendary prideful son of heaven, God’s favorite, compared to Luo girl’s luck… He really felt all kinds of great admiration and envy .

Within these short few days of interacting with her, it looked like, not only was her innate spiritual talent of the high class purple rank with wood-fire dual elements to cultivate as an Apothecary, she was also a space mage, and now, she actually coincidentally fished out a piece of hidden treasure map to the Secluded Divine Shrine!

Thinking about that really made him have the urge to run into a wall .

Nangong Liuyun could not help but secretly guess: This girl, could she be the illegitimate daughter of the Goddess of Fortune?

As Su Luo was stared at by his deep eyes, she grew a little hesitant . Her slender fingers poked him in the arm: “I’m asking you a question . Quickly, speak, could it be that this is a real hidden treasure map?”

“It’s undeniably the real deal . ” Nangong Liuyun said with certainty, his tone seemed to lack strength; it was very clear that he still had not recovered his thoughts from the blow .

“Then it is really valuable?” Su Luo raised her palm sized small face as her beautiful eyes reflected the flowing water’s radiance .

“How could the word valuable be used to describe it?” Nangong Liuyun’s facial expression did not agree, “This is simply a priceless treasure . The Celestial Spirit Water can’t even be mentioned on equal terms with it . ”

“Is that true or fake?” Su Luo immediately become exhilarated . She doubtfully looked at her own pair of white tender hands . These hands’ luck was really that godlike?

“How could I lie to you? This fragment is one piece of the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods’ map . Secluded Necropolis of the Gods… That is an existence which transcended endless years . Rumor has it, people coming out of there, even those considered most ordinary, can exterminate a country on this continent in one move . ”

“One of the most ordinary of persons from there, could destroy a country in only one move?” No matter how calm Su Luo was, she still cannot avoid opening wide her beautiful misty eyes .

This, how could this let people live? Su Luo simply could not imagine it . Even if an extremely strong person came over, how could he annihilate a country with only one move? This is simply… unimaginable!

“This is indeed what the legends say . ” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of beautiful eyes became deep and mysterious . He faintly said . “It has been said that there was a struggle between experts of the Secluded place many years ago . They all died in the final charge; the bodies of the extremely strong practitioners were buried in the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods . ”

Nangong Liuyun paused . A pair of beautiful abstruse eyes seriously gazed at Su Luo, “Including all the divine artifacts they had on their person; those were also buried in the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods . ”

Divine artifacts carried by extremely strong practitioners… . Su Luo sucked in a mouthful of cold air .

Let’s first not speak of extremely strong people; if speaking about even one random ordinary person that came from the Secluded place, that person could annihilate this entire city’s strongest experts in one move .

And now, divine artifacts of extremely strong practitioners were buried there in the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods… Even thinking about it would make one’s mouth water .

“I really want to go there and dig for treasure, ahh . ” Things like unearthing treasure was something she really loved to do .

“That’s something you have to wait for . ” Nangong Liuyun’s jet black eyes faintly glowed like obsidian . He smiled lightly as he rubbed her head, as if stroking a pet, “For the current you, forget about the first step, you don’t even have the most basic of spiritual power . How could you get there?”

Fine . Su Luo admitted it; the blow hit her where it counted .

Chapter 45 – A tiger doesn’t show its might so you treat me like a sick cat (1)

“Besides, there are three other hidden treasure map fragments . Who knows where they’re hidden . ” Nangong Liuyun silently looked at Su Luo, “Girl, your luck makes me speechless . I really suspect, that one day when your eyes are closed, the hidden treasure map will voluntarily fly in front of you . Looks like this important task can only be assigned to you . ”

But later in the future, Nangong Liuyun really did look on helplessly as a piece of the hidden treasure map voluntarily flew into Su Luo’s hand . At that time he thought back to the words he said today with a tearful expression… and directly said that he was the emperor of predictions .

“Whether someone has good luck depends on a person’s character . ” Su Luo vaguely taunted Nangong Liuyun with those words, “Oh yeah, since I now have Spatial Grass and Celestial Spirit Water, then at what time will we go look for the dragon’s blood?”

As a result of tonight’s fight between Nangong Liuyun and Su Bowu, Su Luo understood that in this world, having real strength was the way of a king .

Delaying the opening of her space would delay her wood-fire dual element cultivation, which would really making things difficult for her .

This kind of feeling was like being fully aware that you had a treasure mountain but did not have the key . It was really depressing .

Nangong Liuyun stroked her head, his phoenix-like eyes slightly narrowed as he spoke in a slightly doting and indulgent tone: “When do you want to go?”

“Let’s talk after this matter settles down a little . ” Su Luo sighed; she seriously gave herself a difficult problem .

Sunset Mountain Range was not that close; a round trip, even if it was a smooth one, would still take a month to complete .

If she was to suddenly disappear now, her cheap father would switch his suspicious gaze onto her; that was anything but reassuring .

Looks like she had to think of a way, to secretly disappear for a period of time .

Su Luo’s beautiful eyes narrowed, lost in contemplation… .

But Su Luo never would have thought that before she could think of a solution, there was already someone who had voluntarily delivered themselves to her door and helped her solve the problem .

This person was not a stranger; it was Su Luo’s third elder sister, Su Wan .

On that day, Su Luo went for a walk after eating lunch .

Coming back, she discovered her courtyard had been smashed into smithereens by someone . Her only maid Lu Luo was smacked until her complexion was red and swollen, and her body was beaten black and blue .

And at this time, Su Wan was still there showing off her martial prowess one lash after another, whipping Lu Luo as if she was whipping a dog!

“Stop!” Su Luo’s eyes narrowed as she loudly shouted .

Su Wan turned her head around and saw Su Luo . She disdainfully swept her over and then used her whip to lash toward her!

Su Luo clenched her hand and grabbed the tail of the whip as her eyes flashed with a hint of coldness: “Are you courting death?”

The corner of Su Wan’s mouth revealed a mocking expression: “Su Luo, a noble person should know her stuff . How can you, an ordinary person, speak like this to me? Are you thinking of courting death?”

Su Wan was now a first step martial artist . Although it wasn’t sufficient to be near the top, she felt superior compared to the good for nothing Su Luo .

Su Luo coldly smiled: “Then can I ask this noble first step marital artist, your eminence coming to my small courtyard, is to get rid of anger against whom?”

“Su Luo, you’re still trying to hide it even now? Humph! That day at the lotus pond, you saw it didn’t you?!” Since that day, Su Wan was continuously humiliated and insulted by Su Xi; she really was unable to live through those kind of days .

Later on, she accidentally learned that day Su Luo actually passed by that place from the mouth of a maid . When she recalled how sorry she looked and was seen by Su Luo, a whiff of anger could not be suppressed and belched out .

But Su Wan would never think that not only had Su Luo passed by that place, she was actually the originator of the incident .

If Su Wan knew, then perhaps she might even have have the heart to kill Su Luo .

In front of others, Su Wan was gentle and kind, but in front of Su Luo, she would undoubtedly reveal her true nature . She was just simply too lazy to pretend!

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