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Chapter 451-452

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Chapter 451 – Meeting one’s foe (3)

If Nangong Liuyun’s cultivation was interrupted, it was very possible his foundation would be injured, and in the future, it would be very difficult for him to improve further . She would never allow Nangong Liuyun to suffer this kind of injury .

Su Luo thought up to here and then, without the slightest hesitation, turned around and walked out . She must draw Li Aotian away from here .

Nangong Liuyun, this time, it will switch to me protecting you .

Su Luo took large strides to walk out .

As expected, she saw Li Aotian, with an overbearing manner, travelling towards here .

Su Luo saw him and her face deliberately appeared surprised . At this moment, the place where she stood just so happened to lead outside .

The side where you enter the cave, Li Aotian just so happened to be keeping watch with an ice-cold expression .

Truth to be told, in the beginning, he really was scared away by Nangong Liuyun . But during these few days, the more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong .

This was obviously an isolated island with deserted mountains, there was not a trace of humans having lived here that could be found . However, in that cave, a yellow rosewood bed, bedding and pillows were actually all there!

What did this prove?!

It was very difficult for Li Aotian to accept it, but he had no choice but to believe, that between Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, one of them certainly was a space mage .

A space mage ah, what kind of rare and precious elemental system was that?

After a space mage had matured, not only did they have dominance in attack and speed compared to other elements, they could also make space rings .

This made Li Aotian drool .

Of course, he wasn’t totally blinded by the benefit in front of his eyes . At that time in the cave, besides this, he had also sniffed out the faint smell of blood .

Therefore, he had some suspicion regarding whether or not Nangong Liuyun was wounded .

If it was really like that…since he absolutely insisted on wanting that loathsome girl and also wanting to abandon the cooperation with the Li family, then just go to hell!

A frenetic and sinister expression flashed through Li Aotian’s eyes .

At this moment .

Li Aotian’s sinister and cold gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo, the corner of his mouth hooked into a severe, bloodthirsty and grim smile: “Loathsome girl, prepare to die at ease! I want to see who can still save you this time!”

Su Luo had a terrified expression as she looked at him while retreating backwards step by step: “Li Aotian! Don’t forget who made you directly advance a level!”

Mentioning this, Li Aotian had a bellyful of anger, he’d rather return to his original appearance than to advance and change into his current ghastly appearance .

“Loathsome girl! Accept death!” Li Aotian slapped towards Su Luo’s back .

Su Luo was already prepared from earlier and directly rolled to the side . At the same time, she loudly berated Li Aotian: “Li Aotian! You are courting death! Wait until Nangong Liuyun comes back from searching for food, he definitely won’t let you get away with this!”

Li Aotian originally wanted to create some activity to get some news, drawing Nangong Liuyun to make a move .

This time, he certainly would not fear Nangong Liuyun again . If he had the chance, it was best if he directly killed him!

If His Highness Prince Jin didn’t exist on this earth, then it would have a place for him, Li Aotian .

He didn’t expect that Nangong Liuyun had left to look for food, it was really a pity! But able to kill this loathsome girl, it could also be considered avenging himself and Yaoyao!

Li Aotian thought up to this point, his strikes became even more ferocious .

Su Luo took out a bronze plaque from her space and tossed it towards Li Aotian: “Look at my spirit pinball!”

Li Aotian was very seriously haunted by the shadow of the spirit pinball . He didn’t even think before covering his head with his hands and rolling far away, tumbling into a muddy ditch .

However, Su Luo took this chance to turn around and run .

If she didn’t run now, then when would she wait until? Where would she still be able to find another spirit pinball?

That bronze plaque was exactly the one that the Liu family’s grandfather had personally delivered to the door .

The spirit dance steps in this bronze plaque was actually badly damaged . Inside it was merely the most basic spirit dance steps, and Su Luo had already mastered it all .

She didn’t expect that this bronze plaque could be used on a useless person to help her once again .

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Chapter 452 – Meeting one’s foe (4)

Su Luo was really very thankful to Liu family’s grandfather for presenting her with the bronze plaque . But if the grandfather was to know, very likely, he would crawl up from the bed and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood .

Li Aotian covered his head and rolled into the muddy ditch, only after a long time did he discover that the so-called spirit pinball basically didn’t explode . Then, he lifted his eyes to look and discovered it was actually a blackish, worn out, rusted copper!

Li Aotian didn’t even need to think, immediately, his feet descended and stomped this bronze plaque into broken pieces .

His anger was completely sucked in by Su Luo, wherefore would he still have the mind to check whether Nangong Liuyun was wounded or not . He also basically never imagined that now was the best opportunity to kill Nangong Liuyun .

It was a pity that Su Luo had provoked him into such a fury that it made him directly miss this opportunity .

“Loathsome girl! If I don’t kill you today! Then my last name is not Li!” Now, with his entire body covered in mud, Li Aotian was so furious that his whole body was shaking . His single eye was scarlet red, making the repulsive countenance on his face even more prominent and malevolent .

As for Su Luo, seeing Li Aotian fall into her scheme by covering his head then rolling into the bog, she naturally would not miss this golden opportunity .

One could see her simultaneously enter the jungle on the deserted mountain and continuously rush madly away by foot . Her speed was so fast that it was astonishing .

Nangong Liuyun still needed a period of four days, she must exhaust every means to stall Li Aotian .

Otherwise, she and Nangong Liuyun, the both of them, would be killed by Li Aotian on this uninhabited island .

Su Luo rushed madly about in the jungle with flying speed . She was clearly able to perceive Li Aotian’s threat to her life .

After running into the deepest part of the jungle, Su Luo stopped and sucked in a deep breath of air .

Li Aotian couldn’t have chased after her this quickly, right?

Seeing that up ahead there was a cave covered with thorny undergrowth, Su Luo quickly pulled apart the undergrowth and rolled in . Very swiftly, she restored the undergrowth to its original shape .

This cave was not at all that small, compared to the one they were living in right now, it was even a little bigger .

However, Su Luo didn’t go further inside because if she was trapped inside, then she wouldn’t even have one last hope for survival .

Su Luo controlled her breathing, stifling her own breathing, and even her heartbeat was suppressed to a slow pace condition that was nearly impossible to detect .

Her physiological functions were suppressed, and her entire body’s blood circulation was slowed down . Her whole body was ice-cold, rigid, sitting pressed up against the wall .

This was merely the beginning, and she was already forced to this extent, the four days in the future, how should she delay him?

Su Luo’s mouth had a somewhat forced smile as the corner of her lips lifted slightly .

Alas, after thousands and tens of thousands of calculation, who could have figured that the spirit pinball at that time would smash Li Aotian into a seventh rank expert? If she had known earlier…known earlier, she would have smashed it on herself .

Heaven’s evil deeds could stay alive but her own evil deed should not live .

Su Luo was just lamenting .

Suddenly, her head started to hurt, afterwards, a type of heart palpitation feeling started to rise from her chest .

In an abrupt second, her limbs felt ice-cold .

Was discovered!

Li Aotian has actually used his spirit consciousness to probe for her .

He had used his spirit consciousness to lock onto a small area and scanned for her existence, one small field at a time .

What Nangong Liuyun said was not false, as expected, after reaching seventh rank, you would have a huge, qualitative leap .

Su Luo was so upset that she almost hammered the wall .

She couldn’t stay here anymore, it was very clear that Li Aotian had already scanned the surrounding area around her .

Su Luo restored her body’s vitality, exercised her limbs, and afterwards, quickly drilled out of the cave . Her speed was as fast as lightning as she dashed deeper into the jungle .

In fact, it was really difficult for Su Luo to do so .

At this point of time, she was like the huge bone hanging in front of a dog, wanting Li Aotian to chase after her, but also not allowing him to really catch her .

At the same time, she still had to harass and provoke this dog’s anger non-stop . She needed to attract all his hatred onto her own body, to the extent that he didn’t have time to visit other people .

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