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Chapter 465

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Chapter 465 – Fleeing on the uninhabited island (6)

The mommy brown bear would immediately refrain from shooting at a rat, for fear of breaking vases .

Once, twice, three times…every time, this trick was played on her, the mommy brown bear immediately became furious!

One could only see her mouth all of a sudden condense out a dense, stinky, fishy-smelling, viscous liquid that was quickly sprayed towards Li Aotian’s body .

When this viscous liquid was shot flying out, a touch of unease flited across Li Aotian’s scarlet eyes .

At that moment, it was too late for him to think too much . He ruthlessly threw the little foolish bear towards the mouthful of viscous liquid that the mommy brown bear had spit out .

The mommy brown bear had an aghast expression, with a huge mournful howl, its body pounced over at flying speed and pressed the little foolish bear underneath her body . That was so that it might avoid this viscous liquid that could nearly corrode everything .

That little foolish bear was completely ignorant and at a loss, its huge . whirling, clear eyes bewilderedly watched its mommy and doubtfully looked at its surroundings .

However, just at this time, Li Aotian grabbed this opportunity and shouted loudly: “Freeze over the realm of the heavens!”

In that instant, everything around immediately changed into pure white snow . Wherever the eye could see, it was a vast white color .

With the huge brown bear as the focus, one after another, sharp sword blades of ice shot towards her, as if wanting to bore a hole through her heart with ten thousand arrows .

Now, even if Su Luo wanted to run, it was already too late .

The very unfortunate thing was that her body was directly frozen to the spot, she couldn’t move even a tiny bit .

The huge foolish bear was also not easy to deal with .

“Howl——” A furious, loud roar, and a flame burst out and rushed forth, spreading to all directions . Very quickly, a forest fire started .

“Crack, crack . crack——”Sound after sound of violent noise, blocks and blocks of snowy ice was melted into water droplets by the raging inferno .

Li Aotian’s heart was very angry!

“Since it is like this, then I will give you something terrible to have a look at!” One could see Li Aotian’s mouth mumbling something to himself, and all of a sudden, at the place where the huge bear stood .

One sharp, icy thorn after another, without warning they all burst out .

Within a range of several hundred meters, it was covered with sharp, icy thorns .

The huge foolish bear momentarily did not notice, and a hole was stabbed through its belly, blood at once rushing out wildly .

“Finished…” Su Luo’s heart let out a howl of grief .

Looked like the huge foolish bear was no match for Li Aotian .

Su Luo let out a sigh of helplessness . Originally, she had planned to borrow the huge foolish bear’s hand to eliminate Li Aotian, now, it seemed to be impossible .

She only hoped that the huge brown bear could wound Li Aotian a little more seriously, this way, the pressure on her while fleeing would also lessen a little .

At the present moment…taking advantage of the fact that Li Aotian was occupied, she had better run fast . How far she was able to run, then it would be that far that she would run .

At this point of time, Su Luo’s frozen state had already been undone by the huge foolish bear’s intense flame . One could see her quietly move backwards, withdrawing step by step . After moving away by about several hundred meters, she immediately turned and fled at high speed .

Run, run, run——

Su Luo went around in circles in the forest .

If it was not for the little divine dragon giving directions, it was very likely she could get lost while running .

Didn’t know how long after did Su Luo finally stop . She steadied her breathing and drank a cup of Celestial Spirit Water to replenish the water in her body .

“Where is that important place with the traps?” Su Luo asked while drinking water .

It seemed that Li Aotian ought to win, Su Luo must plan her next step .

“Awoo, awoo, awoo——” The little divine dragon’s short legs stood on Su Luo’s shoulder and pointed at the mountain range not far up ahead, excitedly and straightforwardly shouting ‘awoo,awoo,awoo’ .

Su Luo silently calculated once, its distance was less than the time it took to burn one stick of incense, very quickly, they would get there .

She was just about to get up when suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her head .

The little divine dragon also felt it .

The two of them looked at each other, a helpless expression was exposed in Su Luo’s eyes .

In the beginning, she still believed that the huge, foolish bear would at least hinder Li Aotian for a while to allow her to make preparations, but now, it seemed the brown bear had let down her great trust .

Su Luo didn’t need to think, she turned around and immediately rushed forward .

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