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Chapter 469-470

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Chapter 469 – Mountain of flames (4)

Every time, he always wanted to torment her, ruthlessly torment her .

But, every time, just like this, he would let this loathsome girl to escape!

Li Aotian was so infuriated his face was flushed and again, it turned ashen in a moment . He wished he could slap dead his own pig brain in one move .

In front of him, clearly, this was the valley of flames .

He had an ice attribute, fire and ice engender and mutually subdue each other . It would take a longer time to eliminate the other .

If the flames in this valley of flames were inferior to his ice, then he would occupy the absolute advantage . And so, the entire valley of flames would be no effort at all with regards to him .

But, it was very unfortunate . The intensity of the flames in this valley of flames were extremely strong, far exceeding his strength in comparison . If he was to go in, very quickly, he would be swallowed by the tongues of flames .

Even so, making Li Aotian sit here and wait for death, he absolutely was unlikely to do so .

Li Aotian gave a cold snort and condensed his spirit strength around his entire body . Very quickly, a white layer of frost appeared at his side, separating him from the surrounding atmosphere .

“Charge!” Li Aotian gave an enormous shout . A powerful force was sent to his feet, his body was like a spring charging into the hole . His speed was so fast, he only left a faint afterimage behind .

Speaking of Su Luo .

She was slapped by Li Aotian’s palm strike into the valley of flames, and was only able to crawl up after a long time .

Looking from the outside, the entire valley felt blackish, everywhere, there was the swirl of fireworks .

After truly ending up inside was Su Luo able to personally experience this .

The entire valley was encircled in all directions by mountain peaks . In every direction was areas of brilliant red mountain ranges .

These were areas of the valley of flames, resplendent, glorious red volcanos extended non-stop to the sky, seeming to be on the border of the glowing sunset . As it was the same color, it was difficult to distinguish where the glowing sunset ended and where the fiery flames began .

Observing while standing on the outside, maybe you would feel this was extremely beautiful, something to feast one’s eyes upon .

Standing within the valley of the flames, personally experiencing it, only then could you perceive the terrifying ferocity of the valley of flames .

Fortunately, Su Luo’s body contained the fire attribute, with everything regarding fire, she naturally had an affinity to it . Therefore, even though the temperature of the fire was very high, but it was still within a bearable range for her .

“Li Aotian, if you have the ability, then come in chasing after me!” Su Luo covered the tightening pain in her chest as the corner of her mouth hooked into a sneer .

The fire attribute against ice, the water attribute naturally had the strength to control it .

Within this valley of flames, Li Aotian’s ice attribute strength would be substantially restricted . His strength would be greatly reduced .

Su Luo didn’t stay too long at the entrance to the valley of flames . On the contrary, she continued to go deeper inside .

She believed that according to Li Aotian’s stupid self-confidence, he absolutely would not idly wait for opportunities . He would still be in a hurry to jump in to pursue her .

Therefore, she must draw the opponent into the depths of the valley of flames .

This was because the deeper you went, the higher the temperature of the flames on the ground would be .

Didn’t know for how long she had walked, Su Luo could feel that the temperature here, very soon, would already exceed the limit of what she could withstand .

She stopped just now, laboriously leaning against a rock, gasping for breath .

Soon afterwards, she took out a handful of Spirit Restoration Pills from her space, These intermediate efficiency level Spirit Restoration Pills, outside, were worth thousands of gold, whereas she was stuffing it into her mouth one by one, like chewing on balls of candy, simply too extravagant .

All of a sudden, Su Luo felt a difference at her chest . She felt around with her hand and discovered that she, in a moment of desperation, actually hadn’t put that fiery red stone into her space . Rather, in passing, she had tucked it into her chest pocket .

Under that kind of situation surrounded by perils, unexpectedly, she hadn’t lost it, her luck really was too good .

Su Luo took out that piece of fiery red stone .

However, when she had felt around for that piece of stone, she sensed something was wrong .

Originally, a rough stone that was heated to a roasting temperature, why was it that it felt warm and cool to the touch?

Su Luo’s heart was very curious, immediately, she took it out, determined to have a look . She couldn’t help but to be greatly shocked .

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Chapter 470 – Mountain of flames (5)

The originally vivid, fiery, flame-colored stone now was like a gentle suet jade . It gave off the white shining lustre of gems, clear and transparent, seeming as though it could reflect a person’s image .

What was going on? Suddenly, Su Luo was extremely puzzled .

Just when Su Luo was still puzzled despite much thought, behind her came the light sounds of footsteps .

Su Luo was immediately alarmed . Tossing this stone into her space, she changed directions and immediately hid behind a huge boulder .

Su Luo curbed her breathing, not allowing herself to produce even a trace of sound .

Very quickly, at where Su Luo was standing just now, a person’s shadow appeared .

One could see that his entire body was wrapped in frost, his whole body was a shining white, penetrating through with traces of cool air .

However, the surrounding air temperature was too blistering hot, to the extent that he needed to release spirit force to maintain the frost covering, so as to lower the temperature around his body .

Li Aotian! He actually chased her all the way into the valley of flames .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into an icy, sly smile .

Sure enough, not outside of her expectations, Li Aotian didn’t wait outside idly for opportunities, rather, he rushed in to chase after and kill her .

Good, very good!

Now, Li Aotian’s eyebrows were knotted tightly .

Just now, he could still sense the loathsome girl’s breath, why did it all of a sudden vanish?

Li Aotian condensed the spirit power to his ears, suddenly, his right ear trembled slightly .

Immediately, Li Aotian’s body spread open like a legendary large bird, similar to an eagle swooping down, he abruptly rushed towards Su Luo’s location!

“Loathsome girl! Accept death!”

In order to kill this loathsome girl, he was toyed with time and time again, he was simply battered and exhausted . Just recalling what had happened so far, Li Aotian’s heart immediately boiled with a strong killing intent that was hard to describe with words .

But this time, seeing he was about to use a killing move, unexpectedly, Su Luo hadn’t escaped!

The corner of Li Aotian’s mouth hooked into an ice-cold sneer, his palm strike whistled by, carrying with it threads of frost .

Su Luo’s eyes had a cold and ridiculing meaning, one could only see both her hands form a seal and lots of medium-sized fireballs gathered around her body .

This place was the mountain of flames .

With regards to Su Luo, it was like a fish in water, or a bird in trees .

With regards to Li Aotian, it was like a dragon trapped in a sandbar or a tiger leaving behind the flat lands .

There was a limitless supply of fire in the surrounding, Su Luo effortlessly condensed out a countless number of flames . One could only hear a boom sound of explosion——”

A countless number of earth-shattering fireballs madly rushed forth towards Li Aotian’s whole body . It was like a tide surging up towards the sky .

Only now did Li Aotian find out that Su Luo, this loathsome girl, actually had the fire attribute .

He was gnashing his teeth in regret!

It was no wonder that this loathsome girl dared to plunge into the valley of flames . It was not surprising that she dared to entice the enemy deeper into this valley, as it turned out, she was a fire system mage!

Li Aotian momentarily did not investigate, and was toyed with by Su Luo until he was flustered .

However, the difference in strength between both sides was too great . Very quickly, Li Aotian was able to calm down and wasn’t like before, where he was kicking out in a state of confusion .

“Loathsome girl! You dare to resist! Courting death——” Li Aotain was so infuriated that his complexion was flushed!

One after another, ice blades that were so densely packed together and so numerous as to be uncountable, were like ten thousand arrows, madly rushing to bore a hole in Su Luo’s heart!

Li Aotian did not believe this finishing blow that only a seventh rank could comprehend could still be withstood by this loathsome girl!

Su Luo saw the countless number of ice blades attacking towards her body, a vigilant expression flashing through her eyes . At the same time, one could only see her roll very quickly into the pile of flames on the side .

“Sizzle,sssss——” The countless number of ice blades shot into the pile of flames and was covered by the high temperature of the flames . Immediately, they were turned into vapor .

Li Aotian, seeing this, at once became so furious that his eyes turned red!

Just when all of his attention was focused on Su Luo’s body, suddenly, a white-colored little puppy appeared behind him .

It seemed as if, all of a sudden, he had dropped from the sky!

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