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Chapter 475-477

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Chapter 475 – A matter of life and death (2)

Li Aotian once again turned his attention to focus on dealing with Su Luo .

No one knew when a layer of snowflakes appeared in his hand . The six pointed corners of the snowflakes were as sharp as daggers, glittering like frost and snow, all arriving to attack Su Luo .

Before, Su Luo had dropped down from a high place, again, it jolted her wounded five viscera and six bowels, triggering the pain from before . Now, she was sitting on the ground leaning on the rock to rest, even if she wanted to move a step, it would be seriously challenging .

Seeing the hexagon-shaped snowflakes approaching closer, Su Luo got up with great difficulty and like a carp, she rolled behind a rock . This hot boiling rock served as her shield .

However, before Su Luo could stand firm, she saw that half-broken, greenish black vine directly wrap up the rock in front of Su Luo, casting it aside .

Su Luo was immediately revealed and was underneath those countless number of snowflakes hidden weapons .

The little divine dragon had already leaped up, blocking in front of Su Luo .

Now, he was whirling around Su Luo with her in the center, continuously spraying out mouthfuls of dragon’s breath that was boiling hot——

“Pitter-patter——”Dragon’s breath flowed continuously, the snowflakes were already restrained by the formidable power of the valley of flames, and having been sprayed by the little divine dragon’s dragon breath, its might was again greatly decreased . Even though it shot towards Su Luo’s body, it also turned merely into a tickle .

“Li Aotian, as it turns out, your seventh rank was merely like this . ” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a taunting sneer, her thin eyebrows poked up slightly, with a smile that was not quite a smile, she looked at Li Aotian .

A trace of a shady, malicious and pungent radiance flashed through Li Aotian’s eyes, and one could only see him burst into loud laughter: “It is merely like this? Hahaha, loathsome girl, then let me show you what is called merely like this! Accept death!”

Abruptly, the ground where Su Luo stood, in a split second, sprouted numerous ice thorns . Su Luo suddenly jumped up .

But, just at this time——

“Kaboom——” An acute sound of the sky splitting could be heard .

Su Luo turned her eyes to look, a startled and alarmed thought actually flashed through them .

One could only see that originally thick, greenish black vine, in a split second, grow by more than tenfold . It was ten times as thick and solid, with its strength also increasing by the same amount .

What was going on? In the end, what did Li Aotian do? How could this greenish black vine suddenly grow abruptly by tenfold?

However, there was already no time for Su Luo to think much more .

On Su Luo’s right side was that cave of flames, and this greenish black vine which was aggressively murderous-looking was starting at the left and moving to the right . It swept past like it was about to totally annihilate everything .


One could only hear the noise of a hit .

Su Luo’s body was rolled up and lifted high and made a parabolic arc in the air . She was smashed far into the cave of flames .

“Awoo, awoo, awoo——” A mournful howl of grief came from the little divine dragon’s mouth . One could only see his body jump up, following closely after Su Luo’s body and together, they landed deep into the cave of flames .

No matter how much danger was ahead, regardless of whether it was life or death, he would always chose to face it together with his little master .

“Hahahahaha——” Seeing Su Luo falling into the cave of flames, Li Aotian was unable to suppress it anymore . With both hands at his hips, he started to laugh ‘haha’ wildly .

I have taken revenge, I have been avenged!

He finally put this loathsome girl to death .

He recalled how he had pursued her all the way here, how many hardships he had suffered, how difficult this task was . Also, how many times he was tricked into a difficult situation…all the past events were vivid in his mind, simply extremely unbearable to recollect .

But now, everything was good, the greatest trouble in his heart and belly was finally eliminated . The loathsome girl had died at last!

Even if she had the fire attribute, so what? Inside the cave of flames, the temperature was absolutely something her, as a little third rank, could not bear .

As long as he thought of this loathsome girl now being burned into black coke, Li Aotian would beam with joy, he was more excited then obtaining any kind of treasure .

All of a sudden, a slight fluctuation came through the air .

Very quickly, a dark shadow appeared .

Nangong Liuyun came flying over .

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Chapter 476 – A matter of life and death (3)

His current expression was grave,stern and indifferent, with both eyes glaring darkly at Li Aotian as if he was a dead person .

“Where is Luo girl?”

Nangong Liuyun had both hands behind his back, the depths of his eyes were as cold as a millennium old glacier, and also like ten thousand years old snow that would never melt . With only one look, it could freeze someone in place so that he was trembling in fear .

Li Aotian was stunned, looking at the Nangong Liuyun in front of him as if he almost wasn’t able to recognize him .

The current Nangong Liuyun, compared to before when they met at the cave entrance, and compared to any previous time, his imposing manner was many times stronger . It was just as if his entire person’s quality had broken out and transformed .

It was said that once one arrived at the fourth rank, it was a dividing line .

Rank five to seven was another dividing line .

After the eighth rank, the whole body would break out and transform, thus truly entering the list of the continent’s strongest experts .

In front of Li Aotian’s eye, regardless of imposing manner or expression, he gave others a feeling of being profoundly mysterious, causing them to tremble . This aura was just like his father’s .

“Nangong Liuyun, you, you’ve reached the eighth rank?”

Because Li Aotian was too shocked, even his normally nimble speech stuttered a bit .

Nangong Liuyun indifferently swept him a glance, nodded his head slightly, and immediately asked again: “Hand over Luo girl, and I’ll spare your life . ”

“That is impossible!!!” Li Aotian roared in an incredibly loud voice .

The last time he had seen Nangong Liuyun was half a year ago, and at that time, he was still at the peak of sixth rank . Just before, when they met, he had leaped to the seventh rank, and that was still acceptable .

But now, no more than a few days had passed, and he had actually advanced another rank!

Within half a year, he had consecutively jumped two ranks . Moreover, he actually rose from the sixth rank to the eighth rank, these kind of difficult levels that other people exhausted their entire lives without being able to step across, he had actually directly leaped over; how could this let other people live?

Li Aotian had originally believed that before, when he didn’t die after having been struck by the spirit pinball, but instead was promoted a level, was already considered very fortunate . But compared to Nangong, he wasn’t anything at all .

“That’s impossible! I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!” Li Aotian hugged his head, rocking back and forth . No matter what, he still would not believe that Nangong Liuyun’s cultivation speed was this fast .

Nangong Liuyun frowned, a cloudy, baleful expression flashing through his eyes, with a threatening cold, aura, he said: “Li Aotian, reply to this king’s words!”

His Highness Prince Jin’s patience was usually shorter than the length of a fingernail, the only exception being with a certain person .

Hearing Nangong Liuyun asking this, Li Aotian immediately stared blankly, and suddenly, he started laughing wildly out loud again .

He laughed frantically and insolently, very pleased with himself: “Nangong Liuyun, you want to know the whereabouts of that loathsome girl? Ha ha ha, I will never tell you in this lifetime, go look for her yourself!”

Li Aotian’s had just finished speaking, then he turned around, wishing to leave quickly .

However, not even waiting for him to leave, Nangong Liuyun’s body was already in front of Li Aotian, blocking him .

“Along this entire road, was it you who was chasing to kill her?” When Nangong Liuyun opened his eyes to find that Luo girl wasn’t there, and there were traces of a fight at the cave entrance, On the spot, his heart became frenetic .

Relying on his cool-headed brain, and fine, detailed insight, he searched the entire route here . He was actually accurate to perfection in his analysis .

Li Aotian gave a cold laugh: “If it was me who was chasing to kill her, what about it? Don’t tell me that she shouldn’t die?”

Li Aotian pointed at his face that had been disfigured by Su Luo’s spirit pinball, that human not yet human, demon, yet not a demon’s appearance . Looking at that, who wouldn’t feel nauseous?

“She deserves to die!” Li Aotian’s neck was tough and unyielding, his eye was filled with a cruel and vicious appearance .

Nangong Liuyun looked at him unmoving, the expression on his face was as tranquil as water . Suddenly, his hands were as quick as lightning as they grabbed hold of Li Aotian’s neck and lifted him up high .

In front of Nangong Liuyun, Li Aotian discovered that he had absolutely no strength to resist . He unceasingly struggled as if on his deathbed, but discovered it was to no avail .

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Chapter 477 – A matter of life and death (4)

Unless Nangong Liuyun wished to release him, otherwise, regardless of how he resisted, it was all in vain .

Li Aotian’s heart was unreconciled!

Obviously before, when he saw Nangong Liuyun at the cave entrance, he was still at the strength of a seventh rank . At that time, if he was to fight with his life on the line, maybe he would still have the strength to resist, but now…

“Going to speak or not!” Nangong Liuyun’s long arms were like iron clamps, pinching Li Aotian’s throat, obstructing air from getting in .

Li Aotian, due to lack of oxygen, his complexion turned deep red . Very quickly, he violently nodded his head .

“I’ll speak, but before that, you must answer a question from me!” Li Aotian was still puzzled with regards to Nangong Liuyun’s advancement in levels, even after much thought .

“Speak . ” Nangong Liuyun, in passing, tossed him to the ground . His gaze was ice-cold and indifferent as he glared at him .

Li Aotian, who was tossed aside as if throwing trash, covered his throat, coughing and gasping for breath repeatedly . With great difficulty, he was able to restore a somewhat calm appearance .

“If I was to fight with you at the cave entrance that time, did I have a chance to win against you?”

Li Aotian unwaveringly stared at Nangong Liuyun .

The latter indifferently glanced at him, the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth hooked into a hard, bloody and bitter smile: “Could it be you didn’t realise at that time, this king was injured?”

“Eh???” Li Aotian looked at Nangong Liuyun in surprise .

He really was wounded? The person that was injured really was him?

Li Aotian immediately was stupefied .

It seemed that Nangong Liuyun felt that he still hadn’t struck a shocking enough blow, so he unhurriedly nodded his head: “At that time, this king’s life was hanging by a thread, it was not limited to you, any random person that knows martial arts could easily have put this king to death . ”

Unexpectedly, it was like this…Li Aotian suddenly was flabbergasted, staring at him with a blank and foolish expression .

As it turned out, originally, he was that close to an opportunity to kill him…so easily obtained, it was a pity, all the fault of his pig head!

To actually fear and cower under Nangong Liuyun’s strength from before, to the extent of not daring to suspect him, not daring to move against him .

Damn it, really damn it! Li Aotian very ruthlessly slapped himself once in the face, making himself spit out a mouthful of blood from the slap .

“Now, it’s your turn to tell this king, speak, in the end, where is Luo girl?” Nangong Liuyun looked at him indifferently .

Mentioning Su Luo, that loathsome girl, all of a sudden, Li Aotian exploded out into a fit of wild laughter!

“Hahaha——hahahahaha——Nangong Liuyun, as it turns out . there is also a person you care about . So you also have a weak point!”

Li Aotian couldn’t help but to start laughing wildly .

Before, he was suspicious all along about why Nangong Liuyun never chased after them, until this moment, he finally could be considered to have really realized it .

Nangong Liuyun had received a serious injury, and was simply unable to protect her .

If he didn’t guess wrong, at that time, Nangong Liuyun was actually inside the cave . The loathsome girl, in order to draw him away, she had deliberately said that Nangong Liuyun went to look for food .

Looked like this loathsome girl could be considered loyal and affectionate towards Nangong Liuyun, but now, she was already dead . Don’t know what Nangong Liuyun would do after becoming aware of this news .

Li Aotian knew that today, he would not be able to escape, so he might as well throw away his life and engrave a ghost in Nangong Liuyun’s heart that he would never be able to get rid off!

Thinking up to now, Li Aotian stopped his wild laughter, and cast satirizing glances at Nangong Liuyun: “A grand and stately, two meters tall real man, still needs the protection of a woman . Nangong Liuyun, you still have the face to live on this earth?”

Nangong Liuyun’s expression was tranquil as he merely stared at him indifferently, phoenix eyes narrowed slightly .

Li Aotian gave a cold snort: “Su Luo, that loathsome girl, in order to protect you, alone and by herself, drew me away . Along the way, she faced mortal dangers and barely escaped with her life countless times . Whereas you, you were cultivating soundly and safely under her protection . ”

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