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Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – A strong and overbearing kiss (1)

When Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun decided on a meeting place, she obediently waited under a big tree on the outskirts of the town .

Not long after, clouds of dust rose, from far away, and one could hear the waves of sound coming from a beast’s roar .

Su Luo looked ahead .

She saw a strangely shaped horse dragging an exquisite carriage and galloping towards her in a fast, vigorous manner . In a blink of an eye, it had arrived .

The gorgeous, extravagant carriage had the curtains surrounding it were cut from real silk and inlaid with an obscure red plum blossoms embroidery .

The carriage was made from pear tree wood, and it’s two walls were engraved with golden flowers . The gilding was inlaid with jade that were formed into, exquisite carvings along with other cut gems . From the top of the carriage rows of pink tassels, that surrounded the gig, dangled and spun around in the wind creating a gorgeous atmosphere

What made more people turn around was the white horse .

This was not just any insignificant, ordinary horse .

If one looked closely, it could be seen that his body was covered in greenish-blue scales, yet its body was still like that of a horse . It looked like an unusual divine spirit horse . Furthermore it’s running speed was faster than a Thousand Li Blood-Perspiring Treasure-Horse* by several folds .

Almost in a blink of an eye, it stood quietly not moving in front of Su Luo .

The greenish-blue scales on its body gleamed . Nodding its head and shaking its tail, the horse raised both hooves and whinned toward the sky, giving off the appearance of a true divine spirit horse .

“Could this be a Dragon Scaled Horse?” Su Luo exclaimed in surprise .

These days she had been focused on studying the history and general knowledge of this continent, so she currently had some knowledge about common species .

“How could it not be?” Nangong Liuyun’s indulgent, devilish, charmingly-low voice carried a hint of laughter .

His sedan chair was obscured by a curtain of jade beads, but she could faintly see Nangong Liuyun gracefully reclined on the soft cushion inside the horse carriage . She could see that he was dressed entirely in a gorgeously flowing, soft robe made of golden silk threads It’s hem was curved like a warm cloud, twisting and turning, draped across the edge of the soft couch with layers folded upon layers . Even the flowing light dispelled all of the shadows and created a pretty flirtatious and compelling atmosphere .

Even for a moment, Su Luo found it hard to believe her own eyes .

According to her knowledge, the Dragon Scaled Horse was a type of demon beast, with extraordinary strength . Even the most ordinary, run of the mill Dragon Scaled Horse’s strength was equivalent to a person of fifth ranked martial artist .

What kind of strength was someone of a fifth rank? Take for example, Su Xi . This little genius was still only at the second rank . Su Jingyu is merely at the third rank, and, as for the grand general that protects the country, Su Zian, he had not even passed the fifth rank .

Just with this single small Dragon Scaled Horse, one could be compared to an important general that protects the country . Among all the powerful people, only Nangong Liuyun had this horse in the entire Eastern Ling Empire! Nobody else had one, ah .

Not only that, he did not raise this Dragon Scaled Horse as a battle companion but instead used it as he wished to draw a carriage .

Its use was extremely extravagant . He was indeed deserving of being called his legendary highness, Prince Jin .

“Come here . ” Nangong Liuyun beckoned with his slender, pale-white fingers from within the carriage . a hypnotic smile as intoxicating as blooming cherry blossoms in March, appeared on his face .

His words were unhurried and careless but held a kind of strength that couldn’t be ignored .

Su Luo, who wanted to test the speed of a Dragon Scaled Horse, voluntarily lifted the jade bead curtain and sat inside .

Compared to the carriage’s gorgeous extravagant exterior, the interior space was much more delicate, beautifully detailed, and refined .

The interior wall was inlaid with all kinds of gemstones:, amber, pearl, and high quality crystals that were priceless and unique . These gems emitted a faint luster, which generated the excess light that sweep away the haze and blur of any shadows .

“ Such an extravagant carriage room . You must have milked many people dry of their blood, sweat and tears . Am I right?” Su Luo while admiring the luxurious carriage interior, clicked her tongue in wonder .

Nangong Liuyun’s face was like the full moon of Mid-Autumn , pure white and sleekly smooth, were accentuated by a pair of beautiful eyes like resplendent obsidian jade . He muffled a light laugh, “ what about it? Are you going to play the part of the righteous heroine that comes to the aid of those suffering injustice?”

“I don’t have that much spare time . ” Su Luo waved her hands . She sat and, doing as she pleased, picked up the white jade teapot and gracefully poured herself a cup of fragrant tea . As she finished pouring she gave praise, “as expected of his highness, Prince Jin . you really know how to live life to the fullest . Sitting in the most ostentatious horse carriage; drinking the most concentrated and fragrant green tea . ”

“Also discovering the most obstinate woman . ” Nangong Liuyun’s lanky arms went fishing, and completely lacking any warning sign, Su Luo had already fallen into his embrace .

*Thousand Li Blood-Perspiring Treasure-Horse: A special type of normal horse raised with parasites in them . The horse runs very fast due to the parasite; they will also sweat blood around their neck thus, getting their name sake . (Chinese Li = ? of a mile)

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