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Chapter 527-528

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Chapter 527 – Interrogation (3)

“Do you need me to…”

Nangong Liuyun hadn’t completed the sentence before being interrupted by Su Luo .

“No need . ” Su Luo directly and efficiently declined: “This is a world that only respects the strong . Since I am such a good seedling, if Su Zian is smart, he ought to know what to do . ”

“It’s a pity that your cheap father isn’t a bright person . ” Nangong Liuyun muttered .

“What?” Su Luo didn’t hear clearly so asked again .

“Nothing, quickly go in . ” Nangong Liuyun discovered he had spoken out of unthinkingly so he urged Su Luo to go in .

It was only after seeing Su Luo enter Su Manor did Nangong Liuyun slowly withdraw his gaze and order the Dragon Scaled Horse to rush back to his royal manor .

In the fighting arena, he had made his stance clear . As Luo girl had said, if Su Zian was bright enough, he ought to know the best path to take .

He hoped that Su Zian wouldn’t be stupid to the end . Nangong Liuyun looked at the distant sky, a calculating smile appeared at the corner of his mouth .

Su Manor .

That stone lion still stood upright, as majestic as before .

The gatekeeper who saw Su Luo trembled with fear, he wanted to say something but hesitated .

However Su Luo really didn’t give this matter any attention, at this point she just sauntered inside .

After winning against Su Qing, Su Luo was even more confident . Presently, looking at this Su Manor, she had a stronger feeling of having surpassed her surroundings .

When the busy servants in the manor saw Su Luo, they all had complicated expressions on their faces . They stared at Su Luo, they wanted to approach and praise her but yet did not dare to . In a split second, they all scattered like birds .

Presumably, news of today’s fight had already spread to the manor .

Su Luo folded her arms and watched this scene with a smile that was not a smile .

While Su Luo was smiling and pondering things, Su Jingyu’s annoying face appeared in front of her .

Behind his body, without a doubt, was Su Xi .

The expression on their faces was also very complex . Their eyes contained a look that was full of disbelief and shock, but they also showed an ignited raging wrath .

Su Jingyu coldly stared at Su Luo .

His complexion was dark as ink, as if covered in a layer of haze . It gave people a feeling of being chilled to the bone from screaming cold winds .

With an indeterminate and complex manner, he stared at Su Luo . At the moment, he had not made a move . This was because he thoroughly understood that having the ability to push Su Qing to that degree, regarding Su Manor’s younger generation, Su Luo was without a doubt already the strongest one .

“Su Luo, such an awe-inspiring attitude, to actually injure second older sister to that extent!” Su Xi didn’t have Su Jingyu’s prudence .

In her recollection, Su Luo had always been a target she could insult and bully at will . She didn’t feel that the situation warranted that much consideration .

Su Luo indifferently cast her a glance and then just turned around to walk away . This group of people, just paying any attention to them was a waste of time .

“I order you to stand still!” Su Xi flung her whip and suddenly attacked Su Luo’s back!

It seemed as if Su Luo had grown eyes on her back . It wasn’t clear how she did it, but with a flick of her finger she accurately and without error deflected the whip aimed towards her back .

“Humph——” A light sneer echoed, the tail of the whip was flipped back by Su Luo’s finger . Like a sharp sword, it was reflected back towards Su Xi .

This one move, Su Luo naturally learned it from Nangong Liuyun . It was from that time when they fought with the pirates on the ocean .

Su Xi at the moment did not grasp what was happening, so a bloody whip mark immediately appeared on her bright and clean forehead .

“Ahhh!!!” Su Xi only realized and felt the rebound after the fact . She covered her forehead and shrieked loudly from the debilitating pain!

“So painful! Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo…My eyes have been blinded . Eldest brother, she blinded me with that attack, quickly help me get revenge!!!” Su Xi covered her forehead . By now, blood was flowing out wildly from the wound on her forehead . It filled her open eyes, making it appear as if what she said was true .

Su Jingyu really thought that Su Xi’s eyes had been blinded by Su Luo’s attack, so he immediately became furious!

“Su Luo!” Su Jingyu flusteredly and uncomfortably roared at Su Luo: “What’s the matter with you now! Will your heart only be satisfied when you have hounded all the siblings at home to death! You are simply our family’s star of calamity, why don’t you go and die!”

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Chapter 528 – Interrogation (4)

Su Xi was in so much pain that teardrops rolled out . With one hand covering her forehead and the other pointing at Su Luo, she loudly accused: “What big brother said was right, you just want to hound all of us to death! First, it was third older sister, then it was second older sister, now, you want to kill me . Su Luo, you are too horrible! You are too horrible!”

Su Luo narrowed her eyes slightly as she indifferently looked at the pair of trembling and stirred up siblings before her eyes .

Su Luo glanced at Su Xi: “Cursing while still full of strength, looks like the wound is nothing serious . ”

“You!” Su Xi was furious .

Su Luo crossed her arms over her chest, raised her eyebrows slightly, and carelessly started to talk: “Done speaking?”

Su Jingyu also discovered nothing wrong with Su Xi’s eyes, so now, his heart felt a little more reassured .

“Su Luo! I order you, immediately apologize to Xi’er! Now, promptly, at once!” Su Jingyu, in a rage, raised one hand to pull at Su Luo’s arm .

This loathsome girl, acting haughty, who did she think she was! Originally, she was merely a good-for-nothing despised by others, nothing more!

However, after the trip to Amethyst Thorned island, Su Luo was already not the same Su Luo from before . Currently, Su Jingyu was simply not her match .

Su Luo, with two fingers, precisely and correctly held Su Jingyu’s hand by a critical acupuncture point . The corner of her mouth perked up in a ghost of a smile as she sneered . Unhurriedly, she spoke three words: “Are you sure?”

You could almost wring water out from Su Jingyu’s darkened complexion .

No matter who it was, faced with a person who, not long ago, they could still crush under their feet, now showing off their strength and detaining the other by their pressure point, anyone would have a hard time playing down this loss of face .

Even more so how the corner of Su Luo’s mouth seemed to lack ridicule, made Su Jingyu’s anger increase .

Su Xi saw Su Jingyu suffer a loss, without demur, she flung her whip to attack Su Luo’s face!

In her view, big brother and Su Luo’s strength ought to be on par, therefore, with hers added in, she was certain they could beat Su Luo .

However, before her whip could hit Su Luo’s face, she saw Su Luo extend two fingers from her idling hand, grabbing the tail of her whip, all at once .

Su Luo glanced back, smiling brilliantly at Su Xi .

However, without waiting for Su Xi to recover, Su Luo had already secured the tail of the whip, using her strength to pull!

Su Xi’s entire body was immediately rolled up and pulled over, ruthlessly hitting Su Jingyu’s body .

Su Jingyu’s pressure point was hit by Su Luo, so he was unable to move a single step . He saw that Su Xi about to collide with him, yet was unable to avoid it .

“BANG——” Su Xi’s body was dragged flying towards Su Jingyu’s forehead . She circled around his neck once, then both of them fell to the ground .

Su Xi’s entire body was like a rope wrapped around Su Jingyu’s neck, strangling Su Jingyu so tightly that he spit out white foam and almost stopped breathing .

Su Xi then was even more miserable .

This was because after Su Luo pulled at the tail of the whip, in passing, she used it to whip towards Su Xi’s body .

As a result, the whip mercilessly whipped Su Xi’s back .

Su Xi’s whip was not just an ordinary whip, rather, it was specially forged for her by a tool refining master . The entire length of the whip was covered with barbed tips, penetrating with sharpness and having an enormous killing power .

This was whipped by Su Luo heavy and fast, in a split second, it split open the clothing on Su Xi’s back from the middle to both sides .

Such a perfectly straight split right down the middle, was as smooth as having been cut by a pair of scissors . Also, the split was very long, nearly rending open to her buttock position . To Su Luo, it looked like the backless evening gowns from the modern day .

Su Xi felt a scorching pain on her back, felt it with her hand and discovered the cloth on her back was like a vertical line, cut into two by the whip . Also, from her neck bone to her tailbone position was completely exposed .

At this moment, even though there were only the three siblings at the scene, but not far away, was pile upon pile of servants encircled together . Behind the corner, behind the windows, behind the planted shrubs… . . were all successive piles of servants .

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