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Chapter 621
Chapter 621 – Nangong flipped out (4)

“Nangong Liuyun, you dare!!!” The Crown Prince angrily shouted, but it was already too late to block the teacup’s path .

Following right behind Nangong Liuyun was Emperor Jing and the Crown Prince .

Emperor Jing’s expression right now was very complicated .

He never expected that this unfilial son had become so daring to this degree!

That was the Empress ah, this nation’s mother, the ceremonial mother of all under the heavens, the Empress ah!

In a public place with numerous people and under their gazes, he would actually directly…this was the great crime of matricide!

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Not to mention Emperor Jing’s incomparable shock, just speaking of that teacup alone, that was being treated like a ball, slapped back and forth .

One could only see the teacup on a straight line path, shooting towards the Empress with a speed that was too fast to block or dodge .

The Empress’s heart was greatly alarmed!

She glanced towards Su Luo, immediately, a bright idea flashed by . With a ‘bang’ sound, she sat heavily on the ground .

Even though the two people made the exact same move, but the difference with the inside trick was still too great .

Su Luo was already a martial artist at the peak of the fourth rank, her body had reached an astonishing degree of toughness and flexibility . How could an insignificant fake fall be a problem?

But it was not the same for the Empress!

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Even though the Empress’s talent before was pretty good, but these years, she was busy with the inner fights in the Imperial palace and living like a princess . Where would she find the time to cultivate?

In addition, the teacup smashing towards her had came from the hand of an infuriated Prince Jin!

One could only hear the Empress, with a difficult movement, falling from a high position to the ground, barely avoiding that approaching teacup with a murderous aura .

But the strong wind of the teacup swept past her head .

“Ouch——” The Empress, who sat heavily down on the ground, gave a loud cry of pain .

The teacup swept by the Empress’s coiled hair, and immediately, the Empress’s beautifully coiffured hair was messed up . The phoenix and gold hairpins made crashing sounds as they fell . The Empress with disheveled hair cut a very sorry figure .

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The Crown Prince hurriedly rushed over and sank to his knees to help the Empress, anxiously saying: “Mother Empress, are you okay? Is anything wrong?”

The Empress, in a panicked state, had her eyes opened bewilderedly and indertermindly . She held her chest with lingering fear…too frightening, simply too scary… .

The Crown Prince, seeing that the Empress was unscathed, only then did he turn around . He pointed at Nangong Liuyun with a malevolent expression and angrily roared . “ You dare to murder Mother Empress! Nangong Liuyun, don’t think that because your martial arts are so strong you are extraordinary! If you murdered Mother Empress, you would meet the wrath of the heavens!”

“Father Emperor, Nangong Liuyun intended to kill Mother Empress, I hope Father Emperor will give her justice!”

The Crown Prince’s angry outburst aroused Emperor Jing from his shock .

Now the expression Emperor Jing looked at Nangong Liuyun with was very complicated .

Only until just a moment ago, when he moved against the Empress without the slightest hesitation, had he suddenly come to realize that this second child was no longer that child who back then, had sought his protection . The Nangong Liuyun right now was not someone he could control .

“Father Emperor! Father Emperor!” The Crown Prince cried out loudly towards Emperor Jing .

Emperor Jing waved his hands toward him, but his gaze unblinkingly stared at Nangong Liuyun: “We, the Emperor, will give you a chance to explain . ”

“Explain?” Nangong Liuyun smiled, his smile was cruel, noble and untamed, carrying a touch of disdain, “What does Father Emperor want this official to explain?”

“Just now, you tried to kill the Empress, still dare to deny it?” The Emperor, panting with rage, bellowed at him .

This was him, the Emperor, protecting him, giving him a chance to explain . He actually returned it to question him?

Nangong Liuyun was really too brazen, too used to doing whatever he pleased! That was the Empress! Could it be that he didn’t even know the basic filial obedience? The more Emperor Jing thought, the more furious he became .

“That Empress wants to murder this king’s little princess as she wishes, what kind of crime should that be?” The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth lifted into a smiling expression, but his eyes were ice-cold, lacking any temperature .

Deep and eerie, strange and extremely cold, no one dared to look straight at that gaze .