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Chapter 626-627

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Chapter 626 – Nangong flipped out (9)

Although Nangong Liuyun was determined not to recognize his arranged marriage with Li Yaoyao and also insisted on wanting to marry Su Luo instead, but at this moment, Emperor Jing became as stubborn as Nangong Liuyun, this time demanding that he marry Li Yaoyao! This was all a part of an Emperor’s dignity!

Not to mention how the Emperor’s complexion turned ashen from fury . Let’s return to Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun’s viewpoint .

The Royal Treasure Storage Pavilion was located in the deepest part of the Imperial Palace, being in the forbidden area . Normally, besides the guarding elder, nobody else was allowed near it .

Seeing those four huge, golden glistening words, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth perked up into a smile .

The treasures with spirit force were collected by the entire Nangong clan for many years and placed in the Treasure Storage Pavilion since the establishment of this family . Naturally, the treasures were extremely abundant, simply giving a person great expectations .

In her hands, the greatest shortage was in treasures with strong spirit power . This kind of opportunity was hard to come by, after she entered the Treasure Storage Pavilion, no matter what, she must obtain a few benefits .

Suddenly, from the side, a person’s figure floated out .

This was an elderly man whose eyebrows and hair were all white . Looking at his age, he was about seventy to eighty years old . Despite his white hair, his complexion was rosy, appearing extremely hale and hearty in old age .

The number of people Su Luo knew wasn’t many, however, this elder, she unfortunately did recognize .

Nangong Yu .

On that day when she had a duel with Su Qing, he was one of the three judges, and also the only person who gave her troubles .

At that time, Su Luo saw through to the greedy desire he had towards the little divine dragon, thus, her impression of him was not so good . Even now, seeing him guarding the door, her long, shapely eyebrows knitted slightly .

Nangong Yu, with one look, was able to recognize Su Luo .

On that day, the matter of the little divine dragon showing off its divine might left a deep impression on him . However, because the little divine dragon was given by His Highness Prince Jin, whom he could not afford to offend, so he had no other option but to pull back .

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At this moment, his attention was all placed on Su Luo’s body . His eyes were slightly squinted, with a dangerous aura flashing though its depth .

Unexpectedly, she didn’t bring that little thing over here?

“Lead the way ahead . ” Nangong Liuyun sent a displeased glare at him, coldly throwing out this sentence .

Nangong Yu’s expression did not change, his eyes remained tranquil without a single ripple . He nodded his head, and moved forward to lead the way .

The him right now seemed very well-behaved .

While walking, Nangong Liuyun said to Su Luo: “This kind of opportunity is hard to come by, do not waste it . After entering, we will be sent to different rooms, therefore, I won’t be able to help you . ”

Nangong Liuyun paused for a while, then continued: “Inside this Treasure Storage Pavilion, there are many treasures acquired by my ancestors during their travels around the world . Whether you can get a huge windfall, will all depend on your foresight and luck . ”

“Do you think my luck could possibly be bad?” Su Luo smilingly looked at him .

Nangong Liuyun paused, then with a smile, he rubbed her head: “It seems like I was worried over nothing . ”

Inside the room with the gateway, there was a bright, white circular diagram .

The Treasure Storage Pavilion did not have doors nor windows, every time someone entered or left, they must pass through this mysterious teleportation array .

It was rumored that this teleportation array was created by the founding ancestor of the Nangong family back in the day .

This ancestor’s story was extremely rich and colorful, like all legendary tales . If pen and paper was used to described it, even millions of words would not be enough .

The moment she passed through this teleportation array, Su Luo knew that Nangong Ancestor was definitely a space mage, and was also the supreme expert kind .

Following the wake of two brilliant white flashes, Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo disappeared on the spot .

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Nangong Yu watched the two silhouettes that disappeared, his eyes flashing with a trace of dissatisfaction .

He was one of the people that protected and guarded the surroundings, and never had the qualifications to enter the pavilion .

Seeing that in front of him was a mountain of treasure inside, but he could not enter, this kind of feeling was too stiflingly depressing . It was similar to having his heart gnawed and bitten by a poisonous insect, making him feel extremely unwell .

Just now, Emperor Jing sent a single word in secret……

If……… .

Seeing the white light remaining after Su Luo disappeared, a cold smile flashed through Nangong Yu’s eyes .

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Chapter 627 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (1)

Standing in the circle of light, Su Luo only felt her mind being dazed . When she opened her eyes again, the surrounding scenery had already changed .

Su Luo opened her eyes and felt that the light in front of her eyes were exceptionally glaring . She couldn’t help but to use her hands to cover her eyes .

Only after a good while was she able to adapt to the light here .

Su Luo raised her head, and swept her eyes in all four directions .

Right now, appearing in front of her was a huge cave .

Inside the cave, there were rows of yellow rosewood shelves arranged neatly and in an orderly manner .

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On the shelves, the treasures with spirit force were arranged by categories, the surroundings were all bathed in rays of light, like the stars in the sky, twinkling and dazzling .

This cave gave Su Luo a feeling somewhat resembling a modern supermarket . It gave her a familiar feeling .

Su Luo carefully examined everything and noticed that the area of this cave wasn’t really big . It was probably about several hundred square meters in dimension .

However, she thought about it slightly and understood .

Nangong Liuyun and her were not in the same room, this showed that there were at least more than two rooms inside the Royal Treasure Storage Pavilion .

“This is the Nangong clan’s Treasure Storage Pavilion? Isn’t it rather too rich?” Su Luo’s eyes looked all around .

Every single spirit treasure was wrapped up by a layer of dim light, appearing very captivating .

Just when Su Luo was lamenting, the little divine dragon inside her space poked his head out .

“Awoo, awoo——” the little divine dragon, seeing the spirit treasures around, suddenly opened his little mouth .

She only heard the sound of something breaking, and when Su Luo opened her eyes again to look, the light wrapped around the spirit treasures, without exception, had all disappeared .

Su Luo, startled, opened her eyes wide and poked at the little divine dragon’s head: “What did you do?”

The little divine dragon jumped up two or three times in Su Luo’s embrace . Expressing his wishes by gently rubbing his plump little belly, he mumbled pitifully to Su Luo: “Hungry…… . ”

“Just a while ago, those clouds of spiritual energy were all absorbed by you, yet you are still hungry?” Su Luo woke up to reality from being dazzled, grabbing the little divine dragon and scowling directly at him .

Those spiritual energy lingering around the surrounding spirit treasures were the essence and best feature of this place . After losing it, the formidable power it had would weaken greatly .

However, the little divine dragon, in one breath, had absorbed it all . If this was seen by Nangong Family’s ancestor, very likely, he would catch the little divine dragon and make him into stew .

Unexpectedly, the little divine dragon himself didn’t seem to be aware of this being his fault . He grabbed Su Luo’s hands and placed it on his soft belly, deflated his small mouth pitifully, and anxiously and impatiently looked at Su Luo: “Still hungry…… . ”

That soft and yielding tiny appearance was extremely adorable, making others pity him while also being affectionate towards him . It made people wish that they could deliver all the good things under Heaven to him .

“However, all of these have been swallowed by you, you tell me, what’s to be done?” Su Luo’s spread out both hands, expressing her helplessness .

Originally, among these spirit treasures were a few items that she fancied, but now, since their effectiveness had been weakened greatly, she naturally would not take them .

However, this was also part of the little divine dragon’s luck, only he could absorb these spiritual energy, even she could not absorb them .

The little divine dragon crooked his head and thought for a while . Afterwards, he extended his little fingers and pointed up ahead .

Su Luo’s face had an awkward expression, because the place in front that the little divine dragon pointed to was a hard rock wall . She didn’t have the ability to pass through walls .

Who would have thought that this time the little divine dragon would be especially stubborn, determinedly and persistently saying: “Treasure, treasure, many many treasures… . ”

With regards to the little divine dragon’s ability to find treasure, Su Luo absolutely believed in it .

“Then fine, let’s try to find the exit . ” Su Luo placed the little divine dragon on the floor . She carefully studied that glossy-as-jade wall by herself .

Outside the Treasure Storage Pavilion .

Inside a tiny room .

Nangong Yu sat cross-legged, in front of him was a fist-sized crystal ball .

At this moment, a small black dot appeared on the wall .

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