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Chapter 631

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Chapter 631 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (5)

But she had just put it into her mouth, and then immediately spit it out .

“Pooh, pooh, pooh . ” Su Luo hurriedly spit it out .

Fortunately . she didn’t use a lot of strength to bite it, otherwise, all of her teeth would have fallen off .

Su Luo saw the little divine dragon’s speed in gnawing at it was not that fast, and as a result, she let him work on it peacefully . She herself was flying in mid-air, choosing spirit treasures she needed .

Su Luo was very clear that she was unable to carry away all of the spirit treasures .

Treasure Storage Room, no matter who it was, after entering for one day, you must come out . Otherwise, the teleportation array would automatically shut down .

With the little divine dragon’s nibbling speed, within a day, the most she could carry out were three items of spirit treasures .

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The dagger was one item, the remaining two items she must select very carefully .

Therefore, within this completely empty cave, besides the little divine dragon’s rat-like chewing-on-sugarcane snapping sounds, was Su Luo’s figure that flew in the sky .

The precious treasures here, every one of them was awfully attractive to people .

Advanced grade medicinal pill, secret martial arts instruction manuals, high grade weapons, every item made Su Luo’s heartbeat with eagerness .

After some consideration, Su Luo settled upon the wood element martial instruction manual as the second item .

Among her three elements, she had a lot of harvest in the Purple Fish Place from last time for her fire system and her space system . The only exception was the wood system, because there was a lack of secret books of knowledge . As a result, up until now, she hadn’t cultivated the wood element .

Therefore, this time, Su Luo, without the slightest hesitation, was set on the advanced wood element secret instruction manual as her second treasure item .

As for the third item… . Spirit Pinball!

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Seeing this spirit pinball, all kinds of sad feelings rushed up into Su Luo’s heart .

On that day, because of the little divine dragon’s treasure hunting ability, therefore, she was able to dig out a spirit pinball . However, when she used it, she actually smashed Li Aotian into a seventh rank expert!

At that time, it really destroyed her until her intestines were green .

Now, seeing this still dark spirit pinball, lying there, still and unmoving, in a white-colored little cloud-like sphere, Su Luo’s heart had a slight but bad feeling .

However, no matter what, this spirit pinball was a weapon that could be used to save her life . Moreover, this spirit pinball seemed to be stronger by another level compared to the one before .

After considering it back and forth, Su Luo finally still decided to pick this spirit pinball .

Waiting until the little divine dragon had finished gnawing on these three cloud-like spheres, his belly had already inflated to become even more plump . Now, he was very drowsy, like a roly-poly toy he couldn’t stand up steadily .

Su Luo, seeing this, merely collected him into her space to avoid disturbing him .

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Last time, the little divine dragon’s cultivation made huge advancement after the event . Didn’t know if this time, he would have the same good luck, Su Luo’s heart was hopeful and expectant .

Holding the three spirit treasures, Su Luo easily withdrew from this secret inner room made from space powers .

One could see now, in a dark cave, Su Luo once again appear in the first room she started off in .

Whereas outside .

Before, when Nangong Yu saw Su Luo’s figure disappear from the crystal ball, his mouth had hooked into a maliciously cold laugh .

Trying to enter Nangong clan’s real and most valuable treasure pavilion, the result of being greedy was only the path to death .

Just when Nangong Yu was twirling his white beard in an extremely good mood, all of a sudden, that little black dot once again appeared on the crystal ball .

That smiling expression on Nangong Yu’s face immediately became rigid .

His eyes were opened wide, staring fixedly at that continuously moving little black dot, with fists clenched firmly .

How could it be like this?

Clearly, that loathsome girl had triggered the mechanism on the wall . If she had used brute force to open it, she absolutely would be bitten by the recoil from Elder Ancestor’s martial force .

But…How was it that nothing happened to her?

No matter how much Nangong Yu thought, he could not understand . He thought about it until his head was in pain .

Now, Su Luo somewhat hesitantly stood inside the room in the Treasure Storage Pavilion, seeing the treasures in her hand, her expression was somewhat indecisive .

The value of these three spirit treasures were more than sufficient to make up for the one thousand five hundred pieces of green-colored crystal stones .

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