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Chapter 660-661

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Chapter 660 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (1)

Su Xi was able to invite Apothecary Leng to come to the residence .

Su Zian saw that Su Xi truly had been able to invite Apothecary Leng to come . He gave her a praising look .

This daughter was more useful! Su Luo, compared to Su Xi, was just a lump of dung!

Afterwards, he excitedly hurried over to welcome him: “Great Master, you should quickly come and see, something is wrong with Su Jingyu ah!”

Apothecary Leng’s expression became slightly stern, he frowned and said: “That is impossible . ” Apothecary Leng was still very confident about his methods to treat illnesses, how could it possibly have worsened?

Apothecary Leng, in an ice-cold manner, pushed Su Zian away . With a cold expression, he sat in front of the bed and began to take his pulse .

Apothecary Leng maintained his icy expression, nobody was able to make out anything from observing his face .

After examining for a long time, his complexion became somewhat unexpected, as if in deep thought: “How can this be? Within this, in the end…… it is impossible for this to worsen ah . ”

“Apothecary Leng, this, in the end, what happened?” Su Zian saw Apothecary Leng’s displeased expression . He didn’t dare press him too much, otherwise, he might toss his sleeves and just leave .

Apothecary Leng stroked his beard, and very concisely, said: “Your son has been poisoned . ”

“Poisoned? How could he be poisoned? Why didn’t you discover it yesterday?” Su Zian anxiously asked .

Apothecary Leng snorted twice, flung his sleeves in anger, and said: “Are you doubting this apothecary’s ability?”

“No no no, Apothecary Leng, you misunderstand, I meant to say……” Su Zian was so anxious that his brows were beaded with sweat .

Facing the continent’s renowned Apothecary Leng, Su Zian could only feel his heart go weak . Very naturally, he would act meek and subservient .

Apothecary Leng cast an angry glance at him: “You don’t need to explain, this poison was taken yesterday after I had left . ”

Su Zian’s eyes widened until it become huge!

What? Yesterday, after Apothecary Leng had left, Su Jingyu was then poisoned by someone? This was impossible!

Perhaps Apothecary Leng was not capable, therefore, he would say something like this……

What kind of person was Apothecary Leng? The mere flicker in Su Zian’s eyes, he was able to catch it . Apothecary Leng coldly sneered: “Are you thinking this apothecary is not capable, therefore deliberately said some groundless words to cheat you?”

“How could I dare, how would I dare……” Su Zian’s forehead was full of sweat, if he really angered Apothecary Leng to the point of him leaving, then Su Jingyu would truly lose his life .

Because, if other people were to find out that, due to doubting Apothecary Leng’s medical expertise, he then tossed his sleeves and left Su Manor in anger, which other apothecary would dare take over ah?

Apothecary Leng glared at him again: “If it wasn’t out of consideration for your daughter, this apothecary would be disinclined to care about these annoying matters, and would immediately turn around and leave!”

“Yes, yes, yes . ” Su Zian was so anxious that his forehead was covered with sweat: “Apothecary Leng, don’t take offense, and by all means, you must not go . ”

While Su Zian spoke, he also pulled at Su Xi who was standing on the side .

Su Xi, being pulled like this by her dad, nearly fell down on the spot . She was very puzzled, her pair of eyes staring blankly at her father .

While Su Zian was forcing out a dry laugh, his other hand pulled Su Xi into a kneeling position: “Why haven’t you quickly thanked Apothecary Leng?”

His words were useless, but Apothecary Leng cared so much about Xi’er, this ought to be more useful .

Apothecary Leng nevertheless frowned, flung his sleeves and coldly snorted . Randomly calling a girl over to thank to him? What did this mean? It was as Su girl had said, Su Zian, this man’s, sincerity was unreliable!

“Last night, someone secretly poisoned your son with Gigantic Eight-legged Scorpion poison . This poison is very fierce and toxic, it can almost be said that there is no remedy . In addition, if the antidote is not given in twenty-four hours, he will die from vomiting blood . ”

Su Zian immediately became stupefied .

“Apothecary Leng, just now, you said this poison……is nearly incurable by medicine . Then . in other words, there may still be a way?”

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Chapter 661 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (2)

Su Zian impatiently asked .

Apothecary Leng nodded his head slightly: “It’s Gigantic Eight-Legged Scorpion poison, the only antidote for this is Celestial Spirit Water . Unfortunately, Celestial Spirit Water is very rarely seen in this world, it is sought but rarely discovered . ”

“Celestial Spirit Water?!” Su Zian nearly jumped up .

Their Su Manor has Celestial Spirit Water, more accurate to say, they had it before .

However, what made his heart ache was that, the Celestial Spirit Water inside the manor was stolen .

“Great Master, where can Celestial Spirit Water be found? No matter the price, we must cure Jingyu . I only have this one son!” Su Zian was extremely anxious .

Apothecary Leng thought for a bit, finally, he still sighed and said: “Speaking of Celestial Spirit Water, then the Jade Lake’s Li family has it . ”

“Jade Lake’s Li family?” Su Zian slowly said this word by word .

“Yes, the Jade Lake’s Li family has a block of stalactite, every day, it produces a drop of Celestial Spirit Water . It takes three years to fill up a bottle . In order to save your son, we need at least an entire bottle of Celestial Spirit Water . ”

Su Zian irritably walked back and forth inside the room .

Jingyu’s injury was originally from an evil scheme by the Jade Lake’s Li family, the purpose was to draw Su Luo to go apologize and beg for forgiveness .

However, Su Manor unexpectedly was able to invite Apothecary Leng to come, and was able to cure Jingyu . However, in less than one night’s time, Jingyu was poisoned again .

“This poison……” was clearly done by the Jade Lake’s Li Family! The purpose was to force Su Luo to go apologize and beg for forgiveness!

Su Zian was not an idiot, on the contrary, he was very shrewd . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to climb to the position of the Great General that protect the nation at his age .

“Apothecary Leng, aside from this, is there really no other place where we can find Celestial Spirit Water?” Su Zian asked, full of expectation .

“Of course there is . ” Apothecary Leng snorted darkly, “My master, Grandmaster Rong Yun, has collected a lot of Celestial Spirit Water . However, His honorable elder is like a divine dragon, you can see the head but not the tail . Even I cannot find him . ”

Hearing what was said, Su Zian’s complexion was full of disappointment .

But very quickly, a brilliant light flashed through his eyes: “Since it’s like this, then we can only let her go!”

Since this disaster was caused by Su Luo, then she ought to assume all the responsibility .

Su Zian raised his hands: “People come, bring Su Luo here . ”

Zi Xi accepted the order and left .

However, with his strength, he was not able to bring Su Luo over . Rather, he had to use the polite word ‘invite’ .

Su Luo had long ago become aware of the twists and turns of the current situation . But she could not avoid this matter, therefore, she also brought Lu Luo and came over .

Seeing Su Zian, Su Luo pretended to be at a loss: “Don’t know for what matter did Father call this daughter over?”

Su Zian’s face was gloomy and cold, his pair of eyes fiercely glaring at Su Luo . A strong aura was sent to suppress Su Luo .

However, nowadays, Su Zian’s strength was already not strong enough of a deterrence force for Su Luo . As a result, she stood there, calm and collected as before, her complexion as calm as water, her appearance showing no difference .

Su Zian’s heart was somewhat flustered .

Originally, he wanted to show off his strength, however, it was not the least bit useful .

Su Zian coldly smiled: “Su Luo, you come over here!”

Su Luo obediently walked over .

Su Zian pointed to Su Jingyu on the bed, with a frosty expression, he said to Su Luo: “Look, look at your brother, because of you, he has now ended up like this . If he doesn’t get the antidote, within twenty-four hours, he will die!”

Su Luo’s forehead knotted slightly .

According to the information she had learned, Su Jingyu was clearly poisoned by Madam Su .

Su Luo’s eyes looked towards Madam Su .

Coming in contact with Su Luo’s gaze, Madam Su’s heart suddenly shook, feeling as if she had been seen through .

Su Luo shot Madam Su a glance that was a smile but not quite one, and then she returned her sight towards Su Zian: “Honorable Father, who can prove that it was because of me that Big Brother had received these injuries?”

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