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Chapter 663
Chapter 663 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (4)

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Su Manor once had a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water, and it was extremely treasured for many generations . Su Zian had also seen it on more than one occasion, and also drank a few drops . Therefore, with one glance, he was able to recognize that this indeed was Celestial Spirit Water .

Moreover, if he did not guess wrongly, this bottle of Celestial Spirit Water’s medicinal properties was a lot better compared to the bottle that Su Manor once had .

Su Zian’s face revealed a puzzled expression, but he still handed the bottle of Celestial Spirit Water over to Apothecary Leng .

Since the moment when Su Luo entered, she secretly greeted Apothecary Leng . As a result, Apothecary Leng did not hastily acknowledge her .

Apothecary Leng accepted the white jade porcelain bottle .

Swayed it a bit, shook it a little, then sniffed it a bit .

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“This is wrong… . . ” Apothecary Leng mumbled to himself, his face had a puzzled expression .

“How is it wrong?” Su Zian already confirmed this was Celestial Spirit Water, therefore, he looked at Apothecary Leng with doubt .

Su Luo’s face was also somewhat puzzled, this was clearly Celestial Spirit Water, how could it be wrong?

“This is not Celestial Spirit Water . ” Apothecary Leng sampled a drop, seeing Su Zian and Su Luo’s perplexed expressions, he then gave a firm answer: “It is more accurate to say that this is High Grade Celestial Spirit Water . ”

“High Grade Celestial Spirit Water? Are there distinctions among Celestial Spirit Waters?” Su Zian asked .

Apothecary Leng shot him a disdainful glance: “Ignorant and inexperienced! Celestial Spirit Water naturally has high and low grade classifications . For example, the Celestial Spirit Water from the Jade Lake’s Li family, collected as drops from the block of stalactite, that is the low grade kind . How could its medicinal potency even be compared to this High Grade Celestial Spirit Water?”

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Once these words were said, Su Zian was momentarily dumbfounded .

If it was said like this, then wouldn’t the Celestial Spirit Water, that was passed down from generation after generation in the Su Manor as a treasured object, be at most, only considered Low Grade Celestial Spirit Water?

Because it was passed down from generation to generation, as a result, that bottle of Celestial Spirit Water was treated as an extremely precious treasure .

But how could Su Luo, this loathsome girl, be able to so casually take out a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water? Moreover, the one she took out was a high grade one?

“Luoluo, where did you get this bottle of Celestial Spirit Water? Quickly tell it to daddy!” Su Zian, with one action, grabbed Su Luo and asked excitedly!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved up into a sneer .

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Luoluo? Wasn’t this the first time that Su Zian had used such an intimate name to address her?

If it wasn’t for the matter of this High Grade Celestial Spirit Water, why would Su Zian address her in such an intimate manner?

Su Luo, without batting an eye, pushed aside his hand, her gaze deep yet vigorous . A sweet smile emerged at the corner of her lips: “Can’t Father guess the answer?”

Seeing this kind of expression on Su Luo’s face, Su Zian was slightly distracted . Immediately, he realized: “Could it be… . . His Highness Prince Jin?!”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved into a slight sneering arc .

Since Su Zian believed it so, then I’ll just let him continue believing it . This way, she would not be revealed and could also demonstrate how much His Highness Prince Jin valued her . A matter of killing two birds with one stone, what could she have against it?

“It really is His Highness Prince Jin… . ” Su Zian mumbled to himself .

Before, even though His Highness Prince Jin expressed Su Luo’s importance to him, but Su Zian had never believed it . He always felt that among this was merely a bluff .

But now, His Highness Prince Jin even gifted Su Luo with High Grade Celestial Spirit Water, this was sufficient to prove His Highness Prince Jin’s affection towards Su Luo .

The more it was like this, the more jittery Su Zian’s heart became .

Because the Jade Lake’s Li family was like a towering mountain heavily pressing down . It was like a sharp sword hanging over his head, making things exceedingly difficult for him .

Su Luo, seeing his hesitation, naturally guessed ninety percent of his thoughts . But she was having fun watching this play, so she didn’t expose his thoughts .

“Honorable father, since we already have High Grade Celestial Spirit Water, why not let big brother drink it first? Big brother’s appearance seem to show that he is in extreme pain . ” Su Luo’s eyes hung down slightly and looked towards Su Jingyu, who was moaning painfully on the bed .


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