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Chapter 667

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Chapter 667 – High Grade Celestial Spirit Water (8)

“WU WU WU——” Madam Su’s feet randomly moved, and her complexion swelled until it was red . Her neck was already twisted until it was broken by Su Zian .

“Will you speak or not! Say it or not! If you don’t say it, today, I will strangle you to death!”

“I——” Madam Su’s complexion swelled red, then, from scarlet red, it turned into purple, as if in the next second, she would stop breathing .

Just at this moment .

Suddenly, something rolled out from Madam Su’s sleeves

Apothecary Leng picked it up, looked at it, and snorted a few times: “The medicinal bottle for Mighty Soul Grass! Things have already reached this point and you still refuse to admit it!”

Su Zian saw that the evidence was conclusive . He was fuming with rage, his appearance had twisted malevolently and he seemed extremely frightening: “BITCH! YOU DARE KILL MY SON, I WILL KILL YOU! KILL YOU!”

Seeing Madam Su’s neck issuing a gurgling sound, as if it was about to be cut off, Su Luo stepped forward bravely .

She calmly pulled Su Zian’s arm to a halt: “Honorable Father, keep calm, Big Brother is Mother’s biological child, it’s impossible for her to harm Big Brother without cause or reason . Maybe Mother was set up and being framed by someone . ”

Even Su Luo, who didn’t like Madam Su, had come out to mediate the quarrel . The hot blood that had rushed up to Su Zian’s head slowly went down, his emotional mood alleviated slightly .

With one fling, he shook off Madam Su, just like tossing out worn-out clothing, conveniently flinging it to the side .

However, his expression was still very fierce as he glared at Madam Su: “Quickly speak! In the end, who gave this medicine to you! Quickly speak!”

Su Zian simply could not imagine that this slut would actually poison Jingyu . He was her own biological child, also her only son!

Su Luo lightly glanced at Madam Su: “Honorable Mother, Apothecary Leng has been angered to this degree, if you do not give His Honorable Elder a satisfying answer, then Big Brother’s illness will truly be incurable . ”

Su Luo’s words, with regards to Madam Su, was the last life-saving straw .

Her eyes suddenly brightened, crawling on the floor, she then hugged Su Zian’s legs and sobbed: “My lord, I was wrong, it was I who was blinded by stupid jealousy . If not, I would never have poisoned Jingyu like this . ”

“This Mighty Soul Grass, in the end, who gave it to you! Speak!” Su Zian angrily kicked her away .

Madam Su’s chest was kicked and she immediately spit out two mouthfuls of blood .

Her head rose up with great difficulty, as she disjointedly said: “It was…… . Jade Lake’s fairy………it was her who gave me……the poison………… . . ”

“The Jade Lake’s fairy!”

When these words came out, the entire room immediately became quiet and silent .

“How could this be… . . ” Su Zian’s cheeks twitched: “Wasn’t Jingyu beaten up by the Jade Lake’s Li family? You idiot, to actually cooperate with them to poison Jingyu? How could there actually be a mother like you under the heavens? Cheap woman! Why don’t you just go die!”

The more Su Zian thought, the angrier he became . He sent another heavy kick towards Madam Su again .

Madam Su’s ribcage produced a loud and clear fracturing sound, hearing it would make a person’s blood run cold .

Madam Su’s tears and mucus tumbled down together .

As matters stood, what good was there in concealing things?

Madam Su might as well just reveal everything, and told them the whole truth: “Actually… . . actually, in the beginning, Jingyu did not receive heavy injuries . He, he only received some superficial bruises, and then ate some medicinal pills to pretend to be seriously injured… . . ”

“You——” Su Zian only felt his temples slowly throb with pain!

Su Zian cast his gaze towards Apothecary Leng, and Apothecary Leng nodded his head: “It was indeed so, therefore, at that time, this Apothecary only gave you a few recovery pills . ”

But, at that time, Your Honorable Elder didn’t explain the situation clearly! Su Zian’s heart was very twitchy, inevitably, he wanted to blame Apothecary Leng . But, on the surface, he did not dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect towards Apothecary Leng .

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