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Chapter 682-683

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Chapter 682 – Breaking through to advance a rank (7)

Even though they had discovered those six little fireballs, but the six little fireballs, with an absolutely tyrannical attitude, attacked the large fireballs!


Afterwards, those six little, deep red fireballs rapidly swallowed up the large fireballs . In less than a few seconds, the large fireballs turned to ashes, fading away in mid-air .

The six blue-clothed men looked at each other in dismay, in this glance, they all had a deeply alarmed expression .

If it was fire battling fire, then fine, but to actually have the small fireballs achieve complete victory over the large fireballs? What kind of f*cking situation was this? They completely couldn’t understand it .

The little divine dragon felt that having the small fireballs swallow up the large fireballs was not satisfyingly enough . Consequently, he controlled the fireballs to smash very fiercely towards the six blue-clothed men .

In fact, these six blue-clothed men’s strength were not at all bad .

At least two of them could hold off Lan Xuan and each of the others .

But the little divine dragon’s appearance and display was really too shocking, to the point that they greatly overestimated the little divine dragon’s cultivation level .

The six blue-clothed men were stalled by the little divine dragon, momentarily, they were caught up in a melee .

Suddenly, the spirit force around Su Luo exploded out, one after another, rippling waves could be clearly seen with the naked eye .

A buzzing noise echoed between the heavens and earth .

Everyone knew that Su Luo had successfully advanced a rank .

Su Luo, who was on the spirit altar, slowly opened her eyes .

What entered her eyes was a spread out, chaotic battlefield .

Swords met, elemental attacks were used, one could only see that the surroundings were dazzlingly bright with many magnificent postures, intense and lively .

“Ahhh——” Suddenly, Beichen Ying burst out with a shout of pain .

It turned out that Li Aoqiong, discovering that Su Luo had successfully advanced, immediately flew into a rage from humiliation, and sent a severe palm strike towards Beichen Ying . Beichen Ying, who was already at the end of his spirit strength, was immediately sent flying . His entire body arced out in a parabola and fell to the back .

Where would Li Aoqiong still have the mood to care about Beichen Ying . His foot pressed down on the ground, his entire person was like a phoenix spreading its wings, rapidly attacking towards Su Luo .

During the time when he flew towards her, his hands also did not stay idle .

A stream of thunderous lightning flashed with cold brilliance, directly smashing towards Su Luo .

Thunderous Lightning attack!

This was the most formidable elemental attack!

Even though she had successfully reached the fifth rank, but, how could she cope when faced with Li Aoqiong, this type of monster who was at the summit of seventh rank . Su Luo was still like a puny child in front of him .

“Freeze!’ Su Luo reacted quick-wittedly in this emergency and squeezed out the Great Dimensional Imprint .

Now, Su Luo had already cultivated to the second level of the Great Dimensional Imprint, and was able to cultivate the nothingness of space . Even though the size of this nothingness of space was a little smaller than the size of a soccer ball .

However, it was very effective!

That stream of thunderous lightning, with the sound of thunder, struck down like one hundred fifty thousand kilograms . It was so powerful as to be impossible to block!

Su Luo’s luck was simply too good, she had no way to accurately calculate the speed and timing . But, she was still able to place that thunderous lightning into the nothingness of space .

Seeing the frantically spasming lightning dragon-like serpent, in the nothingness of space slowly change into nothingness, only now did Su Luo wipe away a handful of sweat .

If she was hit by this thunderous lightning from Li Aoqiong, then, the her right now would have already been charred black .

Su Luo was extremely glad, however, Li Aoqiong was so furious that he nearly suffered an internal injury .

“Loathsome girl, you might be able to stop it the first time, but see how you will stop it a second time!” Li Aoqiong laughed sinisterly, but the movement of his hands did not slow down .

One could only see him crush a jade pendant in his hand, afterwards, he silently mouthed a few words . Spirit strength burst out from his palms, and one after another, thunderous lightning was condensed in mid-air .

This time, there wasn’t just one thunderous lightning dragon-like serpent, rather, there were a countless number of them . Moreover, these thunderous lightning dragon-like serpents continued to grow and become stronger…

A shocked and terrified feeling flashed through Su Luo’s heart .

What could she do? If she let Li Aoqiong successfully condense out these lightning, then there would be nowhere for her to run .

This time, Li Aoqiong clearly had gone all out!

He had crushed that jade pendant, and it was probably a precious talisman his elders gave him to save his life!

This time, he must be staking everything on this one strike!

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Chapter 683 – Breaking through to advance a rank (8)

A sliver of astonishment flashed through Su Luo’s heart .

Crushed talisman…… Suddenly, a light flashed on in Su Luo’s head .

Li Aoqiong had a talisman to protect him, she also had one!

Not to mention the jade piece given by the little divine dragon’s father, she still hadn’t used the spirit pinball she had picked from the imperial palace!

Su Luo quickly pulled out the spirit pinball, subconsciously, she was going to smash it towards Li Aoqiong .

But now, she somewhat hesitated .

Based on her experience of using the spirit pinball on Li Aotian from last time, she discovered that her luck was not just typically good . In addition, this good luck might be transmitted to the other party through the spirit pinball .

Because last time, she lifted Li Aotian from seventh rank to eighth rank, thus leading to her own difficulty in escaping .

Just recalling this past……was like a handful of bitter tears .

At this moment, the sky was covered with black clouds, the entire sky became overcast, nearly pitch-black .

“This person has gone mad, quickly block him!” After Beichen Ying spit out a few mouthfuls of blood, his head actually became sober .

He covered his chest wound, limping towards Su Luo .

Seeing the spirit pinball in Su Luo’s hand and once again looking at Li Aoqiong, he immediately became anxious . He shouted in a loud voice at Su Luo: “Why are you still hesitating? After he succeeds in condensing them, all of us will die!”

Su Luo gloomily cast him a glance .

He was acting like someone who was in comfortable circumstances that didn’t know the bitterness of misfortune .

Sometimes, when your luck is too good, it’s also a kind of offense .

With Li Aoqiong present, Su Luo couldn’t foolishly tell him about the matter with Li Aotian .

“Quickly smash it!” Beichen Ying was so anxious that his hair nearly gave off smoke .

“Then you do it . ” Su Luo had too much confidence in her own luck, to the extent that she totally didn’t dare do it .

“This spirit pinball has already recognized you as its master, how can I smash it?” Beichen Ying cast a depressed glance at Su Luo, “In the end, why are you hesitating? It’s not because you are reluctant to part with this spirit pinball, right?”

Su Luo looked at him with a faint complaining expression, and solemnly stated again: “It’s you who wants me to smash it, right?”

“Yes . ” Beichen Ying was so anxious that he wished he could help her smash it . Could it be that she didn’t see how urgent the current situation was?

Li Aoqiong was arranging the thunderous lightning dragon-like serpent array .

Beneath this array, not a single enemy would be left alive .

Under these kind of circumstances, why was she still hesitating?

Su Luo was still uncertain: “Then, if he was smashed into the ninth rank……then you aren’t allowed to blame me okay?”

“Snort——” Beichen Ying gave a cold laugh, “I say, Sister-in-law, are you saying delusional words? The spirit pinball is a sharp weapon to wound people! Do you know the probability of being smashed into ascending a rank after being smashed by a spirit pinball? It’s less than one in ten thousands, my dear Sister-in-law! Enough, stop hesitating, quickly smash it!”

Su Luo really didn’t have the heart to tell him, these kind of odds, she had really encountered it before .

“All right then……” Su Luo thought about it and sighed in a very helpless manner . If she had to smash it, then she will smash it, resigning herself to fate!

She hoped that this time, her luck would be lacking a little, just lacking a little more!

Su Luo spit into her hand, touching a little bad luck . Afterwards, she condensed the spirit power in her entire body and smashed the spirit pinball towards Li Aoqiong’s forehead .

There was a benefit to the spirit pinball .

That was, once it locked onto a target, the opponent basically wouldn’t be able to escape . It was a crack shot with no probability of missing the target .

The spirit pinball was thrown in an arc towards Li Aoqiong .

At this moment, ninety percent of Li Aoqiong’s concentration was on his spirit strength in mid-air, leaving only ten percent perception to deal with Su Luo and the others .

He heard Su Luo and Beichen Ying’s dialogue very clearly .

He had already experienced the might of a spirit pinball, this kind of weapon with such a large killing power, there was no way to block it!

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