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Chapter 693
Chapter 693 – God descending from heaven to subdue (9)

The little divine dragon opened his eyes, the first one he saw happened to be Li Aoqiong .

Seeing him, he immediately recalled the things he did to Little Master .

An expression of wanting to vent his anger flashed through the little divine dragon’s eyes . He lifted his paw and with a ‘pow’ sound, smashed it towards Li Aoqiong’s forehead!

The sharp claws not only scratched up Li Aoqiong’s face, even more, it slapped his body until it flipped over heavily in place .

Su Luo was so startled that her chin nearly hit the floor .

Before, the little divine dragon had just entered the sixth rank, now, all of a sudden, he could make Li Aoqiong flip over from a hit . What level was this?

But, when she looked at Li Aoqiong again, Su Luo understood completely .

Currently, Li Aoqiong had a large part of his spirit energy released by Grandmaster Rong Yun, in fact, his strength was already less than fourth rank .

From a grand and majestic ninth rank falling until fourth rank, it felt no different than falling from heaven and into hell .

Seeing him appearing in such a difficult situation, the stifled emotions Su Luo felt before from being chased and killed lessened a little .

Once again, she saw that the little divine dragon’s strength had suddenly gotten stronger, and that last bit of sulleness changed into excitement .

Su Luo happily hugged the little divine dragon, tapping his little head: “Hey, changed back to your original form oh, now, how strong are you?”

“Master, master, I’m already seventh rank!” The little divine dragon’s voice, carrying a touch of being pleased with himself, echoed in Su Luo’s mind .

“You are more accomplished when compared to your family’s Master . ” Su Luo patted his little head .

If they were to really compare, Su Luo was filled with all kinds of envy and jealousy .

So the saying goes, reincarnating was also a skill, luck should be considered a part of that strength .

Because of the natural superiority of the gifted dragon race, the little divine dragon completely did not need to cultivate . What he ought to eat, drink and sleep, he does, after that, he could still absorb a villain’s spirit energy and make it his own to use . Not being careful and he directly flew to the seventh rank .

She, in contrast, was being chased to be killed everywhere . Time after time, she had to take great risks . After suffering untold hardship and efforts, today she had only reached the fifth rank .

This comparison would result in a handful of miserable tears .

The little divine dragon had no idea of his master’s thoughts . He just stuck out his little butt, standing in Su Luo’s embrace . His moist little pink tongue was licking her red swollen neck .

After being licked by the little divine dragon, Su Luo had a clear, cool and refreshing feeling . When she touched it again, that red swollen mark had unexpectedly completely disappeared .

As for Li Aoqiong .

His entire face was bloody, staggering along, he crawled up .

With only one glance, he saw the little divine dragon in Su Luo’s embrace that had a perplexed and adorable expression .

It really was a little divine dragon and not a puppy!

“It, it, it… . ” The finger Li Aoqiong used to point at the little divine dragon trembled non-stop, his face was full of shock .

Just seeing him, the little divine dragon was annoyed!

Consequently, not waiting for Su Luo to make a move, the little divine dragon leaped out of her embrace and took aim at Li Aoqiong’s chest .

“Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap——”

Continuously slamming him six times with his fists, each of the hit was capable of smashing him into spitting out blood .

The little divine dragon’s type of behavior was clearly learned from Grandmaster Rong Yun’s actions before .

Now, Grandmaster Rong Yun was looking at the little divine dragon, that pair of always coldly indifferent eyes flashed with a trace of warmth .

His hands beckoned towards the little divine dragon .

The little divine dragon slanted his head, sizing him up for a moment .

Maybe he felt the spirit energy on his body was pure and comfortable, therefore, the little divine dragon hesitated for a second before letting go of his little legs and hopped onto his body .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s mood seemed to be pretty good .

The Grand master Rong Yun who was always not lax with his words or smile, unexpectedly, a shallow of an arc formed at the corner of his mouth .

Even though in a flash it passed, but this was also enough to shock everyone present .

Almost everyone was guessing, what kind of relationship did Grandmaster Rong Yun have with the little divine dragon .

Beichen Ying was even more envious as he slapped Su Luo’s shoulder: “The hard times are over, with the good times just beginning . ”

Lan Xuan also slapped Su Luo’s other shoulder: “Finally watched until the clouds had parted and we can see the light of the moon . ”

Anye Ming pursed his lips and smiled: “Congratulations, congratulations . ”

“What is the congratulations for?” Su Luo still hadn’t realized it yet .

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