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Chapter 698-699

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Chapter 698 – The grieving Li family (5)

After he had finished speaking, Beichen Ying smiled flatteringly at Su Luo: “Sister-in-law, can you let me hold him for a while?” Those adorable huge eyes that were bright and intelligent -too cute, too adorable .

However, without waiting for Beichen Ying’s hand to get closer to the little divine dragon, the little divine dragon had already turned his body around . He presented his butt to face Beichen Ying while his little head dug into Su Luo’s bosom .

Thus expressing his disdain for Beichen Ying .

Lan Xuan, with a ‘pfft’ burst out in loud laughter, “A person whose moral standing is too poor, move away . Watch me!”

However, before Lan Xuan’s body could get close, he was already swept away by the little divine dragon’s tail .

Deng deng deng——

Lan Xuan, who was completely unguarded against it, took a few steps back in succession . In the end, his butt ended up sitting on the ground .

“Hey, this small thing, its temper really isn’t that small . ” Lan Xuan patted his butt as he stood back up . He pointed his finger at the little divine dragon while shouting his grievances in dissatisfaction .

Su Luo shot an unhappy glance at them, “The little divine dragon is timid . Wait for him to get more familiar with you, then he’ll be fine . ”

Normally so shy, yet in a battle, he would advance bravely . Normal days, he looked like an ornamental and spoiled pet . When it was time to battle, he was a fighting spirit pet . It really was one move with two gains, there was nothing more suitable than this .

“Eh, Grandmaster Rong Yun has disappeared?” Beichen Ying was the first to realise this situation .

Anye Ming laughed bitterly as he rubbed his nose and then pointed at Li Yaoxiang: “When he fainted, then Grandmaster Rong Yun left . ”

Su Luo secretly guessed in her heart .

Such an indecent thing and Grandmaster Rong Yun had seen it from start to finish, but he only left when Li Yaoxiang fainted .

Was it because when he saw Li Yaoxiang passed out, knowing he would not be a threat to the little divine dragon, therefore, he left feeling at ease?

Looked like Grandmaster Rong Yun really cared for the little divine dragon .

But, fortunately, he did not snatch the little divine dragon away from her hands .

If he wanted to snatch the little divine dragon, it should be easy . Su Luo was basically powerless to stop him .

Su Luo stroked the little divine dragon’s head, “Your family’s Master definitely saved the world in her past life . Otherwise, how is it that my luck is so good . Just so happens to pick up a little treasure like you . ”

During leisure periods, the little divine dragon acted like an ornamental pet, cute and stupidly adorable .

During battles, it can act like a fighting spirit pet, having incomparably valiant fighting strength .

Moreover, the little divine dragon also had such a strong background that provided Su Luo with conveniences, time and time again .

The little divine dragon looked at Su Luo perplexedly and innocently: he could not understand what was said…

Su Luo and the others from the same group were leisurely, but the fury in Li Aoqiong’s eyes surged up even more because of this .

However, in this situation where the enemy was strong and he was weak, he could only grin and bear it, shrinking the feeling of his own existence as much as possible .

So he did not say a word, and even deliberately slowed down his own breathing . He made himself as thin as air, hoping Su Luo would ignore his existence .

Elder Beichen was standing afar . At this time, he was stroking his few strands of goat beard . With a smile in his eyes, clearly, he was in a rather good mood .

That’s right . An old rival for many years . Now, to unexpectedly see him in such a shameful manner, how could he not be happy?

A moment ago, Beichen Ying and those children did not see clearly, but he saw it very clearly .

Even though the little divine dragon’s small fist had strength, it would not go as far as to knock out Li Yaoxiang who was in a crazed state of mind .

When the little divine dragon raised his small fist, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s sleeve moved slightly . It was only after that, did Li Yaoxiang pass out .

Moreover, before Grandmaster Rong Yun left, that apathetic glance he threw over was clearly to warn him to keep silent .

Elder Beichen couldn’t help but let out a sigh .

On this continent, how many strong experts had tried to get close to Grandmaster Rong Yun but could not . But right now, this little divine dragon made Grandmaster Rong Yun go as far as to protect him .

Among these… what’s the reason?

That day, Su Luo and the group of people left voluntarily .

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Chapter 699 – The grieving Li family (6)

Li Aoqiong, who was pretending to be an ostrich, waited until after all of them had left . Only then did he return to the Li family’s home in the imperial capital while carrying Li Yaoxiang on his back .

After he returned, Li Aoqiong decided it was an important matter that must be kept secret and would not say a single word .

Li Yaoxiang was even more eager to treat that day’s matter as garbage to be expunged . Naturally, he would not bring it up again .

Even if they did not want to mention it, but others could not help it .

How could Beichen Ying and that group of lively children be capable of enduring the silence in order to keep this secret?

After they returned, not only did they spread it, but they also helped to publicize the Li family’s secret without restraint!

The most important point was to publicize Li Yaoxiang’s being completely empty in that place .

For a period of time, almost the entire imperial capital had flared up .

Li Yaoxiang, that was Jade Lake’s Li family’s Second Master, whose existence was so high up . who would have imagined he was actually… . .

“Oh, heavens . Did you know? Jade Lake’s Li family’s Second Master is actually… Hey, I’ll just only tell you, you better not tell anyone else . ”

“That’s right, that’s right . Did you know? Jade Lake’s Li family’s Second Master is actually… Hey, I’ll just tell you alone, you must never tell it to anyone else . ”

“Unexpectedly, the man in the Jade Lake’s Li family is an eunuch . I’ve heard that place really wasn’t capable… Hey, I’ll just tell you alone, don’t spread it around . ”

“Have you heard it yet? It’s being said that the Jade Lake’s Li family’s next generation are not their biological children . They were adopted because that Master is an eunuch and can’t have kids . Hey, I’ll just tell you alone, don’t spread it around . ”

“Hey, I’ll just tell you alone, don’t spread it around…”

Everyone warned others not to talk about it, but they themselves had their own friends and family . How could this sort of world-shaking gossip be kept inside? If they did not talk about it, their whole body would feel uncomfortable .

Hence, everyone all stated not to tell anyone else, yet they themselves would secretly tell others .

This kind of gossip was like a rolling snowball – the more it rolled, the bigger it became . In less than an afternoon’s effort, it was completely well-known by everyone in the imperial capital, even the food market’s expert, the raggedly-clothed beggars, the unskilled laborers on the dock… . .

The oldest being a seventy-year-old elderly woman and the youngest was a three-year-old child . Everyone knew the Second Master in the Jade Lake’s Li family, Li Yaoxiang, was actually a damned eunuch!!!

When the Jade Lake’s Li family returned to their senses, they were already powerless to reverse this desperate situation .

They were so furious, they nearly passed out .

Flustered and exasperated, the Jade Lake’s Li family went to find Emperor Jing and requested him to issue an imperial edict to deal with these gossipers .

However, the always remote and aloof Jade Lake’s Li family, had quite clearly always used prestige to intimidate those beneath them . To deal with these sorts of gossiping matters, clearly in the area of public relations, it seemed they were rather incapable . They only knew how to use military force to suppress .

However, this sort of gossip-like rumours and slanders, the more it was repressed, the more it would rebound . After all, the mouths were grown on the bodies of others .

Emperor Jing also wanted to help, but he was also less than capable to deal with it .

Because fellow countrymen’s love for gossip was rooted in their innate nature . How could this be changed by an imperial edict?

The sages had already said it before, rumours could only be stopped by a wise man, forceful methods will not be able to stop it .

Consequently, the more the imperial court tried to stop it, the crazier the populace’s secret discussions on this became .

First, it was spread around that Li Yaoxiang was a damn eunuch, after being passed around, it became Li Yaoxiang had an adulterous relationship with his sister-in-law . Consequently, he was castrated by Jade Lake’s number one Master . Until later it emerged with the conclusion that Li Aoqiong, Li Yaoyao, and so on, were not given birth by the Jade Lake’s number one Master…

The populace’s craving for gossip, was like a raging flame .

Of course, among these, naturally, Beichen Ying and friends could not be left out in adding fuel to the fire .

Seeing a servant come holding the report about the latest rumor, Beichen Ying covered his belly and rolled about on his bed .

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