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Chapter 718
Chapter 718 – Rong Yun’s Bias (5)

Li Yaoyao’s pair of beautiful eyes ignited with a raging inferno, itching to burn Su Luo until not even ashes were left .


She originally thought that this time, her victory was assured . However, who would have known that halfway through, Su Luo, that busybody, jumped out unexpectedly to disrupt her plans . If Grandmaster Rong Yun was a person who would love Su Luo because of the little divine dragon, then her position would be in danger!

Jade Lake’s fairy could not endure it anymore and took a step forward . She bowed to make her salutations to Grandmaster Rong Yun: “What Great Master said is naturally correct . However… how will the outcome of this match be determined now?”

That’s right, there was no definite proof of how many pieces of crystal stones the little divine dragon had grabbed .

From the start till she presented the items, only the Jade Lake’s Li family knew how many pieces were inside, others could not have known of this .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s expression remained unperturbed: “Then, let’s regard this as you having submitted seven pieces . ”

These words, when heard, sounded uncomfortable ah… . What do you mean by just regard as … . It was obviously seven . Now, it seemed as if she had been given and took huge advantages… Li Yaoyao became so depressed that she nearly vomited out blood .

She just knew that running into this accursed little divine dragon, nothing good ever happened .

However, because she knew Grandmaster Rong Yun liked the little divine dragon, therefore, the corner of Li Yaoyao’s mouth squeezed out a smile .

Since she already received his words, the Jade Lake’s fairy naturally would not foolishly argue over this . Her eyes carried a smile, and with a nod, she stepped down .

Since Grandmaster had said she submitted seven pieces, then now, it’s time to see what Su Luo, this slut, has .

If she could not submit seven pieces, even if her little spirit pet was clever, so what? Wasn’t it still a loss?

At this moment, everybody’s gaze was concentrated on Su Luo’s body .

Yet, Su Luo’s expression really was somewhat enigmatic .

Ten minutes had passed, the little Amethyst Fish in her space finally started to spit out bubbles .

Su Luo watched with rapt attention .

It’s coming out, coming out… . .

Su Luo secretly encouraged the little Amethyst Fish in her heart . Hoping that it could, at the most crucial point and by all means, strive for the purple-colored crystal stone .

However… . the matter that made her depressed still ended up happening .

During this most critical moment, the little Amethyst Fish actually spat out ——a red-colored crystal stone!

Su Luo was itching to pick it up on the spot and spank its bottom .

This child was truly too disappointing . At the most crucial moment, it screwed up .

Even if it was not a purple-colored crystal stone, shouldn’t it at least be a blue-colored crystal stone? But no, it directly spat out the lowest ranked red-colored crystal stone . Su Luo didn’t even want to speak to it .

The Jade Lake’s fairy saw Su Luo’s face become disappointed, the corner of her mouth then raised into a smile that was not a smile: “Miss Su, time is already up . Even if you were to continue to delay, Beichen Ying still would not arrive . ”

Su Luo’s eyes flashed with a cold thought .

If Beichen Ying had rushed towards the imperial palace, then it means that he had already found a purple-colored crystal stone . However, the Jade Lake’s Li family had already arranged for strong experts to block the road he must take .

They could not harm Beichen Ying excessively, after all, he was still a member of the Beichen Palace . However, blocking him and not letting him enter the Imperial Palace, this was already enough .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s indifferent gaze shot towards Su Luo, the meaning in his eyes was very clear .

Just at this extremely urgent juncture, Su Luo felt that her own palm had an extra crystal stone . The thick spiritual energy was clearly that of a purple-colored crystal stone!

Su Luo took a furtive glance and saw the little divine dragon covering his little mouth, laughing .

Seeing Su Luo looking over, the little divine dragon shyly covered his little face . He turned around and proceeded to roll into Su Luo’s sleeves, rolling about and acting bashful .

Clenching that purple-colored crystal stone, Su Luo’s heart simply burst with joy .


Because the little divine dragon could not bring out a purple-colored crystal stone from out of nowhere . Then, this crystal stone was definitely the one from the Jade Lake’s Li Family .

Everybody had already walked into a misconception .

They had all thought the little divine dragon had already swallowed that purple-colored crystal stone .

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