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Chapter 750
Chapter 750 – The final match (5)

When she smashed other people, she would always smashed them to be promoted in rank, and it was not only one or two ranks .

However, Li Yaoyao nearly killed her with a explosion! If it was not for that piece of weird spirit stone, she would have already died .

Su Luo discovered that her lifeline was really long .

Now, at the northwest side of the Demon Cave .

This place was the cave’s exit, however you entered or exit, you must pass through here .

In front of this place was an area of open space, now, it was filled with masses of people .

Grandmaster Rong Yun was sitting on a spacious chair made out of red sandalwood, the corner of his white robe draped down to the floor . It was like a blooming snow lotus flower, pure, holy and noble .

His pitch-black as ink eyes were narrowed slightly, revealing a proud and exceptionally sharp point, such that people did not dare to look straight into them .

That matchless handsome face was profoundly mysterious, with one hand placed on the armrest of the chair . His fingers moved up and down, beating out a rhythm . No one knew what he was thinking right now .

Emperor Jing was also sitting on a circular chair made out of red sandalwood . He was dressed in a bright golden dragon robe, making him even more conspicuous, imposing and respectable .

Only, no matter how he tried to maintain a dignified expression and posture, compared to Grandmaster Rong Yun, he naturally appeared shorter by a length .

Li Yaoxiang was also sitting on a circular chair, only, with regards to the other two, his position was slightly slanted .

His eyes now had just narrowed, staring fixedly at that sole exit .

Being subjected to Su Luo, that loathsome girl, he was motivated to let Yaoyao secretly take the spirit pinball that the Li family had collected for a long time .

Wait until a suitable opportunity, then kill that loathsome girl with an explosion .

Li Yaoxiang was not a bit worried about Li Yaoyao’s strength . He was only worried about that startlingly freakish luck of Su Luo’s .

The fists in Li Yaoxiang’s sleeves clenched even more tightly, he hoped that the spirit pinball would blow up Su Luo . And he’d rather not have her smash to being promoted a rank .

As long as you came out from that gate with many Fire Source Stones in hand, then, they could become Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple .

Li Yaoxiang’s expression was stretched taut .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple, represented many things of significance .

If Yaoyao could get this qualification, then, the Jade Lake’s Li family would be linked together with Grandmaster Rong Yun .

In this way, then, among the ten great powers on this continent, the Jade Lake’s Li family’s originally unremarkable position would absolutely leap up to distinguish itself .

This position was truly too important, absolutely could not tolerate a loss .

“Yaoyao, for this day, the Jade Lake’s Li family has waited for many years . By all means, don’t let us be disappointed…” Li Yaoxiang took a deep breath . As much as possible, he suppressed the restlessness in his heart .

Now, standing by Li Yaoxiang’s side was Li Aoqiong, whose lips were also tightly pursed . His face was stretched taut . It could clearly be seen how nervous he was and how much he cared .

Because he had fought Su Luo before, he knw perfectly well that her strength wasn’t strong . But, she could always avert disaster at the last moment . Therefore, his heart would inevitably be anxious .

Compared to Li Yaoxiang and Li Aoqiong, the other people from Li family were full of confidence in Li Yaoyao, because they had always worshipped Li Yaoyao .

These people that were present, their confidence in Li Yaoyao was far greater than with regards to Su Luo .

Only the several people with Beichen Ying’s group had firm confidence in Su Luo .

They didn’t necessarily believe in Su Luo’s strength, but with regards to Su Luo’s luck, they firmly believed it without any doubt .

“Sister-in-law will certainly win . If she doesn’t win, then it won’t make sense . ” Beichen Ying’s smile was as brilliant as sunshine .

“What does Li Yaoyao count as? This fight is is a contest of real strength . Sister-in-law will definitely win . ” Lan Xuan nodded his head with an air of complacency .

“… . ” Anye Ming speechlessly looked at these two shameless believers . When comparing strength, he was really worried for Su Luo .

Just at this moment .

That cinnabar red door had spirit power hovering on it . The door that had been sealed all along .

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