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Chapter 750-751

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Chapter 750 – The final match (5)

When she smashed other people, she would always smashed them to be promoted in rank, and it was not only one or two ranks .

However, Li Yaoyao nearly killed her with a explosion! If it was not for that piece of weird spirit stone, she would have already died .

Su Luo discovered that her lifeline was really long .

Now, at the northwest side of the Demon Cave .

This place was the cave’s exit, however you entered or exit, you must pass through here .

In front of this place was an area of open space, now, it was filled with masses of people .

Grandmaster Rong Yun was sitting on a spacious chair made out of red sandalwood, the corner of his white robe draped down to the floor . It was like a blooming snow lotus flower, pure, holy and noble .

His pitch-black as ink eyes were narrowed slightly, revealing a proud and exceptionally sharp point, such that people did not dare to look straight into them .

That matchless handsome face was profoundly mysterious, with one hand placed on the armrest of the chair . His fingers moved up and down, beating out a rhythm . No one knew what he was thinking right now .

Emperor Jing was also sitting on a circular chair made out of red sandalwood . He was dressed in a bright golden dragon robe, making him even more conspicuous, imposing and respectable .

Only, no matter how he tried to maintain a dignified expression and posture, compared to Grandmaster Rong Yun, he naturally appeared shorter by a length .

Li Yaoxiang was also sitting on a circular chair, only, with regards to the other two, his position was slightly slanted .

His eyes now had just narrowed, staring fixedly at that sole exit .

Being subjected to Su Luo, that loathsome girl, he was motivated to let Yaoyao secretly take the spirit pinball that the Li family had collected for a long time .

Wait until a suitable opportunity, then kill that loathsome girl with an explosion .

Li Yaoxiang was not a bit worried about Li Yaoyao’s strength . He was only worried about that startlingly freakish luck of Su Luo’s .

The fists in Li Yaoxiang’s sleeves clenched even more tightly, he hoped that the spirit pinball would blow up Su Luo . And he’d rather not have her smash to being promoted a rank .

As long as you came out from that gate with many Fire Source Stones in hand, then, they could become Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple .

Li Yaoxiang’s expression was stretched taut .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple, represented many things of significance .

If Yaoyao could get this qualification, then, the Jade Lake’s Li family would be linked together with Grandmaster Rong Yun .

In this way, then, among the ten great powers on this continent, the Jade Lake’s Li family’s originally unremarkable position would absolutely leap up to distinguish itself .

This position was truly too important, absolutely could not tolerate a loss .

“Yaoyao, for this day, the Jade Lake’s Li family has waited for many years . By all means, don’t let us be disappointed…” Li Yaoxiang took a deep breath . As much as possible, he suppressed the restlessness in his heart .

Now, standing by Li Yaoxiang’s side was Li Aoqiong, whose lips were also tightly pursed . His face was stretched taut . It could clearly be seen how nervous he was and how much he cared .

Because he had fought Su Luo before, he knw perfectly well that her strength wasn’t strong . But, she could always avert disaster at the last moment . Therefore, his heart would inevitably be anxious .

Compared to Li Yaoxiang and Li Aoqiong, the other people from Li family were full of confidence in Li Yaoyao, because they had always worshipped Li Yaoyao .

These people that were present, their confidence in Li Yaoyao was far greater than with regards to Su Luo .

Only the several people with Beichen Ying’s group had firm confidence in Su Luo .

They didn’t necessarily believe in Su Luo’s strength, but with regards to Su Luo’s luck, they firmly believed it without any doubt .

“Sister-in-law will certainly win . If she doesn’t win, then it won’t make sense . ” Beichen Ying’s smile was as brilliant as sunshine .

“What does Li Yaoyao count as? This fight is is a contest of real strength . Sister-in-law will definitely win . ” Lan Xuan nodded his head with an air of complacency .

“… . ” Anye Ming speechlessly looked at these two shameless believers . When comparing strength, he was really worried for Su Luo .

Just at this moment .

That cinnabar red door had spirit power hovering on it . The door that had been sealed all along .

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Chapter 751 – The final match (6)

It issued a strange sound .


The door quietly opened .

The countless number of people’s attention were concentrated upon those purplish-golden colored gates .

A slender figure unhurriedly walked out from inside .

One could only see her dressed in a white long skirt, like a fairy that didn’t belong in the human world . Her attitude was lively, with dance-like movements; she walked out like this .

But a piece of black cloth was placed over her face, nearly covering most of her face .

Even though it was like this, everyone still easily recognized her .

“The Jade Lake’s fairy!”

Don’t know who shouted it first .

“Oh heavens, it really is the Jade Lake’s fairy! The Jade Lake’s fairy came out first!”

“Like I said! How could Su family’s daughter of a concubine even compare to the Jade Lake’s fairy!”

The countless number of men who revered the Jade Lake’s fairy as a goddess now cheered and shouted . They seemed even happier than if they themselves had been victorious .

When Li Yaoyao acted as if deserving so, she walked by the several people in Beichen Ying’s group . The corner of her mouth hooked in a sinister, sweet and insincere smile .

Afterwards, she turned around to leave .

Beichen Ying glared at her leaving back, for a long time, he didn’t return to his senses .

Just now, that glance from Li Yaoyao contained a deep meeting .

“Why is it that my heart feels somewhat nervous?” Lan Xuan pointed to his own chest area .

If he didn’t say anything, then fine, but since he said it, it immediately made Beichen Ying’s heart have a bad premonition .

His thick, sharp eyebrows knotted slightly, and gave a cold, loud shout: “It’s not like coming out early will win, why shout!”

Worthy of being the president of the Mercenary Union in Eastern Ling Empire, when he stiffened his face and coldly shouted, he had an imposing aura worthy of respect .

Under Beichen Ying’s cold yell, those people dared to be angry, but didn’t dare to speak . Indeed, they had to exercise a lot more restraint .

Li Yaoyao glanced at Beichen Ying lightly, her mouth hooked into a profoundly mysterious cold smile: “It’s not like everyone can come out, President Beichen . ”

Beichen Ying’s heart suddenly became uneasy . He glared at the Jade Lake’s fairy, eyes shooting out with lights of frost: “What is the meaning of your words?”

The Beichen Ying right now, how was he still Su Luo’s sunny, adorable boy-next-door? He looked remarkably like the living Grim Reaper .

“The meaning is exactly what the words mean . ” The Jade Lake’s fairy thought about Su Luo’s appearance while dying horribly through the explosion . Immediately, her heart was greatly pleased .

“Li Yaoyao, you’d best say the words clearly!” Beichen Ying took a large step forward, with one move, he grabbed Li Yaoyao by the collar and lifted up her entire person .

“Quickly speak!” Beichen Ying’s eyes exploded out with a dangerous light . His complexion was so gloomy that water droplets could be squeezed out .

“Beichen Ying, what are you doing? Quickly put Yaoyao down!” Li Aoqiong, seeing his younger sister being bullied, directly hit Beichen Ying’s arm, attempting to force him to let go .

However, clearly, he had forgotten the matter of him being dropped to the fourth rank .

Beichen Ying was so furious that he directly waved his hand: “Get lost!”

As a result, the pitiful Li Aoqiong, without any power to resist, was waved aside by one hand . He flew out very far and finally heavily dropped to the ground . He nearly passed out from being thrown .

The pitiful Li Aoqiong, originally, how insufferably arrogant was he . Now, he had fallen to this degree . At that time, Grandmaster Rong Yun not destroying all of his cultivation, didn’t know if it was because it was to let other people humiliate him .

Li Yaoxiang, seeing this, immediately became fuming mad!

“Beichen Ying! Let go!” Li Yaoxiang had his hand pressed down on Beichen Ying’s shoulder .

However, before waiting for him to make a move, Elder Beichen had his hand pressed down on the Jade Lake’s fairy’s shoulder . Afterwards, he raised an eyebrow and threw a smiling glance at Li Yaoxiang that was not quite a smile .

Elder Beichen’s meaning was very explicit .

You dare to move against Beichen Ying, then I dare to choke Li Yaoyao to death .

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