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Chapter 762

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Chapter 762 – News of Su Luo’s Death (10)

Su Luo leaned against the wall and seeing him like this, she hurriedly caught his hand: “Before, I had no background nor a master to take charge of me, but didn’t I still walk the whole journey to arrive here anyway? There’s no meaning in saying these things now . What’s most important is how to get out of here . ”

Su Luo, time after time, tossed up that strange spirit stone to amuse herself . Although her expression seemed relaxed, inside her heart, she was actually somewhat worried .


Suddenly, a sound rang out from beside Su Luo’s ear .

Su Luo was suddenly startled and immediately sat up straight . Then, she examined up, down, left, right and all around .

However, in this small stone room, apart from her and Beichen Ying, there weren’t any other people .

“What happened?” Seeing Su Luo suddenly sit up straight, Beichen Ying asked in concern .

“Don’t tell me you didn’t hear it?” Su Luo’s face was full of astonishment . Why didn’t Beichen Ying have any reaction?

“Hear what?” Beichen Ying looked at Su Luo strangely .

“Idiot . There is someone cursing us as ‘idiot’ . ” Su Luo’s entire face was earnest as she spoke seriously about this matter .

“How is that possible? I completely didn’t hear it . ” Beichen Ying said truthfully .

“That’s not right . Clearly there is someone…” Su Luo frowned, remaining puzzled despite much thought .

“Extremely stupid!”

Yet another sound emerged at the side of Su Luo’s ear .

Su Luo suddenly looked at Beichen Ying: “It said something again . Did you hear it?”

Beichen Ying was made somewhat nervous because of Su Luo’s unhinged actions and appearance: “I really didn’t hear it . ”

As a result, the two of them opened their eyes wide and examined everywhere within this nine square meters area .

But this place was truly bare . There was nothing here .

Finally, after searching the place once through with no results, their gazes identically looked towards the strange stone that Su Luo had placed on the ground .

“Extremely stupid! Hurry up and pick up this little grandpa!” A proud and pampered voice emerged at the side of Su Luo’s ear .

Su Luo was immediately struck dumb…

She lifted her eyes to look at Beichen Ying but saw that Beichen Ying’s eyes seemed at a loss . As if he had not heard it at all .

Su Luo paused for a moment, then stooped down to pick up that strange piece of fiery red spirit stone .

Speaking of this piece of spirit stone, it had already saved her life quite a few times .

“Is it you?” Su Luo sent out a spirit thought in her mind, attempting to communicate with this piece of stone .

Just now, hearing its voice, it sounded like a proud and pampered five- or six-year-old brat .


From inside the fiery red spirit stone, came the sound of an arrogantly cold ‘humph’ .

Su Luo could totally create a mental image of a deadpanning brat with both arms folded across his chest . He had his jaw raised as he shot a sidelong glance at her .

Su Luo had a kind of premonition .

Whether or not she could make it out of this stone room, would depend on this little piece of thing inside her hand .

As a result, the corner of her mouth hooked into a slight smile and she poked that stone: “You’ve been trapped inside this stone, right? Do you want to come out?”

The voice of the brat inside carried a trace of resentment: “With your current slight cultivation, after how many years and how many months can I then be let out?!”

“I can find other people oh . ” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth parted slightly . This little thing’s temper was rather large .

“Find other people! You’ve already dripped blood and is recognised as the master . How can I still find other people!” The brat got angrier the more he spoke, wishing he could rush out and clutch Su Luo by the neck .

“Eh… Didn’t I just happen to pick you up?” Su Luo was depressed . The brats nowadays were getting harder and harder to coax .

“Eh, what eh? Who told you to pick me up? Who told you that you can pick me up?” The voice of one who had been driven mad exploded from inside .

There were three black lines hanging on Su Luo’s forehead . She attempted to explain: “At that time, in the Amethyst Fish Palace, I don’t know how you rolled out and were stepped on by me . ”

At the mention of this, the brat inside was even more furious .

“Who told you to step on me!!! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!! At that time, there was clearly a formidable existence, that’s why I rolled out! Why is it that I got stepped on by you! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!”

Su Luo was immediately speechless, but she understood some things now: so, originally, that place should have been Nangong Liuyun’s…

This pathetic baby’s luck was really too terrible . With one roll, it rolled underneath her own foot……

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