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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:16:25 PM

Chapter 791

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Chapter 791 – Dumbstruck (6)

She used a declarative sentence precisely to probe this issue .

Rong Yun seemed to have seen through her thoughts and indifferently said: “She is not . ”

Oh, she wasn’t? The puzzlement in Su Luo’s eyes became even deeper .

Just a moment ago, she had clearly detected that when she used an assertive tone to say those four words, the corner of Beautiful Teacher’s eyebrows nearly flew up .

It could be seen that he greatly admires the beauty in the painting .

But it was also hoping but could not approach feeling .

Having guessed this point correctly, Su Luo’s gaze once again looked towards the woman in the painting .

Within her recognition, Beautiful Teacher was almost perfect .

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In terms of appearance, his was one that would absolutely drive all living things crazy .

With regards to refining medicine, currently, he was the only Grandmaster level Apothecary on this continent .

With regards to cultivation, his was simply too deep and unmeasurable .

In terms of position, all ten powers would rush to curry favor with him .

With regards to charisma, Fairy Yan Xia pursued him persistently and could never obtain him .

As a result, in her eyes, Beautiful Teacher was absolutely second to none . However, the woman in the painting did not want him?

The faint desire to gossip appeared dimly in Su Luo’s heart .

“Master, who is she?” Su Luo’s eyes flickered with a curious radiance and got closer to him to ask .

Rong Yun’s hand that was holding the wine cup trembled slightly . However, very quickly, his serenity was restored .

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“You do not need to know . ” What was returned to Su Luo was Rong Yun’s normally cold tone .

“Oh . ” Su Luo dragged the syllable very clearly, it seemed that she wanted to continue .

Seeing her Beautiful Teacher pour his own wine, Su Luo acted in a kissing up manner and moved close, snatching away the jade bottle . She poured the sake into the empty amber wine cup .

“Master, since she is not Master’s wife, then where is Master’s wife?” Su Luo pretended to be a curious baby, as if she was inadvertently asking .

“I have no wife . ” Rong Yun’s tone was flat .

“So it’s like this…” Su Luo understood . So her Beautiful Teacher was secretly in love with the beauty in the painting and remained a bachelor for life .

“This feeling has waited until it became a memory, merely being dazed but had stopped by then . Come Master, this disciple offers you a cup of sake in salutation . ” Su Luo poured herself a cup of wine and raised it up to give a toast .

However, when Su Luo recited out aloud that poem, Rong Yun’s complexion was obviously jolted .

“Who taught you this poem?” Rong Yun’s voice rose as he suddenly asked .

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“Eh…” Su Luo held up the wine cup and didn’t know how to explain .

Who taught her? This poem was one she learned in modern times, could it be that she needed to tell the truth?

But if she spoke the truth obviously, Master would not believe it .

“Seems like it suddenly appeared in my mind, even I cannot explain it . ” Su Luo opened her mouth and spouted some bullshit .

Rong Yun frowned and muttered to himself: “This is impossible…could it be she had returned before?”

“Master, what’s wrong? Who had returned before?”

“Drink your wine . ” Rong Yun coldly reprimanded . His expression was still immersed in the verse from the poem .

But Su Luo’s heart was not this calm .

Simply Rong Yun’s few isolated phrases from just now caused a divine light to flash through her mind . However, it quickly disappeared and she was unable to catch it .

Seeing Beautiful Teacher drinking a belly full of wine, Su Luo thought for a bit, and in the end, she still asked: “Master, you who possess such remarkable abilities, could you help this disciple with something?”

“What is it?” After drinking the wine, Rong Yun’s eyes shone even brighter . It was so bright that the bright stars had become mere props .

“Master, you should know I am not Su Zian’s biological daughter . ” Su Luo put down her wine cup . Her complexion was held back slightly and continued, “So I want to ask Master to help me search for my true origins . ”

Nangong Liuyun had already searched this before . However, whenever his search reached a crucial point, it would always be cut off by a powerful expert .

This made her heart fill with doubt and also more curiosity .

If her background was so simple, then it was impossible that Nangong Liuyun would not find out something by now .

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