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Chapter 835

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Chapter 835 – Diamond Ape King (1)

After hearing what Su Luo said, the Red Acacia Tree became even more dejected .

To think that it, so majestic with the essence of a millennium old tree, would actually be taken in as a plant spirit pet by a lowly fifth rank . This was simply too humiliating!

The Red Acacia Tree drooped its head, its willow branches nearly hanging down to the ground .

Su Luo patted its head in annoyance and casually placed it into her space .

Who knew that when the originally disappointed Acacia Tree arrived in her space, immediately, its entire body burst out with green light . In a flash, it had been restored, with many branches and luxurious leaves .

Its originally miserable appearance from being maltreated by the little divine dragon immediately changed to look completely new .

“Yi yi yah yah!” The Red Acacia Tree didn’t know how to speak, but that cheerful, lively twisting movement of the willow branches was, without exception, showing its excited mood .

Seeing the endlessly happy Red Acacia Tree inside her space, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a slight smile .

There was no one who could resist the lure of that rich spirit force inside her space .

Even though the Red Acacia tree belonged to the plant system, its requirements for air and soil were even more extreme . To it, the environment inside her space was like paradise .

However, just when it was jubilant and itching to immediately take root, at the same time, the heartless Su Luo tossed it out from her space .

Discovering that it had returned back to its original environment, the Red Acacia Tree was immediately very unhappy . It twisted its willow branches in protest to Su Luo .

“Yi yi yah yah!” Its countless number of willow branches revolved around Su Luo, flying fast in a dance around her, incessantly trying to curry favor with her .

But Su Luo only crossed her arms and proudly turned her head away .

Wasn’t it looking down upon her, this master? Didn’t it only agree reluctantly? Humph, humph . Precisely so, she refused to acknowledge it .

“Yi yi yah yah yi yi yah yah!!!” Seeing Su Luo refuse to acknowledge it, being given the cold shoulder, this plant spirit pet’s heart was truly worried .

Under this anxiety, it raised a willow branch and directly whipped towards Su Luo’s finger!

Before Su Luo had time to even open her eyes, she saw a drop of scarlet blood float out from her finger and fall onto the Red Acacia Tree’s roots .

Just at this time, a sparkling and translucent green radiance appeared between Su Luo and the Red Acacia Tree .

The green light sparkled with a rich spirit force .

Very quickly, a lot of information regarding the Acacia Tree suddenly filled Su Luo’s mind .

“Yi yi yah yah!” Want to go back, want to go back, want to go back!

The Red Acacia Tree rolled about, acting cutely and shamelessly towards Su Luo .

Su Luo helplessly supported her forehead with her hand . She had a premonition that this plant spirit pet that she took in was definitely the same as those two from before – an exotic marvel .

“Fine, but after you enter, you are not allowed to stir up trouble . ” Su Luo stiffened her face to instruct it .

If she wasn’t a bit more strict, she was worried that after this thing went in, it would stir up everything and make her space into a complete mess .

Originally, Little Sky and the foolish little dragon were already quarrelling everyday . Then letting this one in, heaven only knows what would happen .

The Red Acacia tree hurriedly nodded, guaranteeing that it would certainly be well-behaved .

Only then did Su Luo wave her hand and return it back into her space .

Once it entered her space, the Red Acacia Tree was like a fish in water, endlessly excited .

From beginning to end, Zi Yan did not speak . She had her mouth open wide all along, foolishly watching this scene before her .

Only until after Su Luo returned the Red Acacia Tree back into her space again, did she wake up with a start .

“This also works?” Zi Yan was so astonished, she nearly bit her own tongue .

“Why won’t it work? Is it very strange?” Su Luo looked at her blankly .

Could it be that everyone didn’t subdue a plant spirit pet in this manner?

“Is it very strange?” Zi Yan bit down on her back molar and stared at Su Luo . She said, stressing each word, “Of course, it’s very strange . How can it not be strange!”

“How is it strange?” Su Luo forced a smile as she rubbed her nose .

Zi Yan asked: “Are you an Apothecary?”

Su Luo nodded her head blankly .

Zi Yan’s expression shone as she asked: “Then, you’re definitely a wood and fire dual system?”

Su Luo nodded her head once more .

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