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Chapter 865
Chapter 865 – A glimmer of hope (6)

“In fact, this is actually a crystal stone’s source stone . “ Su Luo shook her head slowly, her expression carrying a trace of astonishment, “If it weren’t for the zealousness the little divine dragon displayed, before this, I really hadn’t taken notice of it . “

“A crystal stone’s source stone?” Zi Yan, having heard what was said, was startled . Afterwards, she carefully sized up that stone, “I’ve seen a crystal stone’s source stone before, but this doesn’t look like it . ”

“So that’s to say, this is an even higher grade, sealed source stone . ” There was a trace of graveness in Su Luo’s expression, “Reportedly, what’s sealed inside isn’t a crystal stone, but something else . ”

“Eh?” Zi Yan found it hard to believe . She hadn’t even heard of something like it before .

“Therefore, let’s take a look, in the end, what would appear from inside of it . ” Su Luo stooped to crouch down in front of that sealed stone that was over fifty kilograms in weight .

Su Luo raised her head and was all smiles as she looked at Zi Yan, waving her palm: “This hand of mine is the famous Little Black Hand, are you certain you want me to break it open? At that time, when a hideous messy thing comes out, you better not blame me . ”

“Little Black Hand (1)? Isn’t this hand of yours the famous Little Red Hand (2)?” Zi Yan firmly did not believe it .

“Who did you hear that from . ”

To ask unintentionally versus to ask with intent . A trace of unnaturalness flashed across Zi Yan’s complexion . She compelled herself to act normal: “If your luck was bad, how could you have paid your respects under Grandmaster Rong Yun’s door?”

Hearing that, Su Luo thought for a bit and also felt that this was right .

That matter of her becoming a formal disciple, was all carried out in public . The twists and turns of the road with many crooks and bends . In the end, she really did manage to pay her respects to him .

This matter had been spread extremely wide . It wasn’t difficult for Zi Yan to also know it .

“Then alright, I open it, then I’ll open it . ” An excited radiance flashed across Su Luo’s eyes .

She had never opened a sealed source stone before .

Su Luo took out that “Yan Hua” dagger and took the sealed source stone’s measure in front of it .

Zi Yan nervously crouched on the other side and unblinkingly watched the sealed stone, afraid to miss a little bit of news .

After Su Luo finished taking its measure to find a position, holding her breath with rapt attention, she raised her hand and brought the blade down .


The dagger directly cut down .

A piece of shining white stone fell to the floor .

“Nothing . ” Zi Yan said in disappointment .

Su Luo’s expression was still as calm as water . She raised the dagger and sliced down once again .

“There’s still nothing . ” Zi Yan spread out both hands .

Su Luo’s expression carried an even more bit of graveness .

Because in the wake of having sliced off two pieces of waste material, it was now already getting closer and closer to the core .

Starting from now, every cut had to be done gently and cautiously . There could not be a little bit of a mistake .

The dagger then peeled with three consecutive cuts .

In a blink of an eye, only one third of the original size of that huge, sealed source stone remained .

Just at this time, a strong scent came out from inside the source stone .

“As expected, there is something!” Zi Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up . She urged Su Luo, “Quickly, quickly, quickly . ”

“I can’t hurry it up anymore . ” At this moment, Su Luo’s forehead was already covered in a layer of fine beaded sweat . Her pair of eyes was as bright as stars, as she concentrated all her attention on that rock .

The final cut…

Su Luo took a deep breath, then she opened her eyes again . Her eyes were a sheet of pure cold and quiet .

Just at this moment, the dagger in Su Luo’s hands cut horizontally across .

“Slide——” A sound rang .

The two thumbs thick of source stone was evenly sliced across .

The cut was tidy .

Like slicing tofu .

A happy expression flashed through Zi Yan’s eyes . Not waiting for Su Luo to speak, she grabbed and tore open the stone that was cut: “I really want to see, just what exactly is concealed inside this sealed source stone . ”

The source stone was torn open and a cavity appeared in it .

And inside the cavity, a blue, fat and plump living creature was laying there .

One could only see its pair of eyes were tightly closed, and its two chubby little hands, clenched into fists, were placed on its own chest .

1) Little Black Hand… very bad luck,
2) Little Red Hand… very lucky .

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