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Chapter 882

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Chapter 882 – Fairy Yan Xia (14)

After three days, no matter what, Su Luo would die .

Moreover, very likely, even till death, she would be wearing that extremely ugly face!

Just thinking about this, Li Yaoyao was suddenly wild with joy . With ‘hahaha’, she started to howl madly with laughter .

But her being excited moved the wound on her chest, immediately, she erupted into a period of violent coughing .

The wounds on her body were all conferred on to her by Su Luo .

“Slut!” Li Yaoyao lifted her hand and ruthlessly slapped towards Su Luo’s face .

Fairy Yan Xia and that beautiful maid had already left earlier . Furthermore, she had handed over the heavy responsibility of guarding Su Luo over to Li Yaoyao . So right now, she justifiably stayed behind in the stone prison .

Because she was controlled by Fairy Yan Xia, therefore, Su Luo’s entire body, right now, felt weak and lacking in strength, unable to move at all .

This slap of Li Yaoyao’s, Su Luo simply had no way to dodge it .

Seeing that the slap was about to land, the corner of Li Yaoyao’s mouth hooked into a sinister and crazed smirk of getting away with it .

Just when the palm was half a finger’s width away from Su Luo’s cheek .

A long green vine suddenly flew out of Su Luo’s sleeves . In a split second, it wrapped around Li Yaoyao’s palm and used a lot of strength to pull!

“Snap——” The crips and clear sound of shattered bones resounded .

“Ahh!” A shout of pain burst out from Li Yaoyao’s throat .

This damned green vine, actually directly pulled until her wrist broke!


Originally, Li Yaoyao wouldn’t have fallen into a trap so easily, when the Variant Acacia Tree faced the sixth-ranked Li Yaoyao, it also didn’t have an absolute overwhelming victory .

But it won at the point of catching her off guard .

Therefore, Li Yaoyao lost .

Li Yaoyao’s pair of beautiful eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo, bursting out into a raging inferno .

She actually forgot, without that hateful little dragon, Su Luo still had a weird plant pet .

“Fine! Then we’ll wait and see! See how you will pass these three days!” Li Yaoyao’s face was black and dropped down some fierce words!

Two days’ time hurriedly passed .

These two days, Li Yaoyao basically didn’t bring Su Luo a drop of water .

Let alone to mention food .

Li Yaoyao was clearly mistreating Su Luo, not giving her anything to eat or drink .

Her goal was very simple, she wanted Su Luo to be starving and thirsty until she couldn’t stand it . Then, kneel in front of her to admit defeat .

In fact, Li Yaoyao was sitting on a chair not far from the iron cage . On her right, was a small table arranged with all kinds of food .

The her right now had a leg crossed over gracefully and was happily enjoying the fine food .

Li Yaoyao herself was also an Apothecary, even though the wounds on her body on that day seemed serious, but after cultivating and medical treatment, very quickly, it was healed .

As for Su Luo, she was still sitting in the iron cage with a blank expression .

Li Yaoyao deliberately chose delicious food that gave off fragrant smells .

Moreover, she intentionally added Jade Lake’s Li family’s most precious Celestial Spirit water inside the delicious food .

Momentarily .

The aroma permeated the air, making a person’s mouth salivate .

Li Yaoyao leisurely enjoyed the food, but in fact, her attention was not on the fragrant food, rather, it was on Su Luo’s body .

All of her preparations, was for Su Luo to let go of her dignity to beg her .

However, what made her depressed was that Su Luo, this little slut, was really strong-willed .

Two full days, sitting there with a blank expression, motionless .

Not mentioning food, she didn’t even drink a mouthful of water .

“Want to eat?” Li Yaoyao self-satisfiedly lifted up a piece of steak that had black pepper on it in a provoking manner, waving it in front of Su Luo .

“… . . ” Su Luo didn’t even lift up her eyelids, still in the state of staring blankly .

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, taking advantage of Li Yaoyao being asleep, she had already eaten the rations she stored in her space, and now, she wasn’t a bit hungry .

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