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Chapter 886

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Chapter 886 – Cooking Su Luo in warm water (2)

Very quickly, Su Luo’s body, graceful as a leopard cat, went towards the old witch’s resting residence .

There wasn’t anyone guarding the resting residence’s gate .

The gate was closed, but with one push, she could enter .

At this time, Su Luo was wearing that maid’s clothes . Her figure was about the same as that maid’s . Looking from the back, there was hardly any difference between the two people .

Holding a tray in her hands, Su Luo gently and gracefully stepped inside .

Sure enough, as the little divine dragon had said, the old witch had already finished cultivating and now was already lying on a soft couch, resting with her eyes closed .

At her side was a low table for putting down a tea set .

Su Luo carried the tray, impersonating that maid .

Because previously, Su Luo had already carefully paid attention to that maid’s walking pace, therefore, now that she was imitating it, it wasn’t really that difficult .

Su Luo walked in carrying the tray . Her eyes looked in all directions and her ears listened for everything . Very quickly, she saw the little divine dragon hanging in the middle of the hall like a bird in a cage .

The little divine dragon, upon seeing his owner, was emotionally excited, and ran around in circles inside the round ball of light . Moreover, he also excitedly slapped the ball of light’s wall .

His movements almost gave Su Luo a huge fright .

Now, that old witch was within ten meters in front of her . As long as she opened her eyes, she would be able to see Su Luo…

However, fortunately, the old witch merely frowned slightly but did not open her eyes .

She heard the maid come in and humphed softly in an indifferent manner: “Put down the stuff . Also, carry this annoying little thing out . ”

Su Luo, having heard that, her heart immediately became exulted!

Just now, she was still worrying about how to secretly take the little divine dragon away . Now, the old witch’s command was simply like when you’re dozing off and someone gives you a pillow . It was simply great!

Su Luo placed the red wood tray down, fetched that bowl of beautification soup and placed it on the low table .

At this time, the distance between the old witch and her was only half an arm’s length .

Want to ask if Su Luo’s heart was nervous at this time?

Naturally, she was nervous, but this kind of nervousness also had a trace of excitement .

Similar to the feeling of wandering on the brink of life and death from her previous life .

Su Luo faintly inhaled a breath, clenching her fist tightly . Just when she was about to go lift the little divine dragon down, Fairy Yan Xia suddenly opened her eyes–

Su Luo’s heart immediately dropped to the floor . In a split second, she held her breath .

She subconsciously turned her body around . Using her back to face Fairy Yan Xia, pretending that she was busy…

But Su Luo could clearly hear the sound coming from her chest .

“Ba-thump, ba-thump, ba-thump…”

The fierce and clear heartbeat sounds, just like Su Luo’s nervous mood at this time .

Fortunately, Fairy Yan Xia merely opened her eyes slightly, and then she shut them once more .

She had a lot of confidence in her Ten-Sided Cage .

Even if it was a ninth-ranked strong expert who wanted to think of a way out of her Ten-Sided Cage, it was unlikely, let alone Su Luo, as an insignificant fifth rank?

So, she simply could not have imagined that Su Luo would escape from the Ten-Sided Cage . Moreover, that she would even be reckless enough to come to her side .

Furthermore, at this time, Su Luo had already used Nothingness of Space to envelop herself . That strong smell of the medicinal juice on her face was isolated by Nothingness of Space .

Otherwise, no matter how she faked acting like that maid, merely by this scent, she would have been recognized .

Su Luo saw Fairy Yan Xia once again shut her eyes and sink back into deep sleep . Her body that was stretched taut, only now, did it relax somewhat .

Su Luo stopped in place and once again observed Fairy Yan Xia for a short period . Seeing that she really didn’t open her eyes again, only then did she slowly heave a sigh of relief . She took graceful steps to walk towards the little divine dragon .

The little divine dragon, seeing Su Luo coming over, his two little paws leaned forward against the wall of the ball of light . That pair of distinctly large, clear and monochrome eyes was brimming with emotional tears .

This kind of scene gave Su Luo a feeling like she was visiting a prisoner .

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